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I have a craft drawer filled with kids craft stuff that they know they can use whenever they’d like but when that doesn’t work I like to get them reading a book. To make your own treat bags and bookmarks just save the bookmark image and print it out and gather a few supplies. Fold your bag in half right sides together matching fold lines at the top and stitch along the bottom and side edge. Sew around the edge of your casing on the insideof the bag as close to the edge as you can, completely closed.
Thread your ribbon through the hole with a safety pin and tie in a cute bow or knot the ends together and ta da! This cover image from the February 1970 issue of Circus magazine shows a list of rock stars and asks if they will survive the 70’s. Bob Moog’s birthday has recently passed, so I thought that this letter was appropriate to share. The context was this:  A long time before Jon Hassell was the celebrated artist who developed some very unique trumpet techniques, he had invented a type of blue screen system for video manipulation.

He stated that he would be able to provide much of the equipment called for in those proposals at the same quality or better at considerably less cost. He is going to send me descriptive material and quotations, copies of which I will either forward to you or hold for your interest and considerations. One fun way to help encourage them to read is with this little poem bookmark, a bag full of gumballs, and a new book. If you don’t have a non-stick foot for your machine put a piece of tape on your presser foot and cut out any holes for the thread to go through.
Flip your fabric to the right side and snip out just the fabric square from inside your sewing lines being careful not to cut the vinyl underneath. Most, however made it through the 70’s and most of them are even are still alive today, with a lot of them still performing. He also demonstrated equipment (in a crude state of development) which could provide great flexibility with extremely simple manipulation involved, almost to the point of being able to improvise an electronic composition – to be recorded or not. Not usually because we don’t have enough activities or things going on but because I’m always at a loss for ideas to keep my kids entertained during the quiet times.

After 9 years and thousands of ideas, I realize I'll never be able to check them all off my list.
Robert Moog, who claims to know of you, visited Washington and demonstrated a compact electronic studio.
You know, times like nap time or when mom would like her ears to stop ringing for a few minutes ;). He claims to be the only man in the country building and designing equipment solely for the creation of electronic music.

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