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To begin, would like to explain a little about my self and what makes me "tick" as regards audio equipment. Recently have I found that family lifestyle was not really allowing me to listen "pubicly" so I started investigating the smaller end of the spectrum, and specifically the world of universal IEM's. My first foray into the genre was an unheard of investment in a pair of Grado GR10's earlier this year quickly followed by a Fiio X3ii and E12 amp (to run the Grados and also a pair of ageing but still entirely worthy Sennheiser HD600's).
I was very pleased with the sound of both with my new "rig", and loved the midrange of the Grados but soon the lure of something with more extension at both ends was just too much and I pulled the trigger on a pair of AKG's flagship model, the K3003's. I am not going to describe the gear very much, nor their ergonomics, or aesthetics or what you get or don't get in the box.
I purchased the AKG's for a decent price of 800 CHF (around 850 usd or 550 gbp) and this was for the non-i version, ie without the remote and mic. I also think they have been marketed by AKG in such a way as to make them seem a frivolously chic frippery.
The AKG K3003's allow me to enjoy, wherever I may be, a seemingly holographic portrayal of all genres of music. When I first listened to these, I focused on the bass , or the treble, picking out frequencies which were new to my ears in well-established recordings, and being stunned initially by their discrete abilities in this regard, but over time I have become more and more appreciative of the way the whole performance is portrayed. To this end, I find the effect most stunning with well recorded ensemble pieces, rather than heavily processed or electronic tracks. One note I had made when listening over the past week include that they make most albums very listenable and engaging; that there is a sound signature to albums of which I was not acutely aware until listening to various albums with these.
So, rather than being turned off an album for this and that reason and moving on to the next to try (a regular, normal occurrence when listening to audio with me, at least), I am just transfixed often enough with what is currently playing so I listen to a whole whole track or album, relishing each note, feeling the direct connection with the musicians, their passion, their energy, their life. Another note I made was that dynamically, the K3003's handle well the ebb and flow of music, especially notable with well recorded classical material and prog-rock, where crescendos are handled effortlessly and naturally. These shiny, luxurious little in-ear monitors that come in a very exclusive box sure feel very expensive in terms of look and feel.
The first thing that hit me about the AKG's is that they invite comparison to full size phones in certain ways more that other IEM's.
The high linearity (low distortion) of the 3003 allows one to hear deep into the lower levels of recordings without the masking effects of distortion products.
The AKG tends to be neutral to the recording, which tends to result in a somewhat front-of-the-hall perspective.
Since K3003 is a combination of two different audio technology, I want to talk about each one of them briefly. First of all, AKG K3003 contains 2 balance armature drivers in the housing: 1 tweeter and 1 full-range. All of conclusion from above are all my impression with K3003 and iPod classic alone, without using any amplifier. Comfort: I have to say, the K3003 is very comfort for me, but not for the guys who have narrow ear canal. Isolation: the isolation of this IEM is not that good, but still better than many IEM, after use the Comply foam tips, the isolation getting better. About the dynamic and balanced armature units: I have to say, the K3003 is the best hybrid headphone I've ever heard.
I think this is a great value for an IEM, to have this kind of sound quality yet very portable to carry around is just amazing. I think this is where the K3003 shine the most, It was able to provide layers and separation in all notes, not too many IEMs can do that specially at the low frequencies, other IEMs tend to sound distorted when a set of bass level instruments are produced simultaneously, with the K3003 the lows from drums, bass guitar, and rhythm guitar are significantly heard separately. The presentation is simply amazing, you can close your eyes and imagine where the band is playing whether the music was produce to sound as if you were in a bar with a small stage or a large concert stadium.
Very very very natural, very similar to Beyerdynamic T1 which is my favorite full sized headphones.
Great but its just a couple notch to becoming excellent I just want a little more punch and a little more bass extension but very little.
I have enjoyed audio reproduction for the last 30 years or so, and specifically enjoy an out-of-the-box soundstage experience with conventional loudspeakers; kit which just disappears and leaves the music behind. Nothing matters for me apart from how the sound and the fact that they can be worn for extended periods without discomfort or fatigue. A masterpiece of engineering, offering more musical insight than I have ever hitherto had the pleasure of experiencing. That's not to say that these latter styles don't sound good (great, even), it's just that the effect, the illusion, of real human interplay is so heightened by the AKG's that genuinely virtuosic performances by ensembles at the top of their game just makes them entirely irresistible and addictive.
Once I got used to the bright clear sound signature of these AKG's themselves, I was able to assimilate the signatures of the albums was listening to quite rapidly, and I could get on with the business of listening to the album on it's own strengths and weaknesses. I have had to consciously and reluctantly climb out of listening experiences, musical moments, when other things have demanded my attention.
Can easily sound congested, but the AKG's deconstructed this beautifully, revealing a full 3d soundscape, with all instruments in define spaces.

Becker and Fagen were notorious for their ruthless and laborious approach to album creation, hiring the best musicians of the day to play certain parts of each track and then editing them to perfection with all the finest cuts. Pricey, yes, but one of the first Universals to aspire to the heights that the best of the Custon IEM's aspire to.
The combination of excellent coherency top to bottom, excellent but not hyped detail and resolution, low distortion, good dynamics and relative neutrality show up even good IEM's such as the Sony MDR-EX1000, Audio Technica CK-10, Ortofon EQ-7 and the like as pretenders.
This allows low level information to be heard in the mix of popular music or orchestral presentation. The combination of lack of low level artifacts and high (for IEM's) level linearity makes for a wide dynamic envelope. Still neutral to the original performace, but some may like a bit of a more distant perspective as personal preference.
Between AKG, Final Audio Design and various of the custom designers the IEM has been brought into higher levels of performance than ever before. The K3003 are indeed not cheap, but I know of no way currently to get equivalent performance in a universal IEM at a lesser price.
It’s the first universal fit IEM that successfully combines dynamic driver and balance armature technology together.
Its main component is made out of one single piece of stainless steel, this ensure an outstanding durability of the earphone. Most people tempt to believe that balance armature earphones generally deliver a cold sound with great amount of detail, but actually this isn’t the case for every models. K3003 is the kind of headphone that you have to listen it yourself to understand how amazing it is. However, if connet this with the Hifiman player like HM-602, HM-603 or HM-801, the treble would be bright but not piercing.
Some might say it's lack of warmth, but with a warmth sound music player, the mid will be warm and full of emotion. Everything you will hear in K3003 is very real, the drum hits are just unbelievable, the guitar strings sound as if you're the one playing them, you can even hear the singer's lips open. I almost went for the SE846's from Shure, but was nagged by a feeling the apparent rolled of top end would be a constant source of regret had I gone for them. With this in mind I should say that the back edges are a little sharp and take a little while to get used to.
They are pure transducers of a high order offering a window onto the sound like nothing else I have experienced.
It has a visceral energy, dynamic, stunning bass, and atmosphere and it's an amazingly well recorded live album.
Aja features a drum and sax solo from Steve Gadd and Wayne Shorter respectively and it's a real epic, swooping and soaring often in startling directions.
I was expecting this to sound irritating and compressed somewhat, but was completely surprised. They are well built (though some may not like the idea of non-detachable cables) and attractive enough. A good example of this is the album The Virtuoso Guitar as played by Alirio Diaz on a Vangard recording. This allows things like the "humming along" Ivan Moravec provides in his VAI label Beethoven recordings (original on Connoisseur Society) or the various sonic manipulations on the Beatles "Strawberry Fields" to be heard clearly for what they are. The Fritz Reiner RCA recording of "Isle of the Dead" (off "The Reiner Sound" album) is a great example of this. One of my tests for the "gestalt" of the concert hall is the EMI recording of the Barbirolli Mahler 9 with the Berliner Philharmoniker. Here in the States, one has to give credit to Ultimate Ears and JH Audio for pioneering the idea that custom IEM's can aspire to greatness and that audiophiles would respond to the performance by paying the price.
In fact, at the very beginning, I was concern that the penetration of dynamic and balance armature wouldn’t work, but AKG proved that I’m wrong. A lot of people thinks K3003 is too pricey, but for me, when it comes to buying K3003, only 2 questions are require: Do I like it? I did have some mild discomfort to begin with but now my ears have become used to them and I feel no discomfort. In defined spaces in the soundstage: Bass, Berry Oakley clearly defined rickenbacker by the sound of it (correction- It's a Fender Jazz Bass). The AKG's handle the piece with reverence, neutrally, allowing the virtuosic perfomances to shine through. The soundstage was pushed back nicely, and dynamics handled well, with the swelling and power of the occasion coming over well.
If the guitar doesn't sound like the same guitar through its range, the illusion of an expert musician playing his instrument is damaged. This detail is not the "thrown in your face" detail of certain treble emphasized phones but is an organic part of the recording not obscured by transducer playback artifacts.

This recording starts very much hushed (as befits a piece called Isle of the Dead) but swells to quite loud crescendos. This is a good, but somewhat forward, recording of an excellent performance of this evocative piece.
An IEM that can deliver the swagger, threat and excitement of this is doing it justice and the AKG does it justice, in my view. And now we can thank AKG and Final Audio Design for believing that those of us who don't want customs would also pay for high performance. On the other hand, the clarity of the earphones is actually depends on the number of drivers and the performance of each individual driver.
They work together perfectly, result in a perfectly natural sound signature with outstanding soundstage performance (greatest width and depth I ever heard from a universal-fit IEM). They also feature NFC for fast one-touch pairing with compatible devices - great for music and chat while you're on the move. Crystal clear definition of instruments in their own spaces, Gabriel's vocals are stunning, very lifelike indeed.
Turning on the bass boost feature of the Fiio E12 amp, helped to give some oomph to the proceedings. This coherency pays off even further during the Castelnuevo-Tedesco Guitar Concerto #1 off this album where the interplay between soloist and orchestra is preserved. The AKG's can accomodate this without distortion (beyond the slight tape saturation on the highest peaks endemic to the otherwise excellent late '50 recording) or without compromising the soundfield by coagulating the instruments together, quite a feat for an IEM.
If the playback puts you into the hall without putting the forwardness "over the top", it's good playback. In the case of K3003, the 2 balance armatures combination generates an unbelievable clarity that can even compete with some of the flagship Custom IEM on the market right now.
All instrument and vocal now sound more heartwarming, When they finally comes together in one piece, language seems so powerless to describe the experience, it all comes down to one word: Heaven.
The apt-X codec allows the headphones to connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth apt-X-enabled device - you can connect up to two devices at once, and up to 8 devices in the pairing list. Always seeking nirvana, the next buzz, or what-have-you, so to have some kind of stable and consistently excellent platform to listen to music on its own merits is refreshing to say the least. I keep testing them out, thinking, "when is the bubble going to burst, when am I going to wake up or come to my senses?" but they just keep on making sublime music.
Nothing to fault; interplay is superb, sounds like a jazz fusion outfit at the top of their game. The combination of the Silverman's swirling keyboards and Edward Ka-Spel's wispy lyrics and vocals (inside joke) make for music that can take you to some less-visited places inside.
Quiet, clean listening Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Bluetooth Headphones are equipped with NoiseGard hybrid active noise cancellation which keeps sound sealed in, and ambient noise blocked out. The fact that I can be sitting on the train on the way home from work and still escape to the Dots' world is as good a recommendation as I can give.
The only different is, the details on K3003 is under better control, not too define, not muddy at all, just right.
Four microphones analyse the nature of external sounds and eliminate them from your listening experience. There's also VoiceMax technology which uses two microphones to emphasize voice sounds and get rid of noise from outside, keeping your conversations clearer. Enhanced sound and looks Plush leather on-ear cups encase two high-end 18-Ohm transducers that deliver impressive quality audio to give your tunes a feeling of satisfying clarity and definition. The leather helps to isolate sound and makes the headphones comfortable for long listening sessions - and the matching headband can easily be adjusted for the perfect fit. There's one part of the track around 6 mins in where a sort of rasping sound moves from l-r and then the piece takes off again into a soaring electronic climax. As the full crescendo comes on, it almost loses it, and it probably should sound like it should, but it doesn't and maintains composure, surety. The Headphones price category is available in the Headphones section of this website and will display a range of prices from a selection of UK retailers.
7g noise isolating in-ear headphones with Balanced Armature drivers, woofer tweeter and 1.2m cord.
8g noise isolating in-ear headphones, with Balanced Armature drivers, woofer, subwoofer & tweeter. Standard headphones with 40mm liquid crystal polymer film diaphragm & 4Hz-80kHz HD driver units.

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