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The Senior Experts Group on International Norms and Related Issues, as the meeting is called, is expected to meet twice a year.
Wang Qun, director general of the department of arms control of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led the Chinese delegation, which included members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of National Defense, the Cyberspace Administration of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security and other institutions. The US delegation was led by Christopher Painter, coordinator for cyber issues at the Department of State.
Cybersecurity was a contentious issue between the two governments before Xi's state visit, when both governments reached a consensus on several key issues. Joseph Nye, a professor at Harvard University and assistant secretary of defense for international security aff airs from 1994-1995, praised the progress made on cybersecurity during the Xi-Obama summit last September. He described it as good for international governance in cyberspace at a seminar in Washington.
Chinese sources, however, said months ago that attacks originating from the US have not abated since last September's summit.
During that September summit, the two governments agreed to provide timely responses to requests for information and assistance concerning malicious cyber activities.
Both sides also agreed to provide updates on the status and results of those investigations to the other side. The two governments agreed that neither country's government would conduct or knowingly support cyberenabled theft of intellectual property, including trade secrets or other confidential business information, with the intent of providing competitive advantages to companies or commercial sectors. Last December, Chinese State Councilor Guo Shengkun co-chaired the first China- US High-Level Joint Dialogue on Cybercrime and Related Issues in Washington with US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.
Fu, who chairs the National People's Congress' Foreign Affairs Committee, sees a gap between a worrisome perception of China-US relations and the reality that ties are closer than ever. But all these accomplishments occurred as some experts in the US predicted that if China continues to grow at its present speed, conflict between the countries will be unavoidable, Fu said. Despite a sizable number of "optimistic voices" on US-China relations in the US, Fu said there are also some there who wonder whether "the constructive engagement" policy pursued by eight successive US administrations should continue.
She found the message coming from the US to be rather confusing sometimes, reflected in its reluctance to acknowledge China's efforts in providing the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Belt and Road Initiative. Fu sees recent tension over territory in the South China Sea as reflecting the risks involved in the relationship. She also said that in recent years, "after the US launched its pivot to Asia, more blatant provocations to China's sovereignty have happened, and there are even attempts to expand disputes". She called on the two countries to follow up on President Xi Jinping's proposal that China and the US move toward a new model of major-country relations, avoiding conflict and confrontation and respecting each other in cooperation.
The appeal came as the country has launched a new round of the "Sky Net" anti-corruption campaign this year. China is willing to work more closely with other countries in fields such as information sharing, technology, law enforcement and training to fight graft, Meng Jianzhu, the country's top law enforcement official, said at an international meeting in Tianjin. Meng said that thanks to global efforts, more than 1,000 corrupt officials and economic fugitives were brought back to China from overseas last year. China has deployed a massive crackdown against corruption since the current leadership took office in November 2012. As part of the crackdown, China launched the Sky Net campaign early last year to bring back suspected corrupt officials hiding abroad and confiscate their ill-gotten assets.
Anti-graft professionals from more than 70 countries and regions, including China, France, Russia and South Korea, are taking part in the two-day conference. The association, established in 2006, is the first anti-graft nongovernmental organization initiated by China. In another effort to strengthen cooperation, a Chinese delegation has arrived in London to attend the Anti-Corruption Summit, scheduled for Thursday, which is aimed at stepping up global action to expose, punish and eradicate graft. The one-day summit, hosted by British Prime Minister David Cameron, will attempt to deal with issues including corporate secrecy, government transparency, enforcement of international anti-corruption laws, and strengthening international institutions, according to organizers. China and California, the world's second- and eighth-largest economies, have been working at the sub-national level to seek cooperation in areas such as biotech, clean tech, investment and cross-border e-commerce to boost bilateral trade and investment. A Chinese delegation of 130 members, including entrepreneurs and government officials, is visiting California. The Chinese economy has slowed down recently, and China has reduced purchases, and all sorts of economic problems have been seen in different parts of the world, which illustrates the interdependency that the countries now have, California Governor Jerry Brown told the summit.
But he noted that through gathering together and business arrangements, "we build that connective tissue to slowly bring the world close together". In the past three years since the framework of China Provinces-US California Joint Working Group on Trade and Investment Cooperation was established in 2013, Chinese enterprises have invested in more than 300 new projects, almost half of the total Chinese-invested projects in California, Chinese Consul General in Los Angeles Liu Jian told the summit. Cameras showed the cephalopod absconding its tank and scuttling across the floor to the next-door container, where it captured and devoured a fish before returning to its abode - closing the lid behind itself. The third time I spoke with the inspirational environmentalist, primatologist and United Nations goodwill ambassador, she wasn't who moved me most. The students showing Goodall their environmental science projects seemed like an army rising to fight ecological degradation and its human causes - poverty and greed. On the fourth day of Beijing's second red smog alert this winter, I realized more than ever why we need to teach our kids to preserve systems that sustain us. A more fantastical contraption is a robotic "spider" that scuttles up high-rises to knock on windows to inform residents the heavens are clotted. Goodall's speech was long before New Zealand's Inky the octopus famously went Houdini and fled its enclosure to squish through a drainage pipe and return to the ocean last month. China and Morocco launched a strategic partnership on Wednesday aimed at stepping up trade ties and capacity building.
President Xi Jinping and visiting Moroccan King Mohammed VI agreed the establishment of the strategic partnership will give new impetus to the ties, which have a long history of friendship. After an hour's talk, the two heads of state also witnessed the signing of a dozen deals covering a wide range of areas, including infrastructure construction, energy and culture. Xi said China will encourage Chinese enterprises to participate in Morocco's major infrastructure construction projects and will continue to deepen cooperation in fisheries, communications and clean energy.
The Moroccan monarch said that although there is a long distance between China and the North African nation, the two people have maintained close ties.
Morocco is ready to become China's important partner on the African continent and in the Arabic world, he added. According to Vice-Foreign Minister Zhang Ming, the two countries also decided to streamline the procedures for certain types of visas and to facilitate tourism. Under the agreement, Chinese with a passport for public affairs can stay in Morocco up to 60 days without a visa, Chinese tourists to Morocco will be offered a visa in five working days and businesspeople can apply for a one-year, multiple-entry visa, Zhang said. The three-day visit came just days after the Moroccan monarch gave a speech at the Gulf Cooperation Council summit, during which he said that Morocco was looking to diversify its economic and political relationships by seeking stronger partnerships with China and other major Asian countries.
He Wenping, a senior researcher of African studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said, "Great potential could be tapped in two-way trade between China and Morocco, given the current small volume".
Bilateral trade volume between China and Morocco was $3.43 billion last year, according to the Foreign Ministry's website. Stones at Qomolangma Base Camp in the Tibet autonomous region have been defaced by tourists. The county in Tibet that is home to the world's highest mountain is taking steps to stop graffiti by visitors at the peak's tourism hot spots. Dingri county said on Tuesday that it has had enough of visitors leaving their marks at the scenic spots on Qomolangma, also known as Mount Everest in the West.
The north slope of the 8,848-meter peak is in Dingri county, and Qomolangma Base Camp, at an altitude of about 5,200 meters, is the county's gateway to the mountain. The base camp, near the border of China and Nepal in the Himalayan mountain range, is a big tourist attraction, and graffiti is common. The four main tourism monuments that the county maintains on the mountain are always tarnished with graffiti, according to staff members at the Dingri tourism bureau. She said the bureau has started a blacklist to ensure that the names of those caught defacing the scenic spots are publicized.
According to the bureau, more than 30 staff members are employed to look after the tourism spots on Qomolangma.
However, there are no teams designated to fight the graffiti problem, so all staff members regularly pitch in to help get rid of the markings. The bureau said it is sometimes difficult to dissuade tourists from writing on the monuments at scenic spots, and some tourists become abusive if stopped. Qomolangma Base Camp received 62,000 tourists last year and brought in ticket revenue of 14 million yuan ($2.15 million).
According to the bureau, a newly built tourism center in the county is expected to be fully operational by the end of May. The Yangtze River Delta is set to build a global reputation for its cluster of cities by 2030 by focusing on high-end equipment manufacturing and modern services, the State Council said on Wednesday. At an executive meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang, the State Council, which is China's Cabinet, ratified a plan to further develop the Yangtze River Delta urban cluster. Two other such clusters are the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei province region in the north and the Pearl River Delta urban cluster in South China's Guangdong province. To cultivate new momentum for economic growth and upgrade traditional industries, innovations should be strengthened in key areas of high-end manufacturing such as information technology, the biopharmaceutical industry, auto making and new materials, according to a statement released after the meeting. Local governments should conduct pilot programs to establish an integrated market of finance, land and property transactions, and they should cooperate on public services such as education, healthcare and social security, the statement said.
It added that the Yangtze River Delta urban cluster should make great efforts to attract foreign investment and talent while testing free trade ports and making foreign trade easier.
Ecology will be a key to the region's further development, with remedial steps taken to promote clean soil, air and water.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang made the remarks on Wednesday, after the likely Philippine president-elect, Rodrigo Duterte, expressed willingness to talk with China about the issue.
Duterte said his country and China could set up joint ventures to explore oil and gas in the South China Sea. This is in stark contrast with the stance of the current Philippines government, which has rejected such talks. He said on Tuesday that bilateral ties have suffered great difficulties "due to reasons known to all", referring to the Philippines' continuous challenging of China's sovereignty in the South China Sea in recent years, including its filing of the arbitration case. Zhou Fangyin, a professor of Chinese foreign policy at the Guangdong Institute for International Strategies, said that unlike the current administration of President Benigno Aquino III, whose policies in the South China Sea have included "meaningless provocation", Duterte is likely to be "more flexible" on the issue. Chen Qinghong, assistant researcher at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, said Duterte is likely to be more practical than Aquino. The mainland and Taiwan have reached mutual political trust during the past eight years and signed 23 agreements that have improved cross-Straits cooperation in many fields and reduced conflict on international affairs, Ma Xiaoguang, the office's spokesman, said during a media briefing. The regular briefing was the last before the island's government transition on May 20, when Tsai Ing-wen, the chairwoman of Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party, will assume leadership and deliver a speech. When asked by a reporter from Taiwan to comment on the island's current leader, Ma Ying-jeou, and his performance during two tenures, Ma Xiaoguang said the cross-Straits relations in the past eight years have been widely supported by people from the both sides and by the international community.
It was not until 2008, following Ma Ying-jeou's election victory and the rapid warming of cross-Straits relations, that a communication mechanism was established that handles day-to-day issues. One month after the meeting in November between President Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou, the heads of cross-Straits affairs on both sides used a newly established hotline to talk to each other. The peaceful development of cross-Straits relations has been based on the 1992 Consensus, which says that both the mainland and Taiwan are parts of one China, said Ma Xiaoguang. China is to implement special measures to establish a more advanced consumer goods sector within two years by increasing product variety and quality and ensuring more domestic brands achieve a global reputation. The measures were discussed and arranged at a State Council executive meeting on Wednesday, presided over by Premier Li Keqiang. The project forms a major step in supply-side structural reform by encouraging the consumer goods sector to nurture innovative products with more variety to better satisfy consumer demand.
The sector has enjoyed advantages in China due to the low cost of labor, and has contributed greatly to the country's prosperity over the past 30 years in the transition from a planned economy.
But these advantages have shown signs of decline as global competition intensifies and industries face problems such as a lack of innovation and quality. Under the new project, which will be carried out between 2016 and 2018, more varieties of high-end consumer goods will be provided to customers based on demand. Enterprises will be encouraged to spend more on research and development and to enhance product design. Nurturing more products will also be encouraged with a greater input of intelligence, expertise and "Chinese national features". The premier said: "The government should assist enterprises to lower production costs and improve product quality through further streamlining. The premier has again emphasized the importance of the "spirit of craftsmanship to strive for the best" for China's manufacturing sector. Under the new project, major consumer goods producers will be encouraged to meet international standards. Huang Qunhui, director of the Institute of Industrial Economics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that cross-border e-commerce is booming, forcing Chinese producers to enhance their quality and branding, an important reason for the new project.
The milestone event was the first in which a ministerial-level official in China appeared in court to respond to a resident's administrative case. Previously, it was rare to see even junior officials appear at such hearings, which were usually handled by lawyers. But since May last year, when a revised administrative procedure law took effect, the situation has changed. Thanks to the revised law, which states that officials should appear in court for cases that involve them, an increasing number of officials have gone to court for such cases, said He Xiaorong, chief judge of the Supreme People's Court's administrative tribunal. On April 11, Ding and his family, from Zunyi, Guizhou, experienced the change at Guiyang Intermediate People's Court. Ding claimed his land was occupied and expropriated when the city government built a highway, but said the local authorities did not reach an agreement with him beforehand.
He applied to the provincial government, asking it to review the case and rule on whether the city government acted improperly, but failed.
Ding's nephew, Liu Guohua, said, "We didn't expect provincial and city officials to pay close attention to our family's case.
The court has not announced a verdict in the case, but Chen's appearance was also welcomed by the top court.
Since the revised law took effect, the number of government officials appearing in court for administrative disputes has surged. For example, among the administrative cases heard by courts in Shanghai last year, 759 featured officials responding in person to lawsuits from the public, a year-on-year rise of 67.2 percent. But He said governments are still responding through attorneys to residents' legal disputes in some regions and that some officials do not speak at case hearings even though they attend them.
He said he believes the situation will improve as more officials become aware of what is expected.
Making government officials appear in court to answer residents' administrative disputes, a new requirement under a revised law, will help ensure governments function legally, said the ministerial-level official who took part in a groundbreaking case last month. Chen Mingming, the deputy governor of Guizhou province, stood in court on April 11 to help solve a dispute between the provincial government and a villager.
He said responding positively to administrative disputes and personally participating in the legal process will help ensure governments operate within the law. After the trial, he said his participation offered "a good chance to popularize administrative regulations among residents, and make sure they know how to effectively solve their disputes in future".
An Indian woman who gave birth at age 70 said on Tuesday she was not too old to become a first-time mother, adding that her life was now complete. Daljinder Kaur gave birth last month to a boy after two years of in vitro fertilization treatment at a fertility clinic in the northern state of Haryana with her 79-year-old husband.
Kaur said the couple, married for 46 years, had almost lost hope of having a child and had faced ridicule in a country where infertility is sometimes seen as a curse from God. Kaur put her age at about 70, a common scenario in India where many people don't have birth certificates, while the clinic said in a statement that she was 72. The baby, conceived using the couple's own egg and sperm, is now "healthy and hearty" after weighing just 2 kilograms at birth on April 19, the National Fertility and Test Tube Center said. Kaur's husband, Mohinder Singh Gill, who owns a farm outside Amritsar, said he was unfazed about their age, adding that God would watch over their child.
Anurag Bishnoi, who runs the fertility clinic, said he was initially skeptical about going ahead with IVF, but tests showed Kaur was able to carry the unborn child. But all those accomplishments occur while some experts in the US predict that "if China continues to grow at the current speed, US-China conflict would be unavoidable", said Fu, who is also chairperson of Academic Committee of China's Institute of International Strategy, CASS.
Fu Ying, chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People's Congress, discusses with Professsor Thomas Fingar of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Standford Unversity, at a seminar titled Rebuilding Trust: China-US Relations at the university in Palo Alto, California, on Tuesday.

Despite a sizable number of optimistic voices on US-China relations from the US side, Fu acknowledged that there are also voices in the US that wonder whether "the constructive engagement" policy that eight successive US administrations followed should continue. There are concerns about China's possible economic hard landing and its effect on the US recovery, and rising anxiety about China's global role.
She found the message from the US side to be sometimes rather confusing, reflected in its reluctance to acknowledge China's effort to help improve the existing order by providing new public goods such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Belt and Road initiative.
Fu saw the recent tension over territory in the South China Sea as a reflection of the risks involved in the relationship. As China tries to prevent further encroachments and losses in the South China Sea, she said, the role of the US added a new dimension to the issue. She said that it is widely perceived in China that the "Asia-Pacific rebalancing" of the United States from the beginning targeted China not only in rhetoric but also in its actions.
Fu called on the two countries to follow up on President Xi Jinping's proposal that China and the US move toward a new model of major-country relations, avoiding conflict and confrontation and respecting each other in cooperation. The building by Bryant Park sits on Sixth Avenue, or Avenue of the Americas, which Xu said is symbolic. The bank will continue providing traditional services to customers - such as bond investing and trade services - and develop its retail services because of the growing number of Chinese students in the US and of those immigrating to America for work.
In response, the bank opened a Flushing, Queens location last year to serve the fastest-growing Chinese community in New York. In addition, Bank of China has been active in cross-border RMB transactions as the Chinese currency continues to internationalize; the US branch will increase RMB liquidation and settlement, Xu said. The US market is big, offers a wide variety of products, and certain sectors can provide expertise that Chinese companies may be lacking, he said. Gross said China overtook Germany in 2013 and passed all of Europe in adopting clean technology, including electric cars, renewable energy such as solar and wind, energy efficiencies, smart grids and cities and environmental protection technology. It is estimated that pollution costs China $250 billion per year and air pollution claims 1.6 million lives in China every year, according to the US-China Cleantech Center (UCCTC), organizer of the forum.
Shirley Lee, vice-president of the Beijing Xiaoqiong Environmental Protection Group, said although she intended to learn from the US counterparts about the advanced technology and know-how in the clean-tech field, she ended up answering questions from conference attendees about the market potential in China. The US has committed to finalize its next stage world-class fuel efficiency standards for heavy duty vehicles this year and implement them in 2019, Dutton said. President Xi Jinping announced that China aimed to peak emissions before 2030 and the national 13th Five-Year Plan set the goal of reducing total emissions by 10 percent and capping coal consumption at 5 billion tons a year by the end of the plan period in 2020, which was "very exciting for our bilateral cooperation", Dutton said. Beijing expressed "resolute opposition" on Tuesday to a patrol by a United States warship in the South China Sea near Yongshu Reef in the Nansha Islands.
The Ministry of National Defense said the patrol only further justified China's construction of defense facilities in the area. Reuters quoted Bill Urban, spokesman for the US Department of Defense, as saying that the freedom of navigation operation was a challenge to "the excessive maritime claims of some claimants in the South China Sea". Lu said, "The action by the US threatens China's sovereignty and security, endangers the safety of people and facilities on the reef, and harms regional peace and stability. The Defense Ministry said China has dispatched vessels and aircraft, including two fighter jets and three warships, to identify the US vessel and warned it to leave.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang made the remark at a regular news conference in Beijing a day after the DPRK concluded its first ruling party congress in 36 years and its leader Kim Jongun was promoted as chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea. Lu said China upholds a policy of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, as well as safeguarding its peace and stability, and resolving issues through dialogue and consultation. On Monday, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, sent a congratulatory letter to Kim. Xi said the friendship between the two countries was personally forged and carefully fostered by their leaderships from the older generation.
Speaking on behalf of the CPC Central Committee and personally, Xi said he hopes that people in the DPRK will see new accomplishments in the cause of building socialism under the leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea headed by Kim. China is ready to work with the DPRK to promote the constant development of bilateral relations for the benefit of the two countries and the two peoples, and to make positive contributions to safeguarding peace, stability and development in the region, Xi said. At the congress, Kim described the DPRK as a responsible nuclear weapons state, saying it will strive for world denuclearization and faithfully fulfill obligations of nuclear nonproliferation.
Pyongyang has conducted a series of nuclear tests and satellite launches since January that have increased tension on the peninsula. However, the strong price was likely to provide little reassurance to an art market that many fear is softening after years of rising prices. Sotheby's sale of Impressionist and modern art took in $144.4 million on Monday, missing the low pre-sale estimate of about $165 million for 62 lots offered. Despite some high points that drew spirited bidding, the sale was marked by its relatively high unsold rate and somewhat tepid prices for works that did find buyers.
Auguste Rodin's marble sculpture L'Eternal Printemps soared far beyond its estimated price of $8 million to $12 million, and broke the Rodin auction record of just under $20 million. Drawing intense global competition, Sotheby's pointed to the work as emblematic of the type of fresh-to-market quality works that auction houses must now offer to trigger strong prices and spirited bidding. Executives used words such as discerning, measured and selective to characterize the night's results and the market itself. After years of soaring prices, Sotheby's and rival Christie's have assembled markedly smaller spring sales, with no works carrying estimates much beyond $40 million.
The expected highlight of Monday's sale, Andre Derain's Les Voiles rouge, estimated at $15 million to $20 million, failed to sell. Sotheby's has suffered a spate of resignations by top executives, many of whom had worked there for decades, as well as the departure of its long-serving CEO.
Monday's auction stood in contrast to Christie's sale on Sunday that featured challenging works by artists typically considered less than commercial.
The consumer price index rose by 2.3 percent in April from a year earlier, but was unchanged from March. In month-on-month terms, the PPI increased by 0.7 percent, the second consecutive rise, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Tuesday.
Niu Li, director of macroeconomics at the State Information Center, attributed the "significant moderation" in producer prices to rising commodity prices since February and a higher level of production driven by increased infrastructure investment and recovery in the construction sector. Lian Ping, chief economist at the Bank of Communications, said raw material prices at the factory gate continued to edge up last month, pointing to a possible return of producer inflation toward the end of the year.
However, Zhou Hao, an economist at Commerzbank in Singapore, said the month-on-month PPI increase may be linked to speculation driven by a short-term rise in raw material prices. Niu said the stable CPI reading means that inflation remained below 3 percent, leaving ample room for policymakers to continue easy-money policies, if necessary, in the face of weak demand. On Monday, People's Daily quoted an "authoritative figure" as saying that China's economic growth will follow an L-shaped path as downward pressures continue to be felt.
The source warned that more targeted measures need to be taken to tackle emerging problems, such as soaring real estate prices, overcapacity, an increase in nonperforming loans, local government debt and financial market risks. China's economy expanded by 6.7 percent in the first quarter, the slowest quarterly pace since 2009.
Ten military staff members, including two in charge of the hospital that offered an experimental cancer therapy to a young man who died last month, have been punished. The punishments were handed out after an investigation confirmed the hospital's malpractice in business collaboration and the posting of misleading medical advertisements. Two leaders from the Second Hospital of the Beijing Armed Police Corps were dismissed and six others received demerits. Two other officials from higher military authorities who oversaw the hospital were given warnings for inadequate supervision, a statement from the Beijing Armed Police Corps said on Tuesday. Two other individuals who collaborated with the hospital have been transferred to judicial organs on suspicion of having committed crimes, the statement said, without disclosing their identity. Wei Zexi, a 21-year-old student from Shaanxi province, died on April 12 from synovial sarcoma, a rare cancer, after taking a type of immunotherapy at the hospital's biomedical center outsourced to private entities. The case has attracted widespread public attention, however, as it exposed the controversial paid listing business that Baidu relied on - which ranks search results based on the price advertisers pay - and the poor supervision of some military hospitals. Patients who received similar therapy at the hospital said they were not satisfied with the investigation results, and demanded more details and refunds.
A 33-year-old housewife from Shanxi province said the statement failed to mention whether patients involved in such therapy can get refunds. She received a course of immunotherapy at the hospital last month and paid 28,000 yuan ($4,300) after being diagnosed with human papillomavirus infection, a sexually transmitted disease. Liu Yuanli, dean of the School of Public Health at Beijing Union Medical College, urged the government or academic groups in China to set up independent Internet search services particularly for medical and healthcare-related information. The other teams, those that until a couple of months ago were their title rivals, have sworn by possession.
Until a week ago, seven of their players had been in the starting lineups in 32 or more games. A group of unidentified Chinese investors are in exclusive talks to buy AC Milan, the Italian Serie A soccer club, according to Fininvest, the holding company for the team.
Fininvest, which is controlled by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's family, said the club is valued at about 700 million euros ($797.5 million), including debt. After a month of preparing legal documents, Fininvest began the exclusive discussions with the Chinese investors, said an unidentified official. The negotiations would be between the consortium and Fininvest, although the makeup of the Chinese investor group was not clear. The exclusivity period is about one month, during which either party can stop the negotiations without paying any fees.
The decision to sign a memorandum of understanding and enter into exclusive talks was made by Fininvest CEO Pasquale Cannatelli at a board of directors meeting on Tuesday.
Earlier this month, media reports said Alibaba founder Jack Ma was interested in buying AC Milan, but Ma dismissed the reports.
Chinese interest in Italy's Serie A clubs reflects the country's positive attitude toward Italian soccer, whose games were among the first broadcast in China in the 1980s.
Simon Chadwick, a professor of sports enterprise at Salford Business School in Manchester, England, said Italian soccer clubs generally have suffered from underinvestment in the past decade. Chadwick said he believes that one of the reasons there has not been a significant interest from China in buying English clubs is because they are too expensive.
The consensus, an outcome of a meeting in 1992 between the mainland's Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits and the island's Straits Exchange Foundation, declares that the mainland and Taiwan are both parts of one China. Xu said the 1992 Consensus is a milestone that continues to affect cross-Straits relations. Top cross-Straits officials from both sides have met seven times, and 23 cross-Straits agreements have been signed.
One month after the meeting in November between President Xi Jinping and Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou, the heads of cross-Straits affairs on both sides used a newly established hotline to talk to each other. Meanwhile, cross-Straits trade reached $188.5 billion last year, according to the General Administration of Customs of China. More than 4 million visits to Taiwan were made by mainland tourists, surpassing the number from Japan and making them the biggest spenders there last year. According to Xu, "the denial of the 1992 Consensus by Lee Teng-hui and Chen Shuibian, both former Taiwan leaders, brought crisis to cross-Straits ties.
The 1992 Consensus is not only the political foundation of cross-Straits ties, but also is essential to mutual trust in economic and cultural cooperation, he added. Zheng Zhenqing, a professor at the Taiwan Studies Institute at Tsinghua University in Beijing, said: "Peaceful development of cross-Straits relations is a premise for mainland tourists and students going to Taiwan. A ruling by China's top cyberspace regulator that Baidu must compensate netizens cheated by promotional advertisements on the search engine triggered heated debate on Tuesday, with questions arising on the feasibility of implementing the ruling.
The company became the target of public criticism after the death of a young man who had received an experimental cancer treatment at a military hospital in Beijing.
An investigation found that the hospital had illegally outsourced its departments to a for-profit company and published false medical advertisements online. On Monday, the Cyberspace Administration of China ordered Baidu to abandon its paid listing system-a practice under which search content ranking is based on the price an advertiser pays - and required the company to compensate netizens if they are cheated by false promotions offered on Baidu.
Baidu responded by setting up a fund of 1 billion yuan ($153.4 million) for such compensation and promising to review all of the promotions it offers, according to a company statement.
The company said that in 2013 it had established such a compensation system, under which it has dealt with more than 2,500 cases and paid out a total of 50 million yuan.
Zhu Wei, an associate professor of law at China University of Political Science and Law, said the new order on compensation is in line with the law on consumer rights protection. He said that after paying consumers, Baidu could in turn ask for compensation from problematic advertisers. Wang Weiwei, a lawyer from Beijing Zhong Wen Law Firm, said it would be very difficult for most netizens to prove they were misled by such advertisements. Zhang Haoyu, an official at the Chinadolls Center for Rare Disorders, said the new rule might be unrealistic and does not touch upon the fundamental of the problem. Zhang said that, since January, the Chinadolls Center and a number of other NGOs have reported Baidu to Beijing's Industry and Commerce Bureau for what they believed to be false medical advertisements.
Chinese regulators demanded on Monday an overhaul of the healthcare advertisements displayed by the country's leading search engine Baidu. The demand came after the death of a young man who received experimental cancer treatment at a Beijing hospital. Baidu's Nasdaq-listed shares fell by more than 3 percent in morning trade on Monday following the ruling, Reuters reported.
Investigators have also found that the hospital illegally outsourced its departments to a for profit private company and published fake medical advertisements to lure patients.
Wei Zexi, 21, a student from Shaanxi province, died from synovial sarcoma, a rare soft tissue cancer on April 12. Before he died, Wei denounced the company online as "evil" and warned other cancer patients "not to be cheated" in comments that went viral, drawing waves of criticism against the search engine. Baidu, the Chinese equivalent of Google, is listed on the Nasdaq exchange in New York and has a market capitalization of more than $60 billion, even after its shares fell heavily in the wake of the scandal. Monday's ruling by the Cyberspace Administration of China said the company relied excessively on profits from its paid listings in search results and did not clearly label such listings as the results of commercial promotion.
The system "influenced the impartiality and objectivity of its search results, making it easy to mislead users, and must be immediately rectified", the statement said. The company has been ordered to adopt a new listing system that does not fully depend on the advertising price but also considers the advertisers' "reputation". Xiang Hailong, head of Baidu's search business, said that Wei's death has made the company rethink its responsibility.
Baidu said in a statement that it will fully enforce the regulators' demands by examining all medical-related promotions.
The company said that by Monday it had reviewed the qualifications of all related medical institutes and had stopped listing 2,518 of them. A search by China Daily's for "infertility" - a popular content for medical advertising on Baidu - found on Monday night only one promotion, separated from the listings on the page, and clearly marked as an advertisement. Analysts said that changing the rules on how to conduct paid listing business will hurt Baidu's profitability in the near term, as medical-related advertisements account for about 30 percent of the company's revenue. Tian Hou, founder of TH Capital in Beijing, said the tricky part is how to search results by reputation.
Baidu did not immediately respond to requests for comment on how to rank paid listings by reputation.
On Monday, the central government and military health authorities also announced the investigation result into the hospital involved. It was ordered to stop all commercial cooperation with private companies and check whether it has conducted any other clinical treatment that has not been approved.
The National Health and Family Planning Commission has said that immunotherapy to treat cancer is still at the scientific research stage and should not be used for clinical treatment.
The bodies were recovered as floods triggered by rainstorms hit a number of southern and central areas of China on Monday.
The landslide, which happened at about 5 am on Sunday in mountainous Taining county, unleashed about 100,000 cubic meters of mud and rocks, burying a temporary shed at the construction site and damaging offices. The China Meteorological Administration warned that Taining county could be hit by more rainstorms on Tuesday. A mudslide in Nanping, Fujian province, struck two residential buildings, trapping five people early on Monday. The State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters warned that water levels of rivers in Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces and the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region could continue to rise in the next few days after rainstorms. Huang Qiyu, commander of the Fujian Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, told Xinhua News Agency at the landslide site that a plan to increase the flood discharge from a reservoir had been postponed.

The State flood control authority has issued flooding alerts for eight rivers in Fujian, including the upper reaches of the Minjiang. In Hunan province, floods triggered by rainstorms killed two people and affected more than 615,000, leaving urban areas in Yongzhou and Chenzhou under water. In the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, flooding forced the closure of schools and all scenic spots in Yangshuo county. The China Meteorological Administration said on Monday evening that some areas of Guangdong, Fujian and Guangxi could be hit by more rainstorms on Tuesday. Zhang Li in Nanning, Wen Xinzheng in Changsha and Yang Jun in Guiyang contributed to this story. The difference between life and death was decided in the blink of an eye for Yang Yanbiao and a dozen of his co-workers.
The 33-year-old native of Shandong province, who is a worker at the site of the hydropower construction project in Fujian province that was hit by a devastating landslide on Sunday, had just awakened and was checking his cellphone when the disaster hit at around 5 am on Sunday.
Yang, who suffered four fractured ribs and a broken thigh bone in the disaster, was being treated at Taining County Hospital in Sanming, Fujian. Authorities later said that the landslide involved 100,000 cubic meters of rocks and mud, which buried the office building and the construction workers' living area. Yang was rescued by a fellow worker, Zhang Fuyin, who escaped the landslide unharmed, and villagers who live nearby. When he crawled out, he found that the portable houses, made from iron sheets, had been twisted and brought to the ground.
Zhang said he knew that Yang was in the debris because the two had talked to each other in the darkness when the landslide hit. Caucassian dances group is one of the most spectacular dances of Anatolia.A As many ethnic group, Caucasian people live and keep their original culture in harmony with all Anatolia. Anatolia is just like a marbling trough.A  Through thousands of years, hundreds of different civilization with many different colors, sound, rhythm has been composed in this area. Since then, dance and people's approach to dance have changed very much in turkey like many other things.
It is a dance characterized by smooth, flowing, complex, and sensual movements of the torso, alternated with shaking and shimmy type moves.
The dancers often use some type of rhythm instrument to aid the musicians, or as the sole accompaniment to their dance. Belly dance is very popular in Turkey, You can see on TV, in wedding parties and there are many course and dance schools where belly dance can be learned. There are so many kids of folk dance in Turkey that we cana€™t name just one of them as the Turkish folk dance. Caucassian dances group is one of the most spectacular dances of Anatolia.A  As many ethnic group, Caucasian people live and keep their original culture in harmony with all Anatolia. It cannot be easy being bracketed as cover’s band, especially when you have the ringing endorsement of one of the group ring loud and clear across the venue in which you are performing in and every note sound as delicious, as astoundingly melancholic and brutally sharp as anything the main band in question laid down in their fifty year career.
For Rumours of Fleetwood Mac, it has been a long tour and one in which has been highly praised, and rightly so. The Philharmonic Hall is no stranger to the sounds of Fleetwood Mac hurdling over the chairs to an attentive crowd, not unfamiliar to the scrambling and sheer delight taken by the audience in hearing tracks such as Seven Wonders, Second Hand News, Silver Springs, the delicate and superb Songbird, Tell Me Lies and Everywhere being performed with vigour and healthy panache, but that doesn’t stop the iconic Liverpool venue rocking, throbbing and being generally having caution thrown to the wind in style. With the night paying homage to nearly every part of Fleetwood Mac’s long career, there was something for everyone who made their way to the Philharmonic Hall.
Fleetwood Mac may be on tour soon but there can be no doubting that in Rumours of Fleetwood Mac the sound has lived, breathed and been exulted in their absence.
It is the result of a commitment made by the two countries during President Xi Jinping's state visit to the US last September.
It included representatives from the Department of State, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security and other agencies, according to a State Department press release. Both agreed to cooperate with requests to investigate cybercrimes, collect electronic evidence and mitigate malicious cyber activity emanating from their territory.
The gap between perceptions and real life may reflect the need to rebuild consensus," Fu said on Tuesday at a seminar at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, titled Rebuilding Trust: China-US Relations. Now we are at a high level, and if we work together, we are capable of making a difference in the world, but if we fight, we will bring disaster to the world," Fu said. To eradicate corruption is the joint mission of all countries and anti-graft agencies," he said at the opening of the Ninth Annual Conference and General Meeting of the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities.
It is gratifying to see that the leaderships in these countries are committed to fighting corruption and money laundering," said Indira Carr, a professor of law at the University of Surrey. They attended the California-China Business Summit held on Wednesday in Los Angeles, where they met their US counterparts. By the end of 2015, the United States had invested in 66,000 projects in China, and Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) in the US had reached $46.6 billion, creating more than 90,000 jobs in the US, according to Liu. Many friends have criticized our decision to bring up two children in the Chinese capital, where they were born. They are responsible for ticket checking, environmental protection work and keeping an eye on tourists. It is important to raise people's awareness of what is correct behavior for tourists," said Drolma. It will offer improved services, including medical care, food, accommodations and shopping opportunities.
The 30 cities in Shanghai and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces account for one-fourth of China's economy and cover 354,000 square kilometers.
Additionally, modern services such as finance, technological research and development, and logistics should be enhanced, it said.
In addition, a compensation mechanism will be set up under which businesses will make up for using a large amount of such resources as water. Agence France-Presse quoted his spokesman as saying the likely president-elect "is open to bilateral talks with China".
The Philippines filed an international arbitration case against China in January 2013 over the two nations' disputes in the area. But the room to adjust is limited," he said, adding that the country probably will continue to be heavily influenced by the United States.
The positive interaction across the straits will go forward only with continued mutual acknowledgment of the 1992 Consensus, he added.
We don't ask the new leadership to do anything beyond what we have requested since 2008," he said, adding that peaceful development of cross-Straits relations is what people from both sides want. Such efforts will be applied to nine types of consumer goods - in particular, domestic appliances, watches, bicycles, daily necessities and sports and cultural products. The requirement to attend court is a highlight of the new law, and is aimed at enhancing officials' legal awareness and ensuring they answer for mistakes, He added. He then appealed to the courts, asking judges to decide whether the two levels of government had erred. Then we made her undergo all the tests, and once all the results were OK we went ahead," the doctor said.
The gap between perceptions and real life may reflect the need to rebuild consensus," Fu said on Tuesday at a seminar titled Rebuilding Trust: China-US Relations at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.
Now we are at a high level, and if we work together, we are capable of making a difference in the world, but if we fight, we will bring disaster to the world," Fu told the audience.
The US knew about the claims, and its recognition of China's sovereignty also was reflected in maps and encyclopedias published in the US until 1971. But that, from our point of view, is projecting the US' own hegemon image on China," she added. America also needs to learn to work with countries like China, which may not be an ally, but should not be an enemy either," Fu said. Being located near Bank of America marks the close economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, and it also indicates the role that China's economy plays in the world," he said. Bank of China paid $600 million for the 28-story building in 2014, and will occupy more than half of it.
The bank's overseas profit (before tax) rose more than 5 percent, accounting for almost a quarter of total profit, according to the bank's 2015 annual results. The food and beverage, energy, and healthcare industries can provide China with services that its aging and growing population need, he added. For the pharmaceutical, healthcare sectors, there is a greater and greater need for their services," he said.
The opportunities to partner with China are staggering," said Bill Gross, founder and CEO of Idealab, at the US-China Cleantech Innovation Forum. It has also proposed separate standards for methane emissions from landfills and the oil and gas sector, and committed to finalize both standards this year.
Lawrence entered Chinese waters near the islands illegally on Tuesday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said, adding that the warship was monitored, tracked and warned.
Examples include US B-52 bombers flying near Huayang Reef in December and the destroyer USS Lassen entering within 22 kilometers of Zhubi Reef in October. Picasso's Buste d'homme Laure, expected to fetch $8 million to $12 million, suffered the same fate. In an online posting before his death, Wei said he was recommended the hospital while searching for the disease on Baidu, China's equivalent of Google. Instead, health bureaus of the Central Military Commission and the national Armed Police Force oversee military-affiliated medical institutes. Compare that with four for Spurs, two for the Gunners and one each for the Red Devils and City. They should be punished for surviving relegation last year this time and winning the league this season. A memorandum of understanding also was signed, from which more detailed negotiations are set to begin," a Fininvest statement said.
Whereas to buy AC Milan, which in global terms is arguably just as powerful as Manchester United, it is going to cost you considerably less," Chadwick said. Since it was reached, a communication mechanism was established that handles day-to-day issues.
He had learned of the treatment, which cost more than 200,000 yuan ($31,000), by searching online. But so far, Zhang said, the bureau has not made any ruling because, he said he was told, it was not clear whether the paid listing information in question was actually "online advertisements". Since September, he had spent more than 200,000 yuan ($31,000) on a type of immunotherapy at the Second Hospital of the Beijing Armed Police Corps, which he was recommended while searching for the disease on Baidu. Its commercial content should be no more than 30 percent on each Web page, the ruling said. It will also place clear disclaimers on advertisements so that online searchers can tell them from natural search results.
Medical-related paid promotions are a problem for Baidu, and if they are not completely cut out, this will rekindle concerns for the company's business, Tian added.
Anyone suspected of violating the law will be transferred to judicial authorities, according to the investigation result. When I opened my eyes again, I was already pinned under iron sheets and girders," Yang told China News Agency. They are blended, they get various shapes, but if you look and listen closely you can see the signs of all that great civilizations living in this picture.A  Turkish dance is one of the most lively and colorful themes of this picture. So the geographic isolation diversity of racial and ethnic influences and cultural traditions has produced rich folklore both in towns and in the rural area. Various other items used during dance such as snakes, swords, veils, and candles have magical, protective functions for primitive peoples that can still be found in the folk dances of these countries. This perhaps is arguably compounded when the band are on tour themselves within a few months and that same band is held with so much deep affection that it crushes the heart and causes shortness of breath. The evening, as scintillating as it was for the era in which Lindsay  Buckingham and Stevie Nicks brought to the band, and in which Rumours of Fleetwood Mac gave wonderful due diligence to in songs such as Isn’t It Midnight?, Big Love and the expansive brilliance of Tusk to the stage; they also bought back sharp memories of when British Blues was King in the Peter Green era in songs such as The Green Manalishi, Black Magic Woman, the beautifully serene Albatross and arguably one of the greatest songs ever recorded in Man of the World, all were delivered with perfection, elegance and powering precision. One woman hosts workshops teaching people to craft kites with air-pollution sensors linked to lights coded to indicate contamination levels, equipped with SD cards that record data. China will enhance maritime and air patrols as well as the construction of "various defense capacities" in the area according to its needs, it added. This creates management loopholes for some hospitals as military rules are not as transparent as government regulations. Perhaps their coach, once mocked as the "tinkerman", has tinkered the least with his team and played the least number of players in the starting lineups because he doesn't have a deep reserve.
They have used the long ball not because they are a physical side or less skillful, but to exploit the pace of their ace striker, who has earned the title of the Footballer of the Year.
Who gave them to the right to humble the behemoths of English football and their shining stars that cost the earth? They dance as a group, in couples or solo, As he offers you a seat, a tea, a warm and friendly welcome, NurdoAYan AzengA?ler turns his gaze from the walls of his studio to the dome of Hagia Sophia, to the Sea of Marmara.Light pours into the room, dances across the walls and reveals a large-framed picture of Hagia Sophia under the snow. Its unique rhetoric tells us the stories of central Asian shamans, ancient Anatolian heroes, Islamic traditions and westernization.A  It tells us the story of people in east-west tensions, humorous coexistence of Islamic tradition and modernity, and peoples from different ethnicities living together in harmony, in its homogenous, coherent and distinctive language. Whichever the real source of it, belly dance is taken in as a unique dance style, In every step, every movement you can see the hints of its originality and its rich heritage and traditional associations with both religious and erotic elements; because of this mystery, maybe, belly dance is loved by many people all around the world.
For Rumours of Fleetwood Mac though, they have that endorsement for a reason, they truly capture the soul, the very essence of what Fleetwood Mac represents. Li Guoqiang, deputy head of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences' Institute of Chinese Borderland Studies, said the unauthorized entry into Chinese territorial waters by the US military vessel "is against the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, and violates the rights littoral states enjoy under the convention". Perhaps that has been a blessing in disguise, for it helped the players to be more cohesive. AzengA?ler talks about a child walking hand in hand with his father to the YenikapA± Mevlevihanesi (dervish lodge), listening to the women's prayers at the nearby Merkez Efendi Camii (mosque) -- a curious, talkative child whose gaze has wrinkled over the years but whose eyes sparkle with the same intensity.
Oriental dance is uniquely designed for the female body, with an emphasis on abdominal muscles, hip moves, and chest moves. The snake is a complex symbol which represented both male and female principles, and also immortality in the form of the snake eating its tail.
AzengA?ler speaks about himself, his love for his country, his culture and his art gallery, Les Arts Turcs. The room is lined with shelves; the shelves are loaded with books, crafts, clothes, jewelry and CDs. Armenian music meets Gypsy music, Jewish music and folk music from the four corners of Turkey. What started as a private art gallery now offers an introduction to the whirling dervish ceremony and the Sufi community in Turkey as well as courses in painting, henna, paper-marbling and calligraphy (along with a permanent exhibition of paintings, statuettes and art at the Sultanahmet address).
Les Arts Turcs recently opened a second gallery and a travel agency near the TopkapA± Palace and prides itself on appearing in many travel guides. Art and history are everywhere," exclaims AzengA?ler, his gaze now overlooking the streets of Sultanahmet, which vibrate three stories below his gallery.
I advise those travelers to read a lot beforehand, to watch documentaries and movies from or about Turks. The first are travelers who heard about Les Arts Turcs and visit the gallery -- occasionally buying some objects on display -- and then return home. For example, the French magazine Elle was looking for female whirling dervishes and we helped them find some.
Turkey sees itself as European, he agrees, but Turks are increasingly protective of their own identity. CNN TA?rk, Sky TA?rk, Kola TA?rk, a€¦ I am obviously not the only one who strives to affirm the Turkish identity." Then why did he give his art gallery a French name? Our plan is to invite foreigners who have been writing about A°stanbul -- a movie, a book, a documentary a€¦ -- and ask them to write again about Turkey. 11, we have received many inquiries from Westerners, particularly Americans, about Sufism and [Muhammed Jelaluddin] Rumi. He may be thinking about his current research on the hippies, his partnership with painter AyAYe TA?remiAY or with American illustrator Trici Venola.

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