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Back at the beginning of August, I finally got another piercing after 16 months needle-free. Punktured charge £25 for any ear piercing with a barbell which is the perfect price point if you ask me. Alex marked three dots on my ear using a pen and, being the fussy thing I am, I didn't like the placement of either of them. Of course, the pain only lasted a second or so and it wasn't so bad that I wouldn't do it again.
Alex popped in the barbell- I'd chosen a 1.2mm one when I arrived- and, after a little bit of struggling with the fiddly ball, I was ready to head off, a little bloody but happy with my new baby! Kate A3 September 2013 at 14:20I used to have mine done and LOVED it but my ear rejected it. I’m submitting my question because my message is way too long for an ask, and I figured a picture of the piercing in question would help some. The first photo is from when I initially had my rook done (for comparison purposes, I suppose), and the second is how it looks now.

It’s also hard to tell from that picture but it looks like the bottom hole exits almost on the ridge of the rook itself rather than underneath the fold. We are an online resource dedicated to showing what happens when modification goes wrong all in the name of education.
I settled on a forward helix piercing in my left ear and I am still absolutely in love with it! It's still a little uncomfortable to sleep on that ear and it hurts when I catch it with a hairbrush or my glasses.
It's pierced with a fairly long barbell to allow for swelling but, now that it's been a while, the swelling has gone down and the barbell's getting a little inconvenient with the extra length. I thought that it would be nice to give a little run-down of my experience so that anybody else who is thinking of getting it done knows what to expect. If the bump is from pressure of the piercing (more often than not the ball of the bar pressed down against my ear, right where the bump has grown) would having the piercer switch out the jewelry with a hoop work out better?
I would guess pressure is one of the main problems since the lump seems to be focused on the front of the piercing.

You still want a little wiggle room to avoid pinching, but you can downsize the length of your jewelry by at least 2 millimeters. From blowouts and torn lobes, to home-done tattoos and rejecting surface bars, we'll show you how to do it right! Unlike every other piercing I have ever had ever, I've had no problems with this one: No dramatic swelling, no excess scar tissue, no pus-filled lumps.
I don't know about you guys, but I do think dark tattoo studios with big, burly men at the helm can be a little intimidating. Punktured is bright pink and turquoise, with glass cabinets of body jewellery covering the walls.
Some of the names you can look for are LeRoi, Industrial Strength, Anatometal, and Neometal.

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