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The volley, next to the forehand and backhand groundstrokes, will probably be the next shot that you will be hitting the most in tennis. Much like the lob, the drop shot is also a shot that is ignored in typical tennis handbooks. New couple Petra Kvitova and Radek Stepanek did a Q&A with Czech magazine DNES before heading off to Florida for pre-season training. Gilles Simon and John Isner delighted young kids today in Nice by attending a Kids Clinic on the Promenade des Anglais. Roger Federer and Jo-Wilfred Tsonga arrived in Bogota, Colombia last night and have been very busy since they landed. But as for the clinic, this was the time to meet-and-greet with local chicos, teach some tennis and, in Jo’s case, dance!
Check out the artist’s web site for more tennis ball pictures (plus photos of her other art installations, including one with scissors). One can talk for days about "correct" tennis form, and it's pointless to try and spoonfeed all of that to a beginning tennis player.
If you're left-handed, please transpose the information to suit your own needs.)In tennis, every shot has its own special grip. Remember that in this diagram, the racket is vertical with the stringbeds pointing left and right. Typically, the forehand slice is used when you're running to reach a good shot from your opponent. A volley is a shot that you hit when you're up close at the net, and there is no time to hit the ball after its bounce. That is because according to perfect tennis situations, there would be no such thing as a successful lob.
The drop shot is much like a slice forehand or slice backhand, except it is intentionally made so that the ball just makes it over the net. Dumped a former young promising player for Petra, now claims he only watches women’s tennis when Petra plays. Federer first┬átraded jerseys with Colombian goalkeeper Farid Mondragon and then he picked up some local souvenirs.
Instead, this section will simply explain the fundamental feeling you should get after executing a specific shot correctly.
What I mean by that is that there is a specific way you must hold the tennis racket for every different type of shot. For right-handers, your "V" should be on the "2" of the tennis racket, as shown in the diagram above. A forehand slice can also be used to return a very powerful serve, but usually you'll want to stay away from the forehand slice. Arguably, the serve and serve return are the most important yet least practiced shots of tennis. Everyone would hit perfectly angled and powered overhead smashes if any lob decided to be played.
Then the two met up for a tennis clinic at El Campin Coliseum, where later up to 14,000 spectators will watch them in an exhibition match. Soler used 2,000 tennis balls, suspended throughout the Mustang Art Gallery in Alicante, Spain, as part of an installation she calls Causa-Efecto (Cause and Effect).
It is very important, especially for a beginning player, that you research all that you can about tennis technique on the Internet and in books at the library or bookstores.

Therefore, I will explain how I will present the information to you by showing you the different grip names for the shots in tennis.See this picture of an old tennis racket above? This grip is the best grip to hold while hitting a forehand, and there are several reasons for that.
The backhand slice, however, may be used to create variety in your shots and make your shot array a little more interesting. Many people don't get the overhead smash right, and the answer for that is simple: not enough practice. Conversely, if you practice your serve and serve return, and eventually develop an intimidating serve, you could be well on your way to an advanced level of tennis. For this shot, all I can recommend is to use lots of underspin and pretend the shot was a sort of volley.
The tennis balls are frozen in the air, giving the illusion that they were bouncing off walls, floors and ceilings all around the gallery. The main reason would have to be that you'd be able to produce much power, as well as spin, on the ball. So, once you have learned the basic idea of the overhead smash, you must be able to practice it many times. The lob, on both the forehand and backhand side, is a very important offensive and defensive shot. From there, the only way you can get better at this shot is to continue practicing it against a wall or with a partner. There is a Borders with some good books at DelMonte Shopping Center or next to Ross: Dress for Less at Sand City. In other words, you will hit the forehand volley with one side and the backhand volley with the other. You may do this in many ways; some ways are having a partner lob balls over your head, or you can hit balls over your own head and retrieve them yourself. You hit topspin shots by swinging from low near your knees to high up around your shoulders. Your "V" should be placed between the "1" and "8" position on the racket diagram from above. A lob is typically used when your opponent is up at net, and you prefer not to perform a passing shot.
In this picture, the racket strings are facing up and down, basically longer left and right.
This shot is worth knowing at both intermediate and advanced levels of tennis.In order to slice the ball effectively, your swing path should be the opposite of a topspin backhand drive.
Remember that this is the proper grip for hitting the forehand on the "7" side and the backhand on the "3" side. Instead, you lob the ball over the opponent's head, hopefully making him or her run down and retrieve the ball. Knowing that the racket has four corners is important to realize.The next important aspect of tennis grips you should know is your hand. Remember to plant your feet and explode on the shot by rotating your shoulders as well as just swinging your arms for power.This is Lleyton Hewitt, one of tennis' greats who is known for his consistency on the tennis court. This is a time to quickly gather our thoughts and get ready for the serve-and-volley or serve-and-rally combination.)Looking up at the opponent (After bouncing the ball several times and catching your breath from the previous point, you should look up to see the position of your opponent. Topspin lobs are usually used for offensive lobs because the ball kicks high after the bounce, making it difficult for the opponent to return the ball.

When you're at an advanced level of tennis, you'll want to know this information as it is crucial for your own serve's placement. A slice lob with some underspin is considered a defensive lob because your opponent has an easier time returning a sliced lob. Even just trying to hit the slice at that position on the ball will give you better results in practice.By using the slice backhand, you'll also find some sharper angles while you play.
This positioning with your feet is the most important part of setting up for a good overhead smash. Once you have associated yourself with the opponent's positioning, you will make your serve according to the position, ideally away from the opponent.)Tossing the ball (Now comes the ball toss.
The only difference now is whether you prefer using one hand or two hands for your opposite wing.
The key to using the slice backhand effectively is knowing when to slice deep and towards the baseline or crosscourt and short with a sharp angle. When actually executing the shot, know that the volley isn't a huge swing; it is simply a little "punch" toward the ball, with a very slight high-to-low swing. This toss, which will have already been practiced so that it arrives and bounces in the same position every time you toss it, will be important for making consistent services. If you're confused of what I mean by the "V," basically you try to make the letter V with your thumb and index finger.
Nonetheless, your "V's" should be on the "4" of the racket, according to the diagram from above.
Keep hitting the wall with forehand and backhand volleys and you will hone your skills up at net.Keep playing mini-tennis with a partner to develop a feel for the ball. Once you have positioned yourself behind the oncoming ball, you want to initiate the swing.
Your service should be high enough for you to perfectly extend your entire body and hit the ball at your apex of height, with your arm fully outstretched.)Thrusting your body up towards the ball (According to your body positioning, which you should research in the Internet or books, you will make a lunge, or thrust, at the ball that you tossed. Where you put the middle of this "V" on the racket grip is important.In conclusion, you should just be aware of the actual shape of the tennis racket and that your hand makes a "V" with your pointer finger and thumb. Notice that by placing your hand in this position, you'll be hitting your forehand and backhand with the same side of the tennis racket. This "V" will be placed at a point on the square-like racket for each specific shot.Although this picture has a left-handed player holding the tennis racket, you can see what I mean by having the "V" of the hand on the racket. This is important to do; you don't want to hit on different sides for the forehand and backhand. Later on, as you develop the skills and muscles to successfully execute volleys, you'll be able to consistently rally volleys back and forth with a partner.
After that, in quick succession, you must extend your racket and hit the ball at your highest reach. You want to follow through and finish your swing, not necessarily in balance, but in control. Once again, in case you forgot, the hitting side is at the "7."Following through (you follow through should lead you leaning forward or tilting into the court.
That's normal, and unless you're planning to rush the net for a volley, you should take a couple steps back behind the baseline after you have hit your serve.

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