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Gauge earrings have become increasingly popular in the last several years with more and more people undergoing this type of ear piercing. Regardless of the size of the hole, the commonality with all gauged earring defects is the fact there is a void in actual soft tissue volume.
Consequently, a reliable method of repair has to be carefully planned and executed by someone who is experienced in managing this type of cosmetic ear abnormality so the hole can be completely closed with new tissue. As you can now appreciate, repairing a gauge earring defect essentially involves creating new layers of tissue out of thin air. In most cases, all three layers of tissue can be recruited from the surrounding areas, which include other regions of the external ear. Repair of a gauge earring hole is most commonly performed under local anesthesia – meaning, patients are fully awake. My office usually reserves an hour or two to perform the earlobe surgery, depending on whether or not one or both ears are being reshaped and how complex the repair process is for that particular patient. As long as no sedative medication was taken for the procedure, patients can drive themselves home in most cases. The adjacent photo shows you what our typical patient looks like at 5-6 days out from this type of gauge earring repair. We have a fairly extensive gallery of examples of gauged earring repair that can be found in our otoplasty gallery as well as our earlobe repair gallery. The following are a subset of patient examples showing what many patients can expect following this type of earlobe plastic surgery. If you are interested in learning more details about repairing a gauged earlobe, do not hesitate in contacting our office today where we have highly specialized training and experience in managing this niche type of ear plastic surgery. Description: Royalty-free art stock photo of a young woman or girl with her body facing to the left, her head looking slightly forward at the viewer, wearing a scarf over her head and a pearl earring, titled Girl with a Pearl Earring and painted by Johannes Vermeer, c 1665a€“1675.
Terms of use: This image can be freely used by non-commercial users for educational and personal use. After the British tourist returned from a vacation in Peru earlier this year, she started experiencing headaches, shooting pains down the side of her face and an unexplained discharge from one ear. Those symptoms, plus the bizarre scratching sounds she continued hearing, prompted Harris to visit a doctor soon after her return to England.
Though doctors at first dismissed the symptoms as nothing more than an ear infection, specialists soon made a startling discovery: Harris' ear was filled with flesh-eating worms, according to the Daily Mail. The worms that Harris, 27, was hosting were the larvae of the New World screwworm fly (Cochliomyia hominivorax).
A pregnant female screwworm fly seeks an open wound on the skin of a warm-blooded animal to lay her eggs. The screwworm fly was, after many years of eradication efforts, eliminated from the United States in 1959 by a program that introduced sterile males into the population. A close relative, the secondary screwworm fly (Cochliomyia macellaria), feeds on dead or diseased flesh.

Harris was apparently infected after a swarm of flies pestered her while hiking in Peru; one flew into her ear, but after she shooed the insect away, she thought nothing more of it. Surgeons succeeded in removing what they called a "writhing mass of maggots" from Harris' ear, the Daily Mail reports. In fact, there may be one positive development from her infection: "I'm no longer as squeamish as I was about bugs," Harris told the Daily Mail. The evening and early morning hours are peak biting times for many mosquito species, according to the CDC, so consider ramping up your protection or staying inside at these times if you can. Unfortunately, like many fads, people tend to outgrow this phase of their life and elect to have the gauge earring defect surgically repaired, or closed.
Meaning, some holes from gauge earring use are relatively small given the fact some patients do not attempt to go up in size over time. The reason you cannot do this is because simply trying to close the hole on itself will result in a very abnormal looking earlobe contour. In fact, you need to replace three separate layers of soft tissue in order to properly close this type of defect – this includes (1) the skin covering the outer surface of the earlobe, (2) the middle layer of soft tissue that gives the earlobe shape and form, and (3) the skin covering the backside of the earlobe.
In plastic surgery jargon, this is referred to as a local flap reconstruction where tissue is taken (borrowed) from one area to be used in the immediate adjacent area to repair a defect, or hole. In the meantime, patients are responsible for keeping the sutures clean while taking care of the surgical repair site.
This particular patient from San Diego decided to get rid of her gauge piercings, but required reshaping of the earlobes to make the ear look more normal. The fly is a notorious livestock pest that also seeks out pets, zoo animals and occasionally humans as hosts. Within 24 hours, the eggs hatch into tiny larvae that feed on living tissue and bodily fluids, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The larvae of this fly have been used successfully in "maggot therapy" to clean infected wounds and promote healing after surgery.
Though a tiny hole had been chewed into her ear canal, Harris suffered no serious damage from her ordeal. Ozellikle elbiseleriniz icin tamamlay?c? rol oynayan tak?lar her zaman icin cok dikkat etmeniz gereken bir durum desek yanl?s olmaz.
This particular page was developed to help those prospective patients better understand what is involved with repair of a gauge earring defect. In others, an increasingly large gauge is placed into the ear, thus creating a significantly larger hole in some cases. Unlike a torn earlobe where the tissue is still there and simply needs to be reconnected, repair of a gauge earring defect means new tissue has to be brought in to close the hole.
This is shown in the adjacent photo diagram that demonstrates visually what would happen to the earlobe if this was attempted. When it comes to repairing a gauge earring defect, this typically involves taking tissue from the area just behind the hole (away from the face) or from the remaining earlobe skin.

This is represented in the adjacent photo diagram by the red oval that depicts how the skin lining the gauge hole is cut out. In a majority of these cases, going asleep under a general anesthetic is just not necessary.
The earlobe does appear slightly swollen as would be expected following a surgical procedure, but is not grossly distorted as you can see. Guzelliginizi tacland?rmak icin kupe modelleri 2014 tasar?mlar?na da goz atman?z gerekecek cunku bircok farkl? kupe modeli yeni sezon koleksiyonlar?nda yer al?rken unlu tak? markalar? aras?nda da hayli k?yas?ya bir rekabet var. The various grades of gauge earring holes is demonstrated visually below ranging from small to medium to large. My personal preference is to avoid using the remaining earlobe skin if at all possible so that I can minimize further distortion of the already abnormal earlobe contour and shape. Even at 5-6 days out from surgery, you can already see the obvious improvement in terms of the earlobe contour and shape – with complete closure of the hole. We provide this photo example to show gauge earring repair patients what the surgical site looks like at one week out. Ozellikle alt?n tak? modelleri 2014 modas?nda bayanlar?n degismez tak?s? olurken yepyeni modeller aras?ndan secim yapmak ise yine size dusuyor.
As you will note in the adjacent photo diagram, a torn earlobe can occur without loss of soft tissue. On the right is a computer modified version of the same photo representing how the earlobe would appear if repaired in this manner. Although you will see signs of where the incisions were made to reshape the earlobe, she looks quite presentable in general.
Ozellikle unlu modac?lar?n da elbiselerini en uygun ve s?k olarak tamamlayacag?n? soyledigi alt?n kupe ve tak? modelleri 2014 kreasyonu sizlerin de begenisini fazlas? ile kars?layacak. In this particular instance, the tear can be repaired by using the skin that is already present. If you try to close the hole by just bringing the skin together (along the vertical or long axis of the defect) as shown by the arrows, the earlobe will begin to look distorted and overly narrow with loss of the normal rounded border.
As time continues, the incisions will slowly fade away to reveal very little sign that we had repaired the ear.
In contrast, a gauge earring leaves an actual hole  in the soft tissue of the earlobe creating an obvious void.
In this latter instance, you need to be creative in how you go about closing this type of defect.

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