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The Tennis Backhand – Slice and Topspin Finish!Sure many may argue that the backhand finish is totally irrelevant since the ball stays on the strings such a short amount of time (milliseconds) that the ball has long left the string bed of the racket when the stroke comes to an end. How to Hit a Great Low Tennis Backhand Slice!This is a Free online video tennis instruction on how to hit a one-handed slice backhand drive. How to Hit Your Dream Tennis Backhand Slice?The tennis backhand slice is a real weapon that many in today world of power tennis did not care to learn or their teachers failed to teach them. Tim Henman – Tennis Backhand SliceVery few will hit a tennis backhand slice like Tim Henman did. The Tennis Backhand SliceWhile the backhand slice is not nearly as widely used as in the past, it can still be a very effective shot, even in today's game. Tennis Classic Backhand SliceTennis instruction: This is an example of the classic tennis backhand slice from start to finish. The cross-stitch footwork step allows a perfectly balanced and controlled tennis backhand slice attack. The tennis backhand slice is one of the most commonly used tennis strokes in modern tennis. The backhand slice can be used as transition tactic when a player wants to play in the net. The tennis backhand slice was very popular in classical tennis when the wooden racket was still available. Most players also use the backhand slice in a baseline rally when a player wants to distract his or her opponent’s rhythm.
The most common footwork to execute in the tennis backhand slice is a series of small steps to perfectly position your body to where the ball is going to land. The slice backhand should create adequate backspin making it difficult for the opponent to return.
The use of the tennis backhand slice with one hand is also a technique used in an approach shot.
The forehand slice backswing also plays a vital role in executing the perfect and effective slice forehand shot. A knifing action means you have to hit the ball as if you are slicing something with a knife; this is why it is called the backhand slice technique.
Once the swing is complete, it is important to immediately return to the recovery position to prepare for the next ball. The high backhand slice is slightly different from the low backhand slice in such a way that the former needs a shorter backswing and the downward hit should be angled. In the high backhand slice the player should use a sharp knifing action from high to low before the ball bounces.
Generally, a backhand slice is not an offensive shot due to the fact that when you use this technique, you cannot hit the ball hard.
If your opponent‘s return is a high ball, the dropping of the racket head will usually be less pronounced than if the ball is low.

Right after ball contact, after the ball just left the racket face, you have to maintain the slight bend in the knees. In a two handed backhand in tennis, the more you loosen your arms as you swing the racket, the more potential you have to create a fluid and efficient swing.
Then you've got to check out our FREE in-depth slow motion analysis video of how Federer and other pros prepare for their forehands. Although it's possible to hit a slice from two-hands players should be encouraged to play this shot with one hand as it is far easier and more versatile. Note the harder the ball is hit with downward momentum the more the racquet head will need to be pointed up to ensure the ball clears the net. Tennis player Mariya Koryttseva of Ukraine plays a shot against Vania King of USA during a second round match in Sunfeast Open 2007, a Tier III WTA-accredited Tennis tournament, in Kolkata, 20 September 2007. He embodied a dying breed of the last true attackers, with identical tactical and execution motives that prevailed in the 50’s trough to our present day.
The backhand slice technique is used in several instances in tennis matches as it is among the best shots to win tennis matches. Players such as Bjorn Borg and Rod Laver used the backhand slice to their advantage on the grass courts. However, players do vary their grip in executing backhand slice depending on how comfortable they are. This should be followed by a large final forward step using your right or front foot (right handed players) when you are about to hit the ball.
In a tennis backhand slice, the player has to align the feet in such a way that if you draw a line in between your front foot and you back foot, the line should be parallel to the sideline. The slice backhand can also be used to defy your opponent by curving the ball away from him or her. This action rasps the face of the racket (racket strings) in the lower part of the ball producing the backspin. Your racket should be in open position to touch the ball with an upward movement since you are hitting the ball from a high to low manner.
One thing to remember during contact, do not hit the ball too early because the ball tends to move straight up making it an easy shot for your opponent. Seconds after you hit the ball, your racket should naturally moves to the right side of your body which means that you produce enough sidespin. In a low backhand slice, the player needs to bend his knees while keeping a low center of gravity.
The tennis backhand slice is an ideal stroke to use when a player wants to execute a drop shot or he wants to hit the ball to the feet of the opponent who is in attacking position.
This is because the main part of the body that is used here is only the upper body and it does not involve rotation or hip movement, hence no power can be produced.
If you drop the ball too low in this situation, hitting the ball long is possible, resulting to your miss and a point to your opponent.

Then, at the farthest forward point of your racket head, the distance between this point and the farthest backswing point should be 7 feet. Check out our Tennis Ebooks and be on the way to improving all of your tennis strokes without the trial and error.
Use lots of small steps to prepare and position yourself for the shot - feet should run parallel with the tram lines. In modern tennis, this stroke is still very effective as long as it is executed perfectly and hit away from the opponent’s comfortable hitting zone. It can also be used to return the ball in a baseline rally or when you are in a defensive position. The weight of your body should be transferred from your back foot to the front foot creating forward momentum.
The backhand slice should be executed with a knifing action with your racket from a high to low direction. Your left hand also plays an important role as a balance and to assist the hitting arm position the racket.
However, avoid hitting the ball too late also or else a very flat ball will be produced which might result to a long ball. The racket movement from a high to low direction is a counterbalance which leads to a finish characterized with the racket ending up high close to your right shoulder.
Although it is generally a defensive shot, but it can be used as an offensive stroke if executed perfectly and placed accurately.
The racket should have risen 3 feet from the lowest point of the swing (when the racket has to drop before the contact). Bring the racquet up in preparation for the shot, with your second hand gently holding the throat of the racquet (this hand will release before the shot is played). The tennis backhand slice will slow the tennis ball down and allow the player to return to the recovery position. This means that your hand holding the racket is positioned a bit behind and above you head.
See to it that the long axis of your racket is almost horizontal to the ground and that the racket tip points more or less to the back fence. Then if you want to execute the square stance, step your left foot forward (for right-handed player) and be ready for the forward racket swing execution.

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