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It’s a perfect literacy activity to use with multiple ages or to repeat over and over to build different skills. Phonological awareness can be developed using lots of playful oral games with kids over and over. If a question is answered incorrectly, then the player must remain on the original iceberg.
Have fun building phonological awareness with this oral polar bear sound activity that also builds gross motor skills.

This week’s Early Childhood Education Team theme is the tundra  Visit the links below for more great early childhood activities related to the tundra theme.
Fantastic will print this out for tomorrow it will get us up and moving and working on phonics at the same time.
Ten sturdy chipboard blocks feature whimsical, charming animal illustrations by Eric Carle, and can be used for nesting, stacking and teaching counting skills. The title made me think this would involve a lot more sound and music making – can imagine a version that is less focused on the language literacy aspect and more on creative sound and music making where each iceberg is an opportunity to make some related sound and music.

Each block is dedicated to a different animal - sound, tactile panel, a movable part, or a rattle! You can see a sample here.  If you like what you see, sign up to receive it for FREE each week.

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