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The Tennis Backhand – Slice and Topspin Finish!Sure many may argue that the backhand finish is totally irrelevant since the ball stays on the strings such a short amount of time (milliseconds) that the ball has long left the string bed of the racket when the stroke comes to an end. How to Hit a Great Low Tennis Backhand Slice!This is a Free online video tennis instruction on how to hit a one-handed slice backhand drive.
How to Hit Your Dream Tennis Backhand Slice?The tennis backhand slice is a real weapon that many in today world of power tennis did not care to learn or their teachers failed to teach them.
Tim Henman – Tennis Backhand SliceVery few will hit a tennis backhand slice like Tim Henman did. The Tennis Backhand SliceWhile the backhand slice is not nearly as widely used as in the past, it can still be a very effective shot, even in today's game. Tennis Classic Backhand SliceTennis instruction: This is an example of the classic tennis backhand slice from start to finish. The cross-stitch footwork step allows a perfectly balanced and controlled tennis backhand slice attack.
Before we talk about the various passages, form a technical point of view, in order to correctly perform a slice backhand, we must say that the grip to use is the continental one.

Moreoever, I think the angle of the racquet during the slice backhand (or during any stroke for that matter) should be adjusted depending on the trajectory of the incoming ball, the height of the incoming ball, the spin on the incoming ball, and the desired trajectory of the ball. Berdych preps and then stands extra-tall with extremely vertical posture and leans inwards -- into the shot.
It might not be for everybody, but the tall posture and leaning into the shot enabled me to get my racquet face vertical and get the slice trajectory flat.
What's important is the angle of the racquet during the actual stroke, beginning with the point of inflection that defines the transition from takeback to forward swing. Yes I've made it clear that the angle of racquet at the start of the forward swing is important. Sorry, I misread your posts, but probably that is important to activate SSC, but I’m not sure. He embodied a dying breed of the last true attackers, with identical tactical and execution motives that prevailed in the 50’s trough to our present day. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

This helps when you are short on time like on a return and you really have to punch through it to get it to penetrate. For all I care, someone could spin their racquet wildly during takeback, so long as they get into the correct hitting position. If at start of the forward swing the racquet is vertical then Federer cannot use supination which provides forward component of the RHS. I'm saying that the angle of the racquet during the takeback is not what we should be focusing on.

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