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They have a wide range of hearing aids models namely Siemens Life, Siemens Explorer, Siemens Artis 2, Siemens Intuis, Siemens Motion, Siemens Pure, Siemens Phoenix and Siemens Nitro. RIC (Receiver in canal) – delivers direct, powerful, and smooth sound right into your ear. Moisture resistant – Nanocoating provides durability to most forms of moisture and wear.
Remote Control Compatible – (Optional) Siemens ePen, ProPocket, or Tek remote controls. For this hearing aids brand, price is usually higher to pay for its long history of quality. Hearing Aids Quality is an important reason for Siemens Hearing Aids to be one of the top 4 brands in the world beside Starkey Hearing Aids, Phonak Hearing Aids and Beltone Hearing Aids. Registration of two and half times more audiological technology patents than next competitor over past five years. Siemens Hearing Instruments is proud to continue building upon its world class reputation as an audiology technology innovator. Siemens Hearing Instruments has a strong history of innovation, dating back over 130 years. Siemens Hearing Instruments’ research and development teams consist of experts across a wide range of disciplines beyond just audiology, acoustics and psycho acoustics.
Siemens Hearing Instruments is constantly working to improve existing technologies and develop new ones.
Aquaris is a durable solution, released after extensive design testing in Siemens research and development labs. Study conducted by UCLA Sleep Disorder Center concludes impact to brain function from sleep apnea.
Different models of hearing aids that will cater for different level of hearing needs and different lifestyle of the user.
Visit our NYC locations for free adjustments OR send us a copy of your bill, dated within 30 days of purchase, and they will refund you up to $100 per aid!
They often educate their users through seminars and events that is good to keep specialist and users updated about their products and available technologies which might help in their lifestyle. At the British Academy of Audiology Conference (BAA) in November, Siemens will showcase a range of innovative audiology workflow solutions, the IMPACT Pro family and Life hearing instrument and noise generator. As far back as 1878 it developed the first technical solution for hearing loss, and has since built upon this pioneering entrance into the audiology solutions market by bringing the world other ground breaking technologies.

It also employs biologists, mathematicians, physicists and software specialists plus biomedical, audio and precision engineers.
Major areas of current research and development include the continued improvement of sound characteristics and speech intelligibility, which makes it easier for individuals to hear and interact with those speaking around them. We recognised that flexible hearing solutions were required and developed an instrument that provides clear sound, but that was adaptable to a variety of situations. Its all-in-one housing proved resistant to eight hours of exposure to dust, 10 minutes under high pressure water jets and 30 minutes submerged in water 1 meter deep. Siemens Hearing Aids is known as Siemens Hearing Instruments, they are under the division of Siemens Healthcare which specialise in a large range of healthcare products.
If you have the budget, go for better hearing aids like Siemens Hearing Aids which has high technology and quality that can last you for a long time.
SoundLearning is an intelligent capabilities that learns from the users’ usage patterns in different sound environment and automatically adjust itself.
Recently announced figures illustrate the registration of 156 per cent more audiology patents than its next competitor over the past five years1, demonstrating its unrivalled experience of designing ground breaking audiological solutions. These include the first Behind-The-Ear hearing instrument in 1959 and the first In-The-Ear hearing instrument just seven years later. These roles all contribute to Siemens technological advances meaning every single device is finely honed and of top quality. Another area of constant development is advancing miniaturisation - making hearing devices as small and discreet as possible for ultimate user comfort.
This dedication to rigorous product testing proves Siemens’ commitment to supplying quality products designed to the highest specifications. My hearing loss is diagnosed as moderate to severe with most loss occurring to higher pitch sound. Having a long history, Siemens Hearing Aids continues to invest in hearing aids technologies to be one of the leaders in this field and this is still going on today. This contribution to the evolution of the audiology marketplace positions it as a leader dedicated to on-going research and development within the field. Siemens has consistently led the audiology industry and was also the first to offer directional microphones, wireless connectivity with audio devices, three microphone systems and fully waterproof digital hearing instruments. Making devices compatible and connectable with communications and audio technology via wireless streaming are other examples of key areas of development.
I have two aids supplied by the NHS which are Siemens Impact Pro M using hard acrylic ear moulds.

SpeechFocus can detect the speech source direction and display this sound information to the user with good quality sound. The aids have up to five settings selected by a small button on the aids and they are linked electronically which means that adjusting one automatically adjusts the other to the matching setting. This works very well but as the button is very small this may be difficult for someone with limited dexterity. My aids are set for “normal use”, “T-Loop”, “noisy environment” and “TV” with one setting left spare.The service from my local NHS clinic has been excellent with quite short waiting times between appointments and no waiting whatsoever when attending the clinic. Although I have not yet had my first formal review I was able to arrange an appointment with the audiologist without any delay as I needed some adjustment to the settings.After using the aids for some six weeks I find them easy to use although adjusting the volume does require a light touch. This would be difficult for anyone with limited dexterity in their fingers although I believe the aids do have an automatic setting which can be set up by the audiologist. The aids work very well for listening to radio or TV which mean that others in the family can now have the TV volume set at a “normal” level. However, they are much less satisfactory when being used in conversation, particularly over a meal. Other people’s speech is amplified fine but I have a real problem with occlusion (hearing my own voice and eating sounds) and am having difficulty adjusting my own voice to the correct level for the circumstances. Although I am wearing them for 16 hours a day in the hope that I will get used to them I suspect that I may end up using them for TV, theatre and meetings but not for everyday conversations with other people. Although the actual aids are quite small the ear tubes and ear moulds are fairly evident to others but I think this is inevitable once the hearing loss is more than moderate. The improvement has been dramatic and I now find that I can wear the aids all day and in a full array of sound environments. The occlusion has been completely eliminated although there has been an increase in the frequency of “feedback squeal” happening. This seems to be caused by sudden noises which cause the hearing aid to self adjust; the speed of self adjustment is quick but not quick enough to stop a brief squeal. I have found the service offered by my local NHS to be very good indeed with the audiologists very keen to overcome my problems.

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