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I bought some jewelry from their lotus galleries on Kauai in the past, but I've never used the website before. I own a meditation and yoga studio and I had a chance to visit your gallery in Kapaa and meet the owner. I was surprised to see my Quan Yin garden statue arrive so quickly, it now sits in the garden overlooking the fish pond.
I love your Tahitian black pearl rings, but please show more pictures for your products, maybe something like a picture of a woman wearing the piece to see how big it is.
I visited your Poipu gallery this summer and it was incredible to see a piece of Tibet in a tropical paradise. I have to admit I was worrying a little about the shipment from Hawaii arriving on time, but delivery was exceptionally fast and my mother loved the earrings I got for her. Based on your comments and suggestions we've created a list of frequently asked questions to help you with your selection.
Q) What kind of shipping options do I have and how much does it cost to ship it to U.S mainland? A) With every purchase of antique jewelry, antique artifacts or any piece from our collectors gallery we can provide you with a certificate stating the authenticity, craftsmenship and high quality of the sold piece.
A) All designer and reproduction jewelry is designed and manufactured in Hawaii by the owners: Tsajon and Kamalia.
A) You may check if your order has been shipped at My Account page available for registered customers only.

A) Yes, you can cancel your order anytime before your order is shipped, which is typically within 24-48 hours after your payment is verified.
The idea for this blog is that it would be an honest look at the ingredients that make up jewelry, and an opportunity presents itself with these rubies. I do not claim to be eco-friendly because precious material jewelry can not be eco-friendly except by being attentive to the extreme extreme, which a very few jewelers are, and I have great admiration for them. Since I got your lingam stone all my students noticed a huge difference in energy flow and feel much calmer when meditating.
I particularly collect Buddha statues, but was happy to also find bronze Buddha hands that made a great addition to my house. Antique and reproduction artifacts as well as carpets are primarily collected and manufactured in the Indian subcontinent of India, Nepal, and Tibet.
In addition registering as a customer allows you to check on the status of your order at any time. Once your order is shipped a confirmation email along with the tracking number will be sent to you.
When you use your credit card to shop on our website, rest assured that the transaction is secure. Simply send us an email indicating the Order ID number, the Billing Name, Billing Address and the reason for canceling your order. I don’t see them often, but recently my long-time dealer told me someone had brought him some exceptional pieces, and I bought them as soon as I saw them.

I do try to be responsible in other ways, including with gold and paying fair prices and fair wages. I've been to India myself and I know how hard is to find them in such a good shape and size. Then I started to wonder and research because I vaguely knew they could not be exported from Myanmar, the source of Burmese rubies, ever since 2006 when a ban was established on importing them to the US in an effort to deny the Myanmar government a major source of income.
Please note: due to our remote location actual delivery time may vary depending on shipment destination.
All products are personally selected and guaranteed by the owners for quality and craftsmanship. U.S and International orders will be subject to a surcharge according to the size, weight and price of an item to cover additional shipping and insurance expenses.
Total shipping cost will be automatically calculated and displayed during the checkout process.

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