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The Amplicom 880 Combo boasts 2 handsets, a corded base unit and a separate cordless handset. The article will help you find the right kind of business telephone for those with difficulty hearing. Equal opportunities within business means employers must be prepared to offer a number of facilities and tools for those with disabilities and special requirements.
For people who have difficulty hearing the phone ring or hearing the caller speak, there are plenty of telephone products available, catering for all levels of hearing loss.
The following list demonstrates the variety in types of phones, as well as features available in telephones for those hard of hearing. For moderate hearing loss - and hearing aid compatible - this phone has several useful features. A tone control function allows base and treble adjustment of the caller's voice and a boost button gives even more amplification. This very affordable phone is suitable for people with severe hearing loss and is hearing aid compatible.
Textphones are for people with profound hearing loss, who are unable to hear amplified telephones.

This phone has a full-size keyboard and a large, clear screen displaying multiple lines of text.
The Screenphone is a flexible phone suitable for all hearing levels and is hearing aid compatible. There are several amplified mobile phones on the market, mostly suitable for people with moderate hearing loss and which are hearing aid compatible. This model has all the features of the PhoneEasy 510, plus Bluetooth, and is suitable for people with severe hearing loss. If you would like more information about business phone systems for people with hearing disabilities, simply fill out the form at the top of this page to find the best phone system for a person with hearing difficulty. The base unit comes with an answerphone which is loud and clear, speakerphone, a loud ring and an amplified receiver. Simply answer a few questions and we will form the list of products, which are right for you. There are many options available, so read further to learn which one is right for you and your employees. They are mainly for people with moderate hearing loss, but some models are available for severe hearing loss.

It can be used as an amplified phone, standard phone, or textphone with an optional keyboard. It can be connected to a voice telephone so that you can speak your call and receive text back, or type the call and listen to the response. It allows you to make and receive real time text calls over the internet from your computer. It has strong amplification for people with moderate hearing loss and does not create much hearing aid interference. It also features four tone settings and high contrast caller ID screen with large font and talking caller ID which also assists individuals with low vision and limited mobility.
The cordless handset has a flashing alert, a loud ring, speakerphone function, a name and number phonebook.
This set is a great package for any home or small office, the phones have excellent clarity making speech easier to hear as well as boosting volume.

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