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On the ground, we propped Ethan up in the aisle. The flight attendants opened the doors and passengers fled like rats out of a sewer, the quarantine team a no-show. The Park Hyatt concierge called a doctor, and was appropriately concerned but did not blink at the news of a fever. At a hospital in downtown Tokyo, a guard who spoke no English urged us into a glass airlock, the doors sucking shut behind us. Ethan, holding his iPod and a book that had a picture of a dragon on it, stepped forward and picked up a lone white phone that beckoned. As we exited the facility, the van that had been showing us the cultural sites of Tokyo pulled up, but this time both our driver and guide were wearing masks. The concierge bowed to us and told us not to be offended that the officials were wearing masks. In the pristine conference on the 45th floor, five officials stood behind the long table and bowed from the waist.
They were apparently moved by this, because after two hours of negotiations, the rules changed. We checked out after getting our photo for our next holiday card, a tradition, this time taken by a Ninja-concierge: The four of us standing in front of the Park Hyatt wearing surgical masks. Sinus pain and congestion often follows an upper respiratory tract infection or allergic reaction that has lingered for more than seven days. Should any of the irritants be present, look to reduce exposure or remove the cause of the allergens. If congestion does not ease following home treatment within seven to 10 days, make an appointment with your doctor for other treatment options like nasal specific, Argyrol applications or prescription drugs. If essential oils for the steam inhalation are not available, it can still be done without them. We cruised toward customs and stopped at the bottle-neck: it was the quarantine center, with flashing red lights. I felt relieved to be in The Lost in Translation hotel, serene and refined, the check-in on the 41th floor a forest of bamboo, where you select an apple off the exquisite buffet and they bring it back skinned and sliced, fitted together like origami. A minute later the doctor showed me a second line on a device that looked like a pregnancy test.
We’d picked this trip because it was supposed to be easy—no scorpions or terrorists or recent hurricanes.
To his credit, he was calm— a skinny boy with jeans falling off his body, mop-headed, and a Got Oxygen?
At home I’d have my hand on her forehead then a thermometer in her mouth, but at this point I wasn’t about to take her temperature. Beyond a thick wall of glass, four people in biohazard suits stared at us as if we carried anthrax.

John, Carmine and I were wanted in the upstairs conference room: Our 11-year-old at a conference? Three of them were doctors—one a polished woman in a fashionable suit—and two nurses behind boxes of what looked like more tests. Very poised, she spoke in Japanese for fifteen minutes, all the others nodding and smiling. Even hearing this in English they seemed sympathetic, particularly the doctor at the far end of the table.
Their very final offer: The woman doctor would come by our room that afternoon to administer another Swine test. Was this so they could be thrown in the incinerator, or was the health department reusing supplies as Ethan had feared? Underneath we were actually smiling, even joyful to be free and leaving Tokyo to see  more of Japan, which we thought still might be worth seeing. The concierge waved until we were out of sight—“a custom”—then Eva and our driver took off their masks. Congestion includes a feeling of facial pain and pressure, frontal headaches, nasal congestion with discharge and occasional difficulty with smelling scents. Water is especially helpful when your body needs to remove toxins and irritants from the system. Kids at his middle school in Saratoga, California five miles from San Jose had been sick, but nothing serious. Our guide Eva, always smiling—who was waiting for us downstairs to take us to see the Meiji Shrine—might help.
He stopped three feet from us (precisely three-feet, I noted, a distance deemed medically safe for avoiding infectious diseases) and we stared at each other—a take-me-to-your-leader moment.?    The doctor put us in a tiny windowless room that was twice the size of a phone booth.
He opened a small glass airlock, set in the sample and shut the door, then the doctors on the other side opened their door and received it.
I was coiled up, ready to get out of there—days of room service in close quarters and sleepless nights worried about Ethan and getting up hourly to check him and raid the mini-bar in a pinch. Their bureaucracy had rules, but they felt for us, and we needed to help them comply with their red tape. They gave us the hospital bill for the biohazard ward, which we paid, though it seemed unlikely that we would have to pay for our confinement. Fever higher than 102 degrees F, heavy green or yellow discharge and severe facial pain will need to seek the attention of a doctor immediately.
But we walked through the thermal scanners, turned in the forms with the reported fever, and no one stopped us. We’d avoided crowded places—I’d stayed in the hotel with him while my husband and daughter went to the fish market.

Things were getting a little scary and I tried calling the Hyatt on the cell but it seemed they’d scrambled the phones. I couldn’t stand the thought of the doctor from the hospital telling us our sentence. When I saw Carmine’s loopy, just-finished-6th-grade cursive signature at the bottom of the document, I couldn’t believe it had come to this.
Flu here was not like flu at home, clearly, and whatever the sinister implication we needed to take it seriously. Top-knotted like samurai warriors, the sumos are revered in Japan, and gossiped about like Bay Watch pin-ups. Maybe they’d ultimately let us go because quarantining us at the Park Hyatt for 10 days would spike the national debt.
Vermillion obtained her Bachelor of Arts in molecular biology from the University of Denver in 2001 and her Chiropractic Physician's Degree from University of Western States in 2006.
Placing a towel over your head, lean over the pan, around 5 to 6 inches away from the water and slowly inhale through your nose. The house-call doctor had never reported anyone before and the area had seen no cases of the Swine Flu. Sweep away from center and down over the eyebrows, onto the temples and down in front of the ears.
Stand over the sink or tub and use cupped hands or a wide shallow bowl to help you inhale water into one nasal passage at a time. Accommodating boorish tourists who chewed their chopsticks was one thing, but Flu was dead serious. They hadn’t even worn masks during the conference, the human reaction so different than the bureaucracy’s. I threw all the food I could find in a duffel, including packages of crackers from the plane.
For the pressure between the eyes, begin at the bridge of the nose and sweep under the eyes along the bone, out to the ears and then down the jaw bone.
Because what if they tested us and each of us came down with flu—one after the other?  In a research hospital we’d fall like dominos. I flashed forward to one month from now, after losing fifteen pounds, nothing but fish tea and bonsai fruit encased in gelatin. At home we knew the street corners where we might get away with California stops, and while graffiti might pass as art in San Francisco, in certain countries it could get you caned.

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