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To apply please follow the link below for details of the role and to submit your application.
The closing date for applications will be Wednesday 16th March with interviews taking place week commencing 21st March.
We are committed to equal opportunities and we welcome applications from ethnic minority groups and people with disabilities. Due to the volume of applications we receive, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Download the full Governance Support Officer Apprentice job description and specification here.
If you would like to apply for this position please complete the form below including a CV and covering letter in Word format. Cases of community associated MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus) have increased in recent years. Job Description: An allergist is a medical doctor with a specialty in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases or conditions.

A patient is usually referred to an allergist by his primary care physician although the patient may be sent by another specialist, such as an eye, ear, nose, and throat (otolaryngologist) doctor . An allergist takes a detailed history of patient symptoms and diagnoses possible allergic reactions.
Once usually seen only in hospital settings, the infections now occur in groups of people, such as athletes, who share personal items such as towels or razors. For examples, these conditions include allergic rhinitis, asthma, some eye diseases, dermatitis, hives, chronic coughs, chronic sinus infections, frequent bronchitis, food allergies, and bee sting allergies. To become an allergist, one needs an undergraduate degree in a science-related field, and a medical school degree (4 years). The strength of the allergy is observed, usually from patient skin reasons on the arm or the back.

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