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In Speed Slice, he is the lowest Computer with 13 skill points, one more than in Swordplay. In Wii Sports, Matt acts as your trainer in Boxing for all the training as well as the champion in Boxing and a competitor in Tennis and Baseball.
In Tennis he has a very low skill level, as he appears in the very first match when the players starts, his partner is often Miyu if you lose the first match in Tennis Matt's partner will be Miyu again or Abby. Matt is the only CPU to be the champion of more than one sport, and the only one to be a champion in both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. He has the top ranking for Clover Hunt, having completed all 30 stages with 5 seconds left. With this week's MotionPlus announcement from Nintendo out of the way, SEGA is finally able to own up to supporting the enhanced motion-control add-on with Virtua Tennis 2009.
It takes a little getting used to, especially immediately after using the regular Wii controls which, like Wii Sports Tennis, use timing accuracy within a fairly generous range to determine the positional accuracy of your shot. Holding yourself ready for a forehand or backhand swing becomes much more important, since now the on-court player's movement is working around your shots, rather than the other way around. I found I was naturally sending balls down the right of the court, which became a particular problem when serving to the deuce court; double faults galore.

As with the unassisted Wii controls, you can play MotionPlus Virtua Tennis 2009 with or without the nunchuk. Lobs and slams or drop shots are easily executed with, again, slightly exaggerated scooping and slamming motions. Virtua Tennis 2009 handles very well without MotionPlus too, thanks to its willingness to wear its mechanics on its sleeve.
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He is very good at Baseball, and has a team consisting of himself, Steph, Tatsuaki, Andy, Tyrone, Yoko, Ai, Alex, and Daisuke. It is also able to step out on to the court and face its "competitor", EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis. Now, timing is just that - timing - meaning the window for nailing each ball is a little narrower.
You can add topspin or slice by rotating your wrist through the shot, but before you get that far, you'll just want to get the hang of aiming the shots properly by concentrating on the direction your arm follows through. In the end I learned that really quite definite, to the point of exaggerated, swings to left or right would send the ball where I wanted it.

You need to point at your player to re-calibrate the controller between points, but aside from that, it's entirely transparent. As soon as you've made the subtle shift in perspective - as soon as you've understood that the machine is no longer reading sign-language in your gestures, it's actually following your movements from one microsecond to the next - it clicks. Without, there's a degree of automation, but you can still use the d-pad for more general movement commands, such as rushing the net. It would be going too far to say that the veil between player and machine has been lifted - with the player's automated movement, you still feel like you're issuing commands rather than playing the shots yourself - but it's definitely a huge step forward.
Dissatisfied with their efforts on SEGA Superstars Tennis, SEGA and developer Sumo reverse-engineered Nintendo's shot-accuracy system from Wii Sports Tennis - and then put it on the screen. He is also the Pro Class champion in Swordplay. If you defeat Matt in Duel mode you unlock the purple sword. Sadly, I can't compare it to personal experience of EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis, but going by Martin's impressions, this will be a close contest.

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