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This note is in regards to my wife’s hearing loss, the Hoosac Wind Project, and the current compliance testing done by Iberdrola. My wife, Jo Ann, has been to an ear specialist on three different occasions within the past few months. The debilitation happened so dramatically that the doctor had her have an MRI of her ears and head. She says she doesn’t look forward to coming home, being at home, gardening in our yard (which is her passion), and has been looking for an opportunity to work, live, and get away from our “dream home” of 29 years. I am also having some sleep disturbance and headaches when I am home (not from her), and even if I wasn’t having symptoms, what choice do I have?
Just because we have chosen to live in a sparsely populated, rural area and there are only a few dozen of us (that have not taken the money offered by Iberdrola’s so-called Good Neighbor agreement, but what I call a gag agreement), does that mean our health and well-being can be cast aside? I am no sound expert, nevertheless I am very much aware of my own headaches and symptoms as well as what my wife of well over 30 years has been experiencing day after day.
And they pushed them through, anyway, counting on the fact that citizens wouldn’t already have knowledge, common-sense and integrity in place as their armor. If there is something substantive that I can do to help you and your family, please feel free to contact me. We have been wasting our appeals on the deaf ears of the politicians and their errand boys at the Mass. It breaks my heart to hear the sadness in the words of people who have been subjected to the cruel injustices that come, part and parcel, with the onslaught of industrial wind turbines.

Governments all over the world have used legislation similar to Ontario’s Green Energy Act, which gave the greedy wind companies permission to destroy the very fabric of rural Ontario. If we do not elect a group of sane, sensible individuals to govern, we are all in big trouble. I am the mother of a 12-year-old son with sensory processing issues, which makes noises seem much different for him. Countless times, I have contacted the very government that is supposed to protect us, especially our children, and they refuse even to respond to my calls and letters.
It is a terrifying state we are in, and it is going to get far worse if it is not stopped now. Online websites are terrific for those of us already seeking the facts and desiring to keep abreast of the latest revelations, but, those who are not already seeking to expand their knowledge are not going to find our sites in droves. The worse your brain gets, the longer it will take to recover, especially if you have to move to a new location that includes SMART Meters, other ILFN present in suburban and urban areas, modern Air Conditioning Units that run on variable speed motors, ceiling and other fans, etc., and high-voltage transmission lines [yes, they DO perceptibly affect you, especially when you are sensitized by ILFN. Whatever you have to do, you MUST accept the fact: until the turbines stop turning, your days are numbered! And, since I’m making that correction, I will add the fact that we had our world-class Nubian Dairy Goats with us underneath the high-voltage lines.
The goats’ perfectly straight faces twisted to visible crookedness, they became unsteady on their naturally strong, healthy legs, and when my sister and I milked the does, we could feel the coronal current in their udders. A very wise doctor advised us to tape a quarter (they were silver-based then) on our sternums.

Thank you very much for telling us about helping your in-laws move far enough away to find relief. I have spent too much time finally realizing that my own denial contributed greatly to my continued suffering.
Once you realize the turbines make you sick it is YOU that continues to torture yourself by going back there. When she is away at work or leaves for awhile, the symptoms dissipate and eventually go away, but I (we) are afraid the hearing loss could become permanent. The hearing specialist said that your wife’s tinnitus and hearing loss are probably the result of her driving from uplands to lowlands and up again to get home. The available clinicians, in this case the hearing specialist, are clueless about the impact of wind turbine-generated ILFNs on human hearing, let alone the numerous other illnesses that are the result of the brain being degraded by toxic acoustic environments. Why did this onset wait twenty years and the arrival of the wind turbines to begin to manifest?
I understand the he and Speaker of the State (MA) Senate, Therese Murray, are just now returning from their trip to Ireland to see how they are destroying their beautiful land and people for the sake of imagined windpower profits.

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