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In the first Super Smash Bros., one can unlock the Sound Test by completing Break the Targets and Board the Platforms with all 12 characters. In Melee, the announcer has samples for "Master Hand", "Giga Koopa" plus "Giga Bowser" and "Fighting Wire Frames" and many more sound clips, these were most likely for him saying their name during the 1-Player games.
In Brawl, all of the characters have unused high-knockback sounds like the previous games, the fighters who did not get redone voicework have these reused in 4. PassMark SoundCheck™ is a Windows based application that allows users to test their PC sound card, speakers and microphone.
Stereo or mono sound can be recorded and played back at a variety of sample rates and resolutions.
Important note: Please make sure your mixer settings are correct before trying to record with SoundCheck. Melee, Sound Test is unlocked by unlocking all characters, stages, and beating every event match.

Brawl, the Sound Test is available without unlocking, probably due to individual songs being unlocked by finding CDs. Players can listen to the voices of characters, stage music, and listen to other variety of sounds.
An example is the original game, the announcer says "Bonus Stage", "Are you Ready", "Final Stage" and "Draw Game".
Verify that your sound card can record and playback sounds at various audio sample rates. SoundCheck includes a built-in tone generator that allows test tones to be generated at a selected frequency and sampling rate. Also, not all PC's will have the speed to support a real time display when high sample rates are used. Check the capability of your speakers to reproduce the highest and lowest frequencies (and your capability to hear these frequencies).

This can be done using waveforms such as sine waves, saw tooth waves, white noise, and square waves. Create perfectly formed test tones and loop them back into your sound card to look for distortion using PassMark audio loopback cables.
The waveform can be plotted and frequency spectrum graphed in real time using fast Fourier transform algorithms. SoundCheck also provides an audio FX test and a surround sound test to analyse those advanced sound card features.

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