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Brian Butler captures the raw energy of the concerts he attends with the epic collection of drawings titled Show Drawn. Starting February 28th, Brian is showing a number of these drawings in the exhibition Double Vision at Swampspace in Miami. If you’re lucky enough to be in town, check it out, congratulate Brian and shake his hand!
To celebrate the exhibition, we were thrilled to work with Brian to create the limited edition screen print Corpse Paint and Ringing Ears. Sports-related concussions have sparked a national debate, multiple lawsuits and new concussion-management protocols in the NCAA and NFL in the last few years. But give these players just 10 minutes with an app that puts users on a virtual athletic field and shows them the immediate and delayed side effects of concussion, and it just might change their behavior and attitudes toward head injury.
Valerdi, with Hirsch Handmaker, MD, and Jonathan Lifshitz at the UA College of Medicine-Phoenix, is building the app for the NCAA Mind Matters Challenge, part of a $30 million joint initiative with the U.S. Athletes want to conquer fear and get back in the game to show how tough they are and protect their status on the team.
The investigators have made it to the second round of the contest, securing $100,000 to build a prototype and earning a chance to see the app released to athletes. The free app, which uses the Google Cardboard open-source virtual reality platform, will be compatible with any smartphone.
It's in game-changing moments like this that student-athletes often choose, or feel pressured, to play through a concussion. Concussion is a traumatic brain injury that occurs when a sudden blowa€”usually, but not always, to the heada€”disrupts brain function. The Wildcats wide receiver took a hit by a defensive player in November 2010 that left him in a daze. Unlike Roberts, many players with concussion keep playing, even quite well sometimes, putting other players at risk because of delayed reaction time associated with concussion and putting themselves at risk of re-injury.

A second concussion on the heels of one that hasn't healed can be devastatinga€”even deadly. Along with football, ice hockey and wrestling, women's soccer has one of the highest rates of player-reported concussion in college sports, according to the NCAA.
He passed the concussion test every Wildcats football player takes as a baseline before his first season and any time a concussion is suspected, but team trainers and doctors still sidelined him for the next game. Roberts played football the rest of that season and his senior year before receiving a bachelor's of science degree in 2012. While much has been made about the dangers of texting and driving, less attention has been focused on the age-old distractions of being absent minded or upset while driving. The Solar Impulse 2 will resume its record-breaking quest Thursday to circle the globe without consuming a drop of fuel, with a flight from Arizona to Oklahoma.
The possible future of transit zipped along a short track in the desert outside Las Vegas on Wednesday before sliding to a stop in a bed of sand, sending up a tan wave.
Johnny Matheny's handshake is friendly, confident and firma€”though not in the bone-crushing manner favored by some of the alpha types here in the Pentagon.
Virtual reality specialist Oculus is trying to dazzle consumers by adding more entertainment and educational options to the Samsung Gear headset in hopes of transforming the technological curiosity into a cultural phenomenon. Robots can keep their parts and still change their gender, according to Penn State researchers, who noted that the arrival of robots with screens has made it easier to assign distinct personalities. This print features the bands Marduk, Moonspell, Inquisition, The Foreshadowing, and Death Wolf and was drawn in Brian’s sketch book right in the middle of it all—the mosh pit of the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Despite all the attention to concussion and its risks, many student-athletes either don't recognize the signs of concussiona€”or won't report them if they do. Department of Defense to change attitudes and behaviors about concussions among student-athletes and soldiers.
Handmaker, research professor of radiology, whose CACTIS Foundation and Conquering Concussions organizations work to advance diagnosis, treatment and education on head trauma injuries.

They will present their prototype this winter to NCAA officials, and the winning approach to concussion education will be made available to some 400,000 NCAA student-athletes. The pressure is on," continued the avid sports fan and founder of Science of Sport, which uses baseball, soccer and other sports to teach middle-school students STEM-related subjects. The app's avatar coach may offer advice not just on identifying symptoms but also on reporting possible concussion symptoms and getting more information. While approximately 10 percent of concussions cause loss of consciousness, most produce less visible effects, including short-term memory loss and loss of concentration, headache, nausea, dizziness, blurred and double vision and ringing in the ears. He went on to finish the season and play another season with no further concussion symptoms.
Most experts recommend rest until athletes can return to cardiovascular activity with no worsening of symptoms.
She has not suffered concussion, but now knows that while it may be less obvious, concussion can be just as debilitating. 6, 2010, Wildcats football wide receiver David Roberts III was leaping for the ball when he was hit by a defensive back. Assembled, with a smartphone slipped inside, it becomes an instant virtual reality headset. Then, an avatar coach enters your field of vision and says, 'You have just experienced a concussion.

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