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If you place your fingers in front of either ear and open your jaw, you’ll feel changing shapes beneath your fingers.
TMJ dysfunction or syndrome occurs when the joint is misaligned or malfunctioning in some way that subjects it to excess pressure. Some researchers have even linked TMJ dysfunction to throat infections, sinus congestion, ear infections and asthma. Up to seventy-eight percent of the general public (over 175 million) have some amount of TMJ dysfunction. TMJ may be caused by trauma: a child may fall on its sacrum and in time, through the adaptive body mechanisms, the pelvic imbalance can affect the TMJ, head and neck.
Chronic headaches, scalp tenderness, pains behind the eyes, muffled ear sounds, ringing, hissing or other ear distortions, balance problems, nausea, facial tightness, cervical or lower back pain or restriction of neck motion should all be thoroughly investigated for possible implication in cranial distortions, especially if they appear within days after braces are placed.
In one study, 30 chronic TMJ sufferers were randomised into 3 groups (two had chiropractic and one was a control). An individual case involved a 41-year-old woman with bilateral TMJ pain, ear pain, tinnitus, vertigo, decreased hearing and a sensation of pressure or fullness in both ears. All TMJ sufferers should have a chiropractic checkup and anyone who has been to the dentist should follow up that visit with a quick stop at their chiropractor.
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Although upper cervical care does not claim to be a cure for any single health problem or concern, it’s effects are seen generally and many people have overcome their health struggles with the help of upper cervical care. An upper cervical evaluation was completed which included an upper cervical specific exam and advanced diagnostic imaging using the Cone-Beam CT.
The primary objective of upper cervical care is to remove true consistent nerve pressure thus allowing the nervous system to become healthy once again. NoticeOur intent is to provide the highest quality Upper Cervical Care to the North Dallas area, including: McKinney, Allen, Plano, Frisco, Prosper and surrounding communities. The content on this site is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to supplement or constitute a medical diagnosis or medical advice. You are feeling the joint where the temporal bone of your skull attaches to your mandible (jaw)-the joint that is called the temporomandibular joint or TMJ.

Among the most common symptoms of TMJ dysfunction are the inability to open the mouth wide and a clicking or popping sound when the mouth opens or closes. Others have linked the syndrome to heart, stomach, intestinal, respiratory and emotional disorders. Biofeedback or psychological counselling is used to combat stress and anxiety, which appear to affect TMJ pain.
Chiropractic care, especially in the area of the upper cervical spine and skull, often relieves pressure on the spine and the cranial bones. These techniques have benefited patients suffering from the hidden distortions that sometimes arise within us.
This study will look at a 37 year old male with irregular eye movements, ringing in ears, mid back pain and how upper cervical care may improve the quality of life in this individual. Upper Cervical Care is a unique form of chiropractic that helps people with common and uncommon health concerns be able to return to their normal life without the use of drugs or surgery. The patient describes the movement as very quick circular movements that cause blurriness and at times dizziness. Following the exam and extensive analysis of the diagnostic imaging, the patient was found to have a pattern of signs indicating that there was an injury to the upper cervical spine.
The purpose of care was to correct the biomechanical and neurological fault or subluxation found at the atlanto-axial joint. A subsequent injury in the gym brought back the symptoms and additional corrections were delivered. The reduction in symptoms at the initiation of care suggest a link between the upper cervical subluxation and the health conditions.
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Other treatments are orthodontics, restorative dentistry to build up the bite, bite plates and physical therapy. In another study, sixty patients with chronic cervical pain were divided into chiropractic and control groups. The movement started two year previous when the patient fainted and struck the back of his head.

The recommended care included an initial correction of the first vertebra and regular visits to evaluate and deliver corrections to the upper cervical spine as needed.
The patient has remained stable with only occasional disturbances during long hours on a computer. Ligaments, cartilage, fascia, an articular disc, muscles, nerves and blood vessels run in, around and through the TMJ.
TMJ may also be caused by trauma of many kinds, not only those directly affecting the head and jaw and not only those of recent origin. In severe cases, surgery has been performed to enter the joint and end the discomfort, yet this drastic step should be taken only after more conservative approaches have failed. There was a dramatic improvement in TMJ pain in the chiropractic group compared to the control group. The patient notes that it gets worst with strain or stress on the eyes such as reading from a computer screen or small print. The case was managed following the Blair Upper Cervical Specific protocol and included PRILL leg length inequality observations, thermographic pattern studies, posture analysis and neurological tests.
Accompanying the eye discomfort, the patient also started to get symptoms of tinnitus or ringing in the ears. The ringing in the ears diminished but had not completely resolve 8 months after initiating care. Chiropractic care to the atlas vertebrae resulted in complete relief of TMJ symptoms after 9 visits and headache relief. At a one year follow-up she reported no TMJ symptoms and no headaches for the prior 9 months.

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