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I didn’t get to play nearly as much as I wanted this past weekend because Dio and I had some other things to take care of.
We spent the morning questing on our mains before we took a five hour break to go to a Japanese market to get some groceries. We finally turned in the dye maker’s quest after wasting inventory space carrying around three kinds of quest items and was rewarded with our choice of dye colors.

When we hit level 25, we returned to Sanctum to turn in some stray quests and pick up skill manuals. Wrenches, sockets, vice grips and many many more various tools to choose from, starting at $1.00 and up! The 30-watt power amp drives an 8" foam-surrounded low-frequency driver and high-frequency tweeter.

Professional piston-pump design in the palm of your hand - giving you the power and freedom to spray wherever you want!

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