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During early June, myself and a group of Tasmanian fly fishers headed off for the famed saltwater destination, Kiritimati aka Christmas Island.
Rising tides brought schools of fish back on to the flat, normally smaller in sizes (2-4lbs), but super-plentiful. Whether you are buying one to get into the holiday spirit, or even to give as a gift for your friends or family–these are certain to get you ready for the season. Atleast 15 bonefish in the 8lb + range were lost on the reef by myself and my mate Simon, during the outgoing tide.
Our best two hour session saw something like 40 fish landed between the two of us, including 3 triple hook-ups while we asked the guide to fish with us.

About a dozen triggers were caught by the group, while heaps of blue trevally, and a lesser number of golden trevally were also caught on the flats.
I’ll be posting a full report of the gear-related side of things over on our RiverFly 1864 blog. Daniel HackettKiritimati golden trevally - Daniel HackettFishing the outer-island flats - Korean wreck. Lower than normal water temperatures meant that the bones were a bit harder to find during our first three days, but the last three days with sun and good tides (low tide just before lunch) led to some great fishing. Incidentally it was during the runout tide that we had our best big-fish fishing, as the largest fish retreated to tail on the deeper, reefed edges of the large flats. The two bigger bones in the below photos were 5lb and 6lb.

I had a shot at four 40lbers, and a 100lber in hip-deeper water, the latter being one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in the natural world.

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