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You are more than welcome, Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback,it`s HIGHLY appreciated. Chase Ergonomics is a leading manufacturer of repetitive strain and injury products helping to prevent injuries to the back, wrist, ankles, knees, and elbows. It is our belief that studies favorable to back supports, which caused OSHA to reverse its former position on the efficacy of back belts, have had and will continue to have a major influence on federal and state ergonomic policy.
The support should be worn over the first layer of clothing--such as a shirt or t-shirt--but not over a vest or jacket. Separate the wide elastic cinch straps from the primary belt, which is the wide inside belt. Adjust the shoulder straps so the support hangs loosely at the level where it will be worn.
Pull both sides of the primary belt around the body and pull the right side past the center. For a heavy lift, use the TRIPLE LOCK: Undo the cinch straps and pull the left strap past the middle, then overlap the right one for a much tighter fit.
Positive vertical locking system achieved through two-way-stretch binding and rubberized interior stay pockets.
The Iowa Spine Research center of the Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of Iowa and patent co-applicant Chase Ergonomics, Inc. The breakthrough discovery used in creating this support is a new understanding of how the human body reacts to sudden, unexpected events (accidents) which result in applied loading (stress) to the lumbar spine.
This chart compares our exclusive Gelfom composite material to other materials currently sold as anti-vibration material. Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) affects millions of workers worldwide who use electric, gas and pneumatic power tools or stationary tools that transmit vibration through something the worker must hold. These workers are found in virtually every industrial classification but especially in manufacturing, mining and construction.
Believing that a material could be developed to meet any testing standard applied to vibration reduction materials - including Europe's EN ISO 10819 - Chase Ergonomics, Inc. Among the specified conditions in the standards are the gripping force, feed force, room temperature, humidity, conditioning of gloves, fitting of gloves, test period, posture of the test subject and vibration signals being measured. Versatile protection from various vibration frequencies encountered when using power hand tools. Full finger style features fluted fingers, tailored cut for full range of motion without fatigue. Sturdy, comfortable premium series offers protection from electric, pneumatic, gas and hydraulic power tool vibration. Sturdy, comfortable premium series glove offers protection from electric, pneumatic, gas and hydraulic power tool vibration.
Protects from harmful vibration to the hand and arm associated with power tool use and bench grinding applications.
Developed in collaboration with a leading aircraft manufacturer for specific dexterity needs of riveters.
What this means to workers using impact-type tools on a daily basis is superior protection from injury in a variety of applications.

In contact-stress applications, Gelpact offers a new level of comfort for personnel facing extended periods of surface contact, such as keyboard users, warehouse workers and glass or lumber handlers.
Tradewinds™ 100% open cell breathable neoprene construction allows for snug, secure fit without excessive heat buildup. Molded hard-shell polymer knuckle cage helps protect vulnerable top of the hand from impact, cut and abrasion injuries. Gelpact® palm padding features clinically-proven shock and impact force reduction over sensitive areas of the palm. GripStrip handle wrap features textured gripping surface and a full length Gelpact (TM) pad. Ideal daytime support for person who successfully wears the Decade Splint Wrist Brace while sleeping. Spiral stays encourage neutral position while special elastic conforms to the wrist for a secure fit. Spiral stays under wrist encourage neutral position, while special elastic conforms support to wrist. Dual tension support stays above the wrist give broader area of compression, greater restriction of wrist movement. Constructed of Tradewinds™ open-cell, breathable neoprene for superior comfort in warm weather or under clothing. Designed for constant or chronic wrist problems, particularly for those who describe their problem as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Gentle ambidextrous support with full-fashion shaping and thumbhole to maintain correct position over back of hand and half palm. Adjustable moderate support, keeps wrist in neutral position, for sprains, strains, minor complaints.
Constructed of BGS exclusive Tradewinds™ open-cell neoprene, which breathes and stays comfy in hot, humid weather or under clothing.
2" wide adjustable strap compresses below the elbow, allowing healing while continuing to work. Seamless, non-irritating circular knit and no-bunch contour fit provide comfortable, gentle support. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. These web pages have been designed to provide you with educational information pertaining to repetitive strain, vibration and shock impact protection.
The plain fact is that no approach to reducing back injury, thus far, that did not include use of back supports, has shown significant success in reducing this cost.Back belts have been recognized as personal protective equipment (PPE) by OSHA.
Click here to read Chase President Gary Shumate's comments on the overturning of the OSHA standard. One study has shown that, during such events, the strong back muscles can over-contract by as much as 70%.
Vibration reducing Decade brand gloves with Gelfom have been tested and certified in Europe to meet strict standards set there for worker protection.

Long-haul drivers, heavy equipment operators or persons driving various utility vehicles also risk developing these disorders. As the use of vibrating equipment has increased in recent years, so has the incidence of various HAVS disorders.
The EN ISO 10819 standard details the testing methods to be used ad the results that must be achieved by a glove claiming anti-vibration properties. Full fingered glove meets EN ISO 10819 anti-vibration glove standard, also marked CE DK-0200-C.352.
Wrist support styles are preferred for heavier tool use or if sprains or carpal tunnel syndrome are present. Independent lab testing by Ingemansson Technology AB -- Europe's leading consultants in acoustics, noise and vibration -- verifies the superior performance of this versatile material. Chart 1 reveals the superior force-reducing capabilities of Gelpact when 'excited' by a sharp blow, such as in hammer use.
Two piece ambidextrous wrist support has removable 4" wraparound strap to allow placement of an immobilizing pad on the front or back of the wrist. In addition, the Iowa studies documented less fatigue in subjects wearing the Accupressure back support.
Our full-finger gloves are all CE-marked as meeting the European AV glove standard EN ISO 10819. Vibration exposure can result in circulatory and nerve damagge that is painful and long-lasting. When sponge or foam materials were incorporated in gloves, they proved to be inefficient at damping vibration.
This new multi-part vibration-reducing pad was tested extensively in an independent European testing lab enabling it to be EC-certified for its unique ability to reduce harmful vibration frequencies to levels specified in the ISO standard. Protects workers using pistol grip tools in confined spaces or when surrounded by hard surfaces. With only 45% of the impact force reaching the hands, the worker can feel the effect of using a Gelpact-equipped glove liner.
The shoulder straps should not be so loose that they hang away from the body and possibly be tangled in equipment. The development of HAVS may be gradual or a person may begin to feel tingling or numbness of the fingers within a few weeks. Visco-elastic materials perform better but are still shown to be relatively inefficient in testing--in some cases even amplifying vibration through human resonance.
The difference that workers do not feel is demonstrated in Chart 2, where Gelpact dramatically reduces the transmissibility of forces at higher frequencies.

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