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Sony's Dual Noise Sensor Technology combines Feedback and Feedforward Microphones with a digital noise-cancelling software engine to eradicate external noises, for a truly immersive audio experience. Unlike conventional amplifiers that convert sound to analogue before amplifying, Sonya€™s S-Master Full Digital Amplifiers use a fully digital process that successfully avoids distortion and ensures your music sounds just like the original recording. Engineered to perfection, Sony's 40mm driver units provide a wideband audio performance range from 6Hz to an impressive 24,000Hz. A single AAA battery powers up to 20 hours of noise-cancelling perfection for a truly immersive audio experience.

Sony Stereo Kopfhorer mit Digital Noise Cancelling MDR-NC8, schwarz:Larm ist uberall und die volle Konzentration auf Musik fallt insbesonders in lauten Umgebungen schwer.
Please check back with us soon.To contact a Retail Sony Store, please click here or use our Dealer Locator. The fully automatic AI Noise-cancelling circuitry automatically selects the optimal noise cancelling (for aircraft, train, bus or office) through analysis of available ambient noise. Ob im Flugzeug, Zug, larmenden Gro?stadten oder nervenden Geschwistern: Sony MDR-NC8 minimiert die Umgebungsgerausche durch eine Uberlagerungstechnik und blendet Larm mit einer Micro-Batterie fur bis zu 80 Stunden aus. Mit MDR-NC8 horen Sie mit NC und dem 30-mm-Neodym-Treiber jeden Beat, jeden Gitarrenakkord in klarem, dynamischem Sound.

High-comfort fit earbuds complement your listening experience and let you enjoy your favourite songs video and other entertainment for hours.Precision listeningBlock out all the noise around you wherever you are and listen to your music in all its detail. This digital noise-cancelling headset will give you full-range audio with deep bass, a strong medium register and clear highs. Excellent audio for all types of music.Hands-free callingWhen a call comes in you can use your MDR-NC31EM to enjoy the call.

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