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The sun goes through 11 year cycles of intense magnetic storm activity, each cycle is generally 30-50% stronger than the last. As the sun increases in heat and energy, the field or magnetic grid around the Earth and every human is affected. According the the yogis of ancient India, the human vehicle contains at least 7 major energy vortexes that correlate to levels of consciousness.
The a€?lowesta€™ frequency is located at the base of the spine, or in onea€™s root, and is represented as red a€“ the shortest wavelength of color on the spectrum.
As the sun heats up causing solar flares to occur, sending higher frequencies throughout the solar system, many people are experiencing symptoms that are concurrent with the personal experiences one has while consciously choosing to raise their internal vibration and evolve awareness. Collectively, we might experience the coming together of people and nations in peaceful resolution and the common decision to solve problems in a heart centered, rather than aggressive, root chakra manner.

If solar flares are responsible for a trigger in the evolution of consciousness as many are saying, how quickly does this occur and have we already started?
Another pointer to an increase in the evolution of consciousness is the a€?Flynn Effect, an IQ test stating that people are, on average raising their IQ scores by 3 points per decade over-all. As we notice an increase in energy emitted from the sun as in recent solar flares, it could be that we are receiving information in the form of light packets, affecting the evolution of consciousness on Earth. 64 year old Oak Park man arrested for indecent exposure KP Message 6-9-15… She Drank Carrot Juice For 8 Months And Something Unbelievable Happeneda€¦ 15 Amazing Effects Of Lemon Water That Will Completely Change Your Life! How about ringing in the ears, the inability to think straight and losing words mid-sentence? Within the current cycle it is helpful to become aware that we are not immune to the energy emitted by the sun.

What is happening, according to experts, that though this might feel uncomfortable, the body is throwing off the old a€?pattern of awarenessa€™ in order to receive these a€?invisible light packets of informationa€™  a€“ much like a computer upgrade.
There may be outdated information that no longer serves the entity, and therefore must be a€?taken to the trasha€™ so to speak.

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