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Sphenoid sinusitis, also known as sphenoiditis, refers to sinus infections which occur in a specific part of the sinus called the sphenoid area.
Sphenoid sinusitis can be dangerous because the disease can worsen quickly and problems arising from the disease can spread to affect the nervous system and optic structures, hence it is dangerous and should be given medical attention at straight away. Also, note that sphenoid sinusitis is an uncommon sinus condition, which only accounts for around 3% of all sinusitis cases. There are many sphenoid sinusitis symptoms and the signs are not similar to other types of sinusitis. One key symptom of sphenoid sinusitis is a very severe and persistent headache which is dull and indistinct. The pain of sphenoid infection often disrupts sleep and can be so severe that even very strong painkillers like morphine are ineffective. Sinus pressure pain would surely be one symptom too, though this may be inconclusive as it is not specific to sphenoid sinusitis. Also, note that classic sinusitis symptoms such as runny nose are usually not present; but this is inconclusive because as mentioned, sinusitis can be both classic case coupled with sphenoid case, though this may be even more rare. If within reasonable time, the above medical treatments do not work in treating sphenoid sinusitis, then surgery may be warranted, though surgery should always be considered only if the medical treatments do not work. The objective of sphenoid sinusitis surgeries is to drain off excessive mucus in the sinus and the way this is done is by creating a small hole, involving passing a small tube with a camera through the nose. If you experience the above described sphenoid sinusitis symptoms and have a gut feeling that your sinusitis case is serious, take no chance because sphenoid sinusitis is rapidly progressive, can lead to serious complications and is thus dangerous. Dental Implants are the most effective way to restore the look and feel of your natural teeth. Causes, treatment, home remedies swollen eyelids, When either the lower or upper eyelid (or both) becomes enlarged it is referred to as eyelid swelling. The infection and inflammation of the eye lids and the portions around the eye are commonly known as preseptal cellulitis or Periorbital cellulitis.

Non-contrast CT demonstrates dense, distended bilateral superior ophthalmic veins.  While there is some periorbital swelling, much more prominent swelling is seen within the left masticator space. Findings are chiefly those of cavernous sinus thrombosis secondary to ascending deep facial infection. S. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinus; and as its name suggests, that is an infection of the specific area called the sphenoid. Sinusitis may involve several sinuses too, which may or may not include the sphenoid sinus, hence it may not be easy to diagnose it. Patients would usually be unable to pin point where the headache lies at; some people feel it in the eyes, in the back of the head, at the top of the head, etc. This is because the optic nerve runs close to the sphenoid sinus and the inflammation may affect it too. However, due to the thick mucus that is produced, the sinus pressure have been noted to feel worse than typical sinusitis cases, quite possibly coupled with the unbearable headache typical of sphenoid sinusitis.
This surgery usually performed under general anaesthetic and doesn’t require the patient to stay overnight.
So seek medical attention as soon as you can before it worsens, which is what you really want to avoid. Click the link below to watch a video showing the difference between dental implants and standard bridges.
Leon Chen's new innovative techniques in dental implants allow people to receive implant therapy with less pain and shorter recovery times than ever before. Due to its capability to quickly progress, and result in further complications, it is often considered the most dangerous form of sinusitis and should be treated immediately. This is also why sphenoid sinusitis needs to be treated immediately, as serious complications can occur quickly. Decongestants would be administered for relieving the sinus pressure faced by the patient, and given the unbearable nature of headache caused, painkillers would be prescribed too.

Cha developed 3 patented instruments and two surgical techniques called Hydraulic Sinus Condensing and Vertical Cosmetic Gum Translation to accommodate this challenging patient request. Cha perform the 5 in 1 technique on patients, they also certify other doctors on this technique as well, which has forever changed the way in which dental implant procedures are performed.  See below for examples of Dr.
Cha, he had given up all hope and had accepted that this would be the best treatment he could find.  Seeking the professional opinion of Dr.
He has been awarded several international awards, most recently the "Model of Taiwan and Oversees Entrepreneurs" award. Cha were able to perform the minimally invasive  5 in 1 technique, allowing the patient to leave with all extractions and implant placed, with minimal pain, minimal bleeding, and minimal swelling.
For immediate relief, alternative treatments such as inhaling steam would also be recommended.
Using this technique, dental implants only take one 30-minute visit to perform all neccessary procedures, allowing the patient to go home with fixed temporary teeth.  One office visit, and one visit approximately 3 to 6 months following the initial surgery, and the implant procedure is complete. Cha would be his final attempt before settling for dentures.  At his initial appointment, Dr. Cha’s 5 in 1 technique has been proven with a 99% success rate for the past 12 years. Cha placed an implant bridge on the same day and the patient left with a fixed temporary bridge.

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