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In terms of wearability, the MDR-ZX750BN at least look like a pretty comfortable pair of headphones — Sony included ear pads designed to relieve the usual pressures associated with over-ear ‘phones. When running Bluetooth or noise-cancellation features, the headphones rely on a built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery (2.5 hours required to reach full charge). A good pair of wireless, active noise-cancelling headphones are, in fact, fairly tough to come by, despite today’s congested Bluetooth headphone market.
The battery life is not the longest and but still can gives 8 hours of active calls and music. It would seem that critical listeners and frequent fliers alike no longer have to shell out $300-plus for a quality pair of  Bluetooth headphones with active noise-cancelling ability, as Sony has priced its latest flagship headphone at just  $200.
And not only are the cans affordable, they look  pretty suave, with solid specs to back up their good looks, too. And with its built in microphone, you can even accept and end phone calls so you’ll always be able to enjoy your playlists when out of the home.

With Bluetooth audio streaming and Near Field Communication (NFC), you can connect your compatible devices instantly.
And for the ultimate wireless audio streaming experience, aptX and AAC codec support is on hand to ensure maximum signal quality. Big sounds Large 40mm drivers deliver a dynamic and balanced sound for an exceptional listening experience. You can enjoy 20-20,000 Hz frequency response when streaming audio, or an even broader frequency response from 3-28,000 Hz when using the audio cable (supplied) . And with its electronic Bass Boost button, that extra audio punch will be added to your favourite tracks.
Fully functional The integrated microphone and Bluetooth connectivity makes way for the convenience of hands-free calling. Once your phone is paired up, simply press the phone button on the earpiece to except incoming calls then press again to terminate.

Its built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 20 hours of continuous wireless music playback. When the battery runs low, switch to passive mode using the supplied cable for continuous listening. Wrapped up in comfort For an extended comfort, the wrap around ear cushions provide a comprehensive acoustic seal for an immersive listening experience.

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