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This cursing or obscene gesturing is actually only found in a very small portion of the population with Tourette’s, only 5%-15% of people diagnosed, according to the Counseling Directory. Unfortunately, the media has jumped on this very small part of Tourette’s and run with it, making it the most defining characteristic (falsely) of the disorder. This means that each case of Tourette’s (and all other neurological disorders) is different.
Believe me, most people with Tourette’s would tell you they really, really, REALLY wish they could stop ticcing. Thank you for this article, I particularly like the coughing fit analogy, and I may use that when I try to explain to others what it’s like to have this disorder. Unfortunately, the media always tends to gravitate towards the most provocative aspects of any condition, ignoring the majority of cases and focusing on the most dramatic.
Interestingly enough, many people with ADHD report that their attention improves and their hyperactivity goes down while playing video games. Get free information on neurological disorders, education, and encouragement by signing up for my weekly newsletter! Share book reviews and ratings with Tourette Syndrome Awareness Reads, and even join a book club on Goodreads.
I have three major tics that play hopscotch with other tics that pop up when I’m extra anxious. Others may not be able to see my tics, but believe me, I’m generally well aware that my body ticcing, and so are most others with the disorder. Yes, I know everyone has a story about someone they met with Tourette’s who did this or that. My tics and how I handle them will differ from all other people with Tourette’s because my brain is unique. If a girl with a blinking tic could stop blinking, it would mean she’d be able to read a page of her homework without being interrupted every sentence.
I got a sinus infection a few weeks ago, and I’m still trying to get rid of the cough that came with it. The kind that comes when you’re trying to sleep but your coughing is keeping you awake? You can feel them coming, and you can delay them a little while, but eventually, they will come, and they often return with a vengeance. The media hasn’t been helpful in perpetuating a truthful version of what this disorder really is. For me, I think the media needs to take more responsibility in this, and until it does, articles like this are really helpful to counter the myths that form as a consequence of irresponsible reportage. I’d love to see more movies and books published about disorders, ones that really open up and show the way these disorders touch lives (and maybe even include the damage stereotypes can do).
I particularly like the coughing fit analogy, I like to think of my toyrettes in exactly the same way. Believe it or not, that analogy came to me while I was lying sick in bed, coughing my head off. I’m a male so no surprise I have TS, as what I call it given my mother had a mild tic disorder and TS is more common in males. I find it extremely easy to focus in, and in middle school I had an advanced art class that I really enjoy.
What they don’t realize, however, is that those who truly have Coprolalia really do suffer. While I was trying to think of a good way to describe how it feels to tic, it hit me in the form of a coughing attack.

The point of this post and others like it, however, has been to clear up those misconceptions. Also, don’t forget to suscribe to my weekly newsletters for extra resources on neurological disorders, education, and encouragement (and a thank you gift for signing up!). Just for your information, I was diagnosed with tourettes at 21 after a rapid onset of tics at 21 so I was over 18 and still diagnosed with tourettes by two different neurologists. In school I had a program that let me take a break from class and take state tests in less populated rooms. Perhaps we can use something like that in the future to adjust our education styles to what our kids need! And I agree, maybe someone will do some research as to why electronics help in general, but I find it very easy to focus so that is probably why. Common tics are blinking, coughing, throat clearing, arm flapping, and barking, just to name a few. But as much as I practice, they’re always there, waiting in the wings for me to drop my guard.
The more people who understand what really goes on in the minds and bodies of individuals with Tourette’s, the more freedom those individuals will feel as they strive to live their lives to the fullest in everyday life. What prompted me to post this was when I was recently discussing the topic of drinking coffee at the workplace. High School isnt easy when you feel like an outcast and i get so sick of all the questions. I was adamant that I wasn’t going to let anyone at my school know, but in college, it reached an all-time high.
I was diagnosed with Sever Tourette’s when I was about 11, though I had already had tics since I was 8. He says that for whatever reason, he can take pictures, even though that seems like it would be extremely difficult with all of the ticcing. Just like blinking can be a tic, cursing or doing obscene gestures can also be tics (with can being the key word). As much as you might try, however, you will eventually have to cough, and your coughing fit will be worse in the end because you’ve worked so hard to hold it in. I should probably clarify that in order to qualify for Tourettes, the symptoms have to set in before adulthood. Nothing really calms me, while listening to music (it is very exciting and fast music, as that is what Punk Rock mainly sounds like – ironically this is also not very common in my area). I’ve personally found that doodling during church helps me to focus and not to tic so much. If you don’t want to tell them yourself, maybe consider asking your school counselor to help advocate for you.
I wonder how much of it has to do with the fact that art and crafts help people destress, which also lowers tics. And as a licensed teacher, I can tell you that legally, your counselors and teachers are supposed to help you keep secrets like that quiet while working to meet your needs. Feel free to email me sometime if you need someone to talk to, or want help with understanding the system and who you should talk to.

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