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A guide ear piercing types , A standard cartilage piercing common ear piercing today.
Piercing prices - piercing planet, A popular piercing situated bottom thickest part ear. Earring - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, An earring piece jewellery attached ear piercing earlobe external part ear ( case clip earrings, . A guide ear piercing types , A standard cartilage piercing is the second most common ear piercing seen today. Piercing prices - piercing planet, A popular piercing situated usually through the bottom of the thickest part of the ear.
Earring - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, An earring is a piece of jewellery attached to the ear via a piercing in the earlobe or another external part of the ear (except in the case of clip earrings, which.
Ear piercing jewellery - ear piercings, Ear lobe piercings popular type body piercing piercing people . Rook piercing infection symptoms: heal naturally?, There high risk infection ear cartilage pierced.
We’ve gathered a little collection of rook piercings to inspire those considering one.
When piercing the rook you should make sure that there is enough cartilage to support the piercing.
There are common rook piercings like the a small hoop or barbell and then there are the advanced industrial piercings that may connect multiple parts of the ear. Tragus Piercing: The most elegant ear piercing Tragus Ear Piercing TypeThis type of piercing is done on the front of the ear, normally on the tragus. Anti-Tragus Piercing: Genuine ear piercing lover’s choice AntiTragus Ear Piercing TypeAs the name suggests, this type of piercing is done on the outer part of your ear that lies opposite to tragus. Since the size of anti-tragus varies from individuals to individuals, it sometimes gets difficult to pierce. This type of piercing gives catchy, stylish and unique looks but requires a lot of care because it can be painful when inserting and putting off your earring.
Rook Piercing: the most painful ear piercing type Rook Ear Piercing TypeRook piercing is one of the most painful types of ear piercing that is done through the perforation of anti-helix of the ear.

The gem that you wear after doing this piercing doesn’t project that much like other type of piercings.
Although this is the most painful ear piercing type, still its uniqueness and style statement puts it above all. Daith Piercing: Daith is wisdom in Hebrew Daith Ear Piercing TypeDaith piercing is actually done by piercing the innermost cartilage of the ear. You can wear a curved barbell, a captive bead ring and a ball closure ring in this type of piercing. This type of piercing is normally done in a way that the lower part of the jewellery ring is directrly out of the ear canal with entrance and exit holes of a ring. Daith piercing is done so that it can be worn by thin wired jewellery in order to prevent any damage to other parts of the ear. Earlobe Gauging: The trendy ear piercing also known as earlobe stretching Earlobe Gauging Piercing TypeSince the earlobe in this type of piercing is stretched to make room for the bigger gems, the type of piercing is named so. Industrial Piercing: The out of the world piercing Industrial Ear Piercing TypeIndustrial piercing is one of the fastest growing ear piercing types among different individuals because it makes them more noticeable.
Industrial piercing is also called Scaffold piercing and it is done by putting two puches in the upper part of the ear. This piercing type is actually considered to be the newest type of ear piercing in the market and has got a growing popularity among young people. Conch Piercing: The piercing that gained popularity most recently Inner and Outer Conch Ear Piercing TypesConch piercing is done mostly at the center of the ear. Anti-Helix Piercing: The rock band piercing Anti-Helix Ear Piercing TypeAnti-helix piercing is also called snug piercing.
This is one of the most painful kinds of ear piercing and the most popular style for rock band stars.
Inserting jewelry in this type of piercing is very difficult because the entrance and the exit holes are difficult to mark.
Curved barbell, small metal hoop and other types of micro jewelleries can be worn when you have such type piercings. Anti-helix piercing can take along period to heal and it is advisable to be performed by person who has expertise in this kind of piercing.

Helix piercing: The western world piercing Helix Ear Piercing TypeHelix is the part upper rim of your ear. This can infect your ear to a great extent if you won’t be careful about the piercing procedure.
Metal rings, ball ear rings, gem closed rings and studs can be worn with this type of piercing. This is the most enjoyed ear piercing method in the world, especially in the western part of the world. Helix piercing takes some time to heal because of the presence of soft cartilages in the ear. People embellish the ear with 2 studs, ball earrings, and metal rings with good pattern to make it look more attractive.1. Lobe piercing: Easiest and popular ear piercing types Single and Double Lobe Ear Piercing TypesLobes are the popular areas to pierce ears.
It is the best option because it is done on the soft and large part of the ear and it does not cause much trouble experienced. Since earlobe is the soft part of your ear, you will have no pain in going through the procedure.
This is one of the most adopted methods of ear piercing in all ages and gives a wide range of earring optiongs. This makes this type of piercing most popular.Following modern fashion is never wrong when you think about piercing your ear.
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