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We just celebrated my manager’s birthday last week, and because she is such a doll, we decided to treat her to some birthday decorations and got her a Red Velvet birthday cake. So some things have happened in the last couple of weeks with my dating life, but I’ll wait and share them on Saturday on Single Saturdays. As I mentioned, I’ll be sharing an update on my dating life on Single Saturdays, so look out for that this Saturday. By Natasha 10 Comments Filed Under: Epic Headlines, Everyday Life About NatashaHi, I'm Natasha! Glad to hear that your nephew has not only been good company for you and Micah, but a great helper as well! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
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The message was clear - put Josh on a respirator and he would likely die on a respirator all too soon.
It was a beautiful 70 degrees outside, and we were still attempting to recover from the sinus infection bug, so it was a good day to just stay indoors and relax.

I have made 2 really good new friends, and they have definitely made the experience that much better. So I’m starting to do some research and taking time to read the blogging books out there. After enjoying their weekends with their families, it is tough to start the routine of the week again.
I don’t know if you know about The SITS Girls but you might want to try there for help rejuvenating Epic Mommy Adventures!! I have been following SITS Girls since I started blogging, and they always help me to stay motivated and keep going. He had a sinus infection the week before and instead of blowing his nose, he was sucking it back in.
Since we all have different jobs but work in the same department, we always have something to talk about.
Plus, I need to get closer to developing my business plan and I need some ideas to make progress.
Most importantly, I'm a single mom to my adorable son, who drives me nuts in one moment and melts my heart in the next.

I still haven’t decided what I want to do, but the education has been really helpful in understanding certain elements of the blogging life. I enjoy sharing our epic stories, giving advice to other single moms, and sharing my co-parenting woes.
I slowly started recovering on Saturday, and made it to Urgent Care to find out what I was ailing from — a sinus infection.
I think about all that’s happened the week before, the weekend, and what I hope to achieve in the new week. Although we are so close to each other, life always gets in the way and its hard to connect the way we should.
Whereas you may receive a summary on other blogs on Fridays, you’ll get it here on Mondays!

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