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Comments: 98 yr old man with Meniere's for 50 years and profound sensorineural hearing loss.
Comments: Showing opening of peritubal air cell into ET, anterior to tympanic membrane, 92 year old female. Sensorineural hearing loss, moderate, bilateral, sequel of pneumococcal meningitisHistopathologic:1. Sensorineural hearing loss due to aging, combination strial atrophy and inner ear conductive lesion2.

Adult onset, progressive, bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, probably genetic in etiologyHistopathologic:1. Apical cochlear lesion, characterized by degeneration of sensory and neural tissues and a fibro-osseous response, right3.
Loss of spiral ganglion cells, presumed secondary to cochlear neuritis from bacterial meningitis, bilateral.2. Radiation reaction of bone and fibrous tissue involving mastoid and the posterior part of the otic capsule, right4.

Zone of separation between basilar membrane and overlying cells (presumed basement membrane defect), all cochlear turns, bilateral3.

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