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Costco: is an interesting corporation that wisely realized that hearing aids are  soooo overpriced that they could actually give people a break on the cost and still make gobs of money.
Question:  Do you find sometimes that when you go out with friends to a noisy restaurant, you’re faking the amount you understand more than you used to? First Impressions:  The part behind your ear is about the same as when you  first put glasses on. The most important thing you need to take to Costco is a positive attitude.  All else will fall into place. Some questions I have that no one has answered yet.  Like Bose speakers, is there any progress in isolating the sound of my tinnitus so my Silver Tooth can produce an out-of-phase signal…effectively canceling out my tinnitus? Question two:   Do they make sunglasses that incorporate a Silver Tooth into the eyeglass arms? Question Three:  With Graphene and other technological breakthroughs, can I expect my Silver Tooth to have a base and treble so I can get really, really super sound interpretation? They have a three month honeymoon time where you can return it and get your money back…no sweat. I think the big wrinkle is the fact that when you first try them out, your brain has spent years adapting to the loss. Having worked around jets my whole navy career, I got use to ALWAYS having foamies in my ears.

Still, I’d love to be able to dig deeper and learn where that tone is being generated.
Take it from someone who’s youthful garage band misadventures landed me squarely in the same boat. Re your question on applying an out-of-phase suppression methodology to eliminate or reduce tinnitus, my guess is that it won’t work.
With audio noise suppression technology, the out-of-phase energy waves moving through air essentially deconstruct each other as they intersect.
As you point out, with tinnitus there is no sound energy moving through air – the noise signal is entirely electric and within our nervous system. Adding an additional audio signal won’t effect that electrical signal and may even leave you hearing both tones, as strange as that might seem. I suspect a solution will require some type of intervention in the nervous system itself and is likely years away. Figure on paying about half as much at Costco, and…the examination is included in the price.

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