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I have been madly in love with the recent offerings of hedgehog marginalia from Medieval Animal Data Network. Just today I received a facebook message from an old friend, Mary who was living in Tanzania at the same time I was 13-14 years old -- and she recalled when we climbed Mt.
The third day of climbing took us through a vast high altitude desert -- without water, with much of anything except sparse rocks and a couple graves. The summit is 19,000 ft and there we signed our names in a book of other intrepid climbers who had made it up. Mary reminded me that we returned by a city bus over 500 miles of rough corrugated roads, packed with people, chickens, babies, parcels of all sizes and us. Zizola is a 16th century Italian street child, grown into a young woman trickster with fantastic gifts of her own. Zizola is more of a cipher as I wrote first about her as grimey adolescent in The Innamorati, and must now deal with her five or so years older. But for all her sharp edges, she is also a potentially beautiful woman -- not because of perfect features, but because of the slow ripening of sensuality, of a bit more maturity that tempers her outbursts, and of her curiosity coupled with intelligence.
She's not really a beastly bride, but she shares with them an independent spirit and the power to manage her own affairs. A chef tastes dishes from every state, including all the clam chowders, beaver tail stew, and the countrya€™s most delicious cookie.
I wouldna€™t necessarily call any of these a€?official,a€? but they are certainly typical of the U.S.
Legend has it that key lime pie was invented by sponge fishermen in Florida, who needed a high-sugar, high-protein, high-fat diet while out at sea for extended periods.
I covered all 50 states for my research, and the local cuisine is ridiculously varied and affected by numerous immigrant cultures.
You tried, where possible, to track down the best example of a particular dish in each state, with a recipe.
It was tough to get some of the barbeque recipes in the book, Texas included, since a lot of these barbeque chefs are extremely proprietary when it comes to their spice rubs.
One of the fascinating tidbits I picked up is why the New York bagel has a hole a€“ and how it got from medieval Europe to America. In medieval Europe, Jews were prohibited from baking, hence the tradition of boiling or steaming bagels, like these, at Brooklyn Bagels, in Los Angeles. One of the unique varieties in the New England area is clear clam chowder, which is famous in the state of Rhode Island. Connecticut clam chowder uses milk instead of cream, so it has less of that pasty texture associated with what is called New England clam chowder. Altitude affects everything: cooking time, the textures of food, and the ways in which we eat. Culinary students at a vocational high school in Fall River, Mass., deconstruct a spoonful of New England-style clam chowder. Ia€™d have to say that the best was probably the Moravian spice cookies I ate in North Carolina.
I feel terrible to pick this out but the beaver tail stew I ate in a town called Cotton, Arkansas, was incredibly fatty and cartilaginous. And just because even in 1929, with the Great Depression hanging on the world, Disney skeletons still found life and music worth celebrating.

Yuri Herrera: Signs Preceding the End of the WorldSpare and poetic prose of a mythic journey north.
These adorable looking creatures, are often rendered in the rich golden and red hues of fall, and harvesting grapes (despoiling the vineyards) using their spines like cocktail toothpicks.
Everyone was young and eager for this trip -- including my brother older brother Gil who had just arrived from states, the Hill sisters, Pru and Deb (who climbed in waterproofed hightops), Mary and her older brother Andre, and the Martin brothers. As we continued to climb, the alpine fields gave way to steep rocky terrain, much drier, the path now innudated with big tussocks of long grass, low clinging plants, and huge bluffs in amazing zebra stripes.
We were there at sun rise, which was pretty breath taking as the moon was also still high in the early dawn. It took all night, and where we sat at the back, a window stuck open, the red dust from the road covering us completely. These are wonderful, grown-up, not-for-children reinterpretations (some dark, some not so -- like mine) of well-known fairy tales with a strong erotic twist. She could be a fantastic bride, eventually offering all her gifts in the service of a creative union in marriage. She won the Mythopoeic Award for The Innamorati, a novel inspired by early Roman myth and the Italian "Commedia dell'Arte" tradition. Some of the recipes actually have blanks in them where folks are encouraged to contribute their own spice rub. The Moravians originated in 15th century Bohemia, in what is today the Czech Republic, and through a series of historical hiccups their descendants found themselves in North Carolina. I love these little films -- funny, poignant, and a reminder that even death cannot stop the desire for love. How to come to terms with dying -- which in true Mexican fashion involves drinking, singing, and remembering. For a bookish person who thinks all bookstores are magical places anyway, it is wonderful to see the naughty night romances of the cover illustrations.
At 13 years old, I was the youngest by far of the troop, which was composed of students from the Economics department, my father (who was teaching Contemporary African Literature), and Mary and her younger brother. This time was more successful and five us made it to the snowy and icey summit at 19,300 ft. I wonder now, if he was hoping that I would back out as he did have to hang out here for two more days while I wandered up to the last hut on the first trip.
We also got our first views of Mawenzi Peak -- a tough, craggy peak at the base of Kilimanjaro's volcanic plain, and the snow covered top of Kilimanjaro, high above.
Below us was stretched East Africa on one side where we were sitting, while the other sde gave us a view of the mouth of the volcano, filled with ice, snow, and stone.
The fact that she is not sure what she is and that I won't know either until she is done telling her story means that I expect the art will change considerably as she and I go forward.
For instance, for the state of Minnesota, I chose this strange concoction called a€?hot dish.a€? It was originally made from whatever was around during lean times, in Lutheran Church basements, in order to feed congregations with a high fat, stick-to-your-ribs dish. For instance, some food historians believe that key lime pie was invented by Florida Keys sponge fishermen in the late 1800s because they were bound to their boats for days on end and needed a high fat, high protein, high sugar diet. Minnesotaa€™s best known dish was born in lean economic times but today chefs in Minneapolis are trying to reinvent it as a gourmet dish. But after having worked in the restaurant industry for a large portion of my life, I know a lot of chefs. The folks in Rhode Island see themselves as purists because they dona€™t add tomato or chicken stock, let alone cream, as they do in the typically pasty version of New England clam chowder.

When writing about the Denver omelet, I wanted to explore the idea of being so far above sea level contrasted with a desire to be closer to the lower earth. But a lot of restaurants in small town Arkansas either do a beaver tail stew for Sunday lunch or in place of the standard Friday fish fry. But we walked for hours, over the soft, sandy soil and like a mirage, it never seemed to get closer. The journey back to base camp took two days -- from the summit we barreled down the trail to 12,000ft, slept like stones and ate. The strange thing is that rat meat, in old Bordeaux, France, was seen as a food of the aristocrats.
New Yorkers attribute the deliciousness of their bagels to New York Citya€™s water, which not only goes into the batter but also serves as the boiling agent. I was lucky enough to eata€”or drinka€”my weight in Rhode Island clear clam chowder when I was doing research for the book. Folks outside of New England call any creamy clam chowder a€?New England Clam Chowder.a€? But there are nuances throughout the region. What goes into the Denver omelet is meat of the pig, milk of the cow, and eggs of the chicken, which are all by-products of beasts that commune with the lower earth. There are still trappers in rural Arkansas who truck in lawn and leaf bags filled with beaver tails to these church basement kitchens, where they are prepared for the community on Friday evenings. By the time it really was in front of us, we were exhausted, and for some, their ears were ringing from the altitude and suffering headaches and nausea as well.
But when I did an interview with a radio show in Miami, they took major issue with the fact that I attributed the invention to sponge fishermen. Vintners used to catch rats and throw a€?rat parties,a€? where they cooked the rats in this beautiful sauce of red wine, tarragon, and shallots, roasted over a fire made from broken down Bordeaux barrels.
Eventually I was able to find somebody in Texas who was known for this particular dish and was willing to divulge his secrets. But if one delves into the long and storied history of New Yorka€™s water supply, one finds that it has long been contaminated by rodents, sewage, and industrial waste, not to mention petroleum, rotting fish, and even human bodies. When we are up at altitude, where the air is thin, we also often hear this ringing in our ears. The basic ingredients are flour and butter, heavily spiced with pumpkin spice, clove, allspice, and nutmeg, then rolled out so thin you can see through them. I continued with the group, but when we reached what was to be the final ascent to the summit, everyone in my party -- except me--was too sick from the altitude (one travels from 2,000ft to 16,000ft in three days).
There, they presented us with wreaths of everlasting flowers for having successfully reached the summit.
Another version uses canned tuna, Kraft macaroni and cheese, canned peas or corn, topped with either crushed potato chips, shoestring potatoes, or even corn flakes. But, while I appreciated the unique experience of eating it, ita€™s probably a one-and-done for me. Paul-Minneapolis who are attempting to rescue a€?hot disha€? from mundanity and Lutheran Church basements and situate it within the realm of the gourmet.
But they add Kraft Singles to the top of the omelettea€”and thata€™s your standard Denver omelet.

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