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Latest NewsHow to Raise Concerns about a Child’s Speech and Language Development: Do’s and Don’ts3 days agoThis article discusses tips for talking respectfully and productively about a potential communication delay. Stop, Drop and Talk—The Importance of Talking to Your Child2 months agoThis blog discusses the signs of speech and language disorders; how parents can foster their children’s language development, and more.
Kids And Screen Time: A Peek At Upcoming Guidance3 months agoWith most American children spending more time consuming electronic media than they do in school, an expert from the American Academy of Pediatrics discusses upcoming guidance on children’s technology use—and offers some positive parenting practices.

A Campaign by ASHAIdentify the Signs aims to educate the public about the warning signs of communication disorders. Funded by NAHSAIdentify the Signs is funded by the National Association for Hearing and Speech Action, the consumer affiliate of ASHA. Speech, language, and hearing disorders are treatable and early detection is a major contributor to speedier recoveries, shortened treatment periods, and reduced costs for individuals and society.

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