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The ATH-A500Xs boast an ear-cup design, so you can easily put them on with various glasses, hats, or hairstyles. The Audio-Technica ATH-A500X headphones have the upper hand and are the one to pick for techno, loud volume, and portable audio. You'll find a vast number of options to choose from and each offering has its strengths and weaknesses.
The ATH-A500Xs stand out with their wide frequency response and get the nod for hip hop, while the MDR-NC200Ds deserve kudos for their quiet noise cancelling and are the ones for travel. Moreover, the ATH-A500Xs' 5 Hz - 30 kHz frequency response lets you perceive sharp treble frequencies and resonant bass tones. Furthermore, the MDR-NC200Ds' ear-pad design enables you to reduce fatigue and enjoy increased comfort. The ATH-A500Xs have a wider frequency response, allowing you to hear more powerful bass notes and clearer highs.

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Enjoy ultra-low lows and clear treble frequencies thanks to their 8 Hz - 23 kHz frequency response.
Sony MDR-NC200DHeadphones can be a difficult consumer decision, when you consider the vast number of characteristics to research. What's more, they have a 48 Ohm impedance, so you can listen to great sound quality from a range of gadgets such as iPods and netbooks. In addition, they boast a 17.5 dB sensitivity, so you can play back your tunes at a nice volume level. In addition, their lower impedance lets you get better battery-life from your portable devices. The MDR-NC200Ds' 68 Ohm impedance helps you increase your listening enjoyment on a range of gadgets such as MP3 players and smartphones.

They find a vast number of innovations available and each model has a specific set of features with distinct benefits.
Sennheiser RS 170Headphones can be a daunting purchase decision, when you factor in the plethora of features to research.
You can peruse new, manufacturer refurbished, or previously owned Sony MDR-NC200D headphones on eBay and find a real steal.

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