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Hearing loss can be conductive, which involves blockage or damage to the hearing organs in the ear, or sensorineural, arising from nerve damage. Constant exposure to loud noise can cause sensorineural hearing loss by destroying hair cells in the ears. To minimize risk, avoid loud noises whenever possible, especially the high-pitched ones associated with power drills and other tools.
Heavy metals such as lead, cobalt, mercury and aluminum can enter the body in a variety of ways: exposure to industrial waste, contaminated waters, and consuming foods with a high metal content, such as mercury-containing fish. A number of prescription drugs, including a wide range of antibiotics, can cause hearing loss, which is generally temporary but may be permanent in some cases. Cleaning agents using a variety of harsh chemicals including petrochemicals and solvents used in industrial cleanup as well as in the home, such as toluene, benzene, butyl nitrite and various alcohols, can also cause sensorineural damage to the ears as well as whole-body toxicity.

The effects of smoking on the body are well known, but smokers are twice as likely to have hearing problems as nonsmokers.
Hearing loss has many causes, and a number of those can be affected by changing habits and reducing exposure to environmental toxins too often taken for granted.
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A recently published review in the Archives of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery has suggested that treating sudden hearing loss with steroids may not be effective as thought previously by members of the medical fraternity.
Sudden Hearing Loss or sudden sensorineural hearing loss is known to known to affect five-to-twenty of every 100,000 people in the world and is difficult to be cured despite the availability of treatment forms such as vitamins, herbs, minerals, antiviral medications, hyperbaric oxygen, and agents capable of diluting the blood. For the systematic review, 21 trials were identified and evaluated, all of which used measures from hearing tests to define treatment outcomes.

It was remarked by the authors that the cause of sudden hearing loss is often unknown or unexplained; its treatment can be difficult when compared to that of other body ailments.
Found in products such as nail polish, paints and heavy-duty cleansers, these chemicals cause hearing loss or tinnitus.
Awareness, education and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle can keep the ears healthy and the hearing sharp. Numerous studies have documented the hearing loss suffered by military personnel in combat zones.

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