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An intelligent active hearing protector, with a smooth adjustment of the hearing protector's level dependant function which gives the user particularly pleasant sound reproduction and less interference. The unique digital audio circuit eliminates the abrupt sound cut-off that characterises many level dependant hearing protectors on the market.
The SportTac system reacts so gently that in most cases, you'll never hear the cut-off when the protector is activated.
Dynamic Level Sound Compression Technology - Lets you hear everything, but compressed into a single safe volume level. 1.5 millisecond attack time - Fastest reaction time in its class means you are protected instantly from loud sounds. Automatic volume limiter at 82 dB, with adjustable gain control - This insures that you can always hear everything around you at a comfortable sound level. Solid state digital circuitry - Reliable, impact resistant and feature-packed for professional level performance. Pro Form Leather Ear Muff pads and padded headband - Means "no sweat" comfort even in extended wear. Optional neckband and hard hat mounts available - Maximize the places you can use your Pro Slim Headset: At the range, in the field, at work, around the shop.
External input jack with patch cable included - Mix the sound from your ipod, scanner or two-way radio (receive only) with ambient sound right in your headset. SportEAR Select-A-Fit Universal Fit ITE (In the ear) Hunting Hearing Aids give you a great set of performance features plus the convenience of a semi-custom fit via 5 different sizes of rubberized tips.
36 dB maximum gain, providing amplification suitable for those with normal to moderately severe hearing loss. Level 2X (Better) Whistle Canceller to help reduce the annoying whistle that can occur due to feedback when removing or inserting your earpieces. Advanced DSP (digital signal processing) for the clearest sound quality available in a modern hearing aid. AutoBlocker Digital Compression circuitry that instantly protects your hearing against dangerously loud sounds such as gunfire, as well as protecting against continuous noises over 85 dB. Wind noise management features including a carefully designed microphone location which helps to keep the microphones out of reach of wind. Finger tip volume control lets you adjust the volume of each earpiece independently so you can balance your hearing back to better than normal, even if you have hearing loss in one ear and not in the other. Convenient removal filament that makes it easy to handle your hearing aids when removing and inserting them. 4-beep low battery warning so your hearing aids will never fail you in the middle of an important conversation. SportEAR Select-A-Fit are sold in pairs to provide you with both hearing enhancement and hearing protection in both ears. Earpieces are ergonomically shaped to fit virtually all canal shapes and sizes, and the five different sizes of soft rubber tips let you get the canal seal you need for protection from impulse and continuous noise as well as sealing against hearing aid feedback. Shop now and get Free Value Shipping on most orders over $49 to the contiguous 48 states, DC and to all U.S. JavaScript is not currently enabled in your browser and due to this our site will not work as it should. While JavaScript is disabled, you will not be able to add items to your cart or browse all product options. If you cannot enable JavaScript or you are having technical difficulties, please contact us — we are always here to help! Cookies are not currently enabled in your browser, and due to this the functionality of our site will be severely restricted. Your privacy is important to us, and any personal information you supply to us is kept strictly confidential. If you cannot enable cookies in your browser, please contact us — we are always here to help!

Ideal for shooters of all shapes and sizes, the Caldwell E-MAX LoPro Electronic Hearing Protection Ear Muffs Combo with Shooting Glasses 487309 is the perfect way to make sure you have protection for your eyes and ears while shooting. High Speed Gear first appeared on my radar back in the summer, when I won a M24P Pack and Costa Leg Rig in a contest by our friends over at Breach Bang Clear.
Since I am new to this type of gear system, I had to consult YouTube how to figure out how to attach the units to the belt, and I'll admit—it seemed a bit complicated. Several weeks ago, the Austin Sure Shots were invited to test and evaluate two pistols from Lionheart.
Indicator light lets you know your Pro Slim Gold Headset is working properly before you are exposed to dangerous sound. With SportEAR Select-A-Fit you do not need ear impressions and there is no waiting while a lab makes a custom fitted shell for your ITE hearing aids. These are effectively dual amplifiers, one for low and mid range sounds and a second for high frequency sounds to provide full range clarity of sound. AutoBlocker does not just reject the noise, but compresses all the sounds you would hear into a single soundscape so you hear everything, but at a safe maximum volume of 85 dB. The combination of the ITE design and the water resistant case means you don't have to worry about hour hearing aids if you get caught out in the rain.
Because you will have a device in each ear and each has an independent volume adjustment, you can easily adjust for differences in your hearing in each ear. If for any reason you decide that your purchase just isn't for you, simply return the item within 30 days of receipt and we'll cover the cost of return shipping.
I immediately loved that it was "Urban Grey" instead of one of the more standard gear colors like OD Green.
First, you need needle nose pliers and a flat head screwdriver (a multitool works too). The TACOs use a shock cord lacing system which holds any model of mags in place with the perfect amount of tension. Just take them out of the box, insert batteries, select the tips that fit you best and put them in.
AutoBlocker is the primary feature that sets SportEAR Select-A-Fit hunting hearing aids apart from ordinary hearing aids. Using the flat head of the screwdriver, you enlarge the webbing loops on the TACO pouches by inserting the pliers and opening them to stretch the loops, and then use the pliers to guide the heavy plastic stays through the loops while using the screw driver to tuck and push. I always wear my tactical pants and shooting belts low, basically on my hips, which sometimes makes me hyper-aware of the stiffer belts when I am shooting from different positions—they tend to dig into my hipbones. The dump pouch was great because it rolls up with a layered Cordura hook and loop wrap, and deploys easily with one pull on the tab. As a shooter, my hearing protection at the range was often doubled-up: ear plugs underneath traditional ear-muff hearing protection. You are done, ready to hit the range or field with full hearing enhancement and noise protection in one comfortable in-ear device. This means SportEAR Select-A-Fit does double duty, both as a daily wear hearing aid and as a shooter's hearing protector with a noise rating of NRR 22 dB. I slapped a few of my favorite patches on it, and began carrying it with me to Sure Shots practices.
Having the Costa Leg Rig as an added set of mag pouches was a great decision—the placement was very natural for quickly grabbing mags. This was especially important to me when shooting large-caliber rifles outdoors, as well as when I transitioned to city life and shooting pistols at indoor ranges.
And the even distribution of weight from the modular units all the way around the belt prevented it from feeling heavy. Barring the little bit of effort it took to initially get those stays in the mag pouches, this equipment is awesome! The jet black Carakote finish was not only very well done, but is sure to be extremely durable.

I posted a pic of it on the Sure Shots Facebook page, thanking HSGI, and soon got a call from them, telling me they're happy I love the gear and that they'd like to send me a HSGI SureGrip Padded Belt modular system to see what I thought. And only the TACOs needed the stays attached; the other units already had them and were ready to go. In fact, I was almost not aware of it being on me at all that day—it was that comfortable. To be able to run a training course with five pistol mags, three rifle mags, a dump pouch, and a full-size 1911 without ever feeling weighed-down by or "aware" of your gear system, is truly a huge success on the part of High Speed Gear. Lionheart has put some fairly significant and unique modifications on the pistols for the American market and debuted their product line of 9mm pistols in the US earlier this year. Yes, please!  The SureGrip belt is a soft belt that is designed to go around your waist without using belt loops. But, since looks aren’t everything, my new little friend and I headed over to the range to see if function matched form. You get such an increased level of sound-dampening, which would appear to lend itself to less potential damage to your hearing. It doesn't slip due to a Neoprene backing, which not only makes the belt stay put, but also provides a cushiony, gel-like feel. This is the one time in my life I wish I had a much bigger waist, because my "real estate" on this belt was limited by its short length. My first impression of handling the MKII was that it was the perfect size for my average female hand. I had seen them here and there, on some of my fellow Sure Shots, and at outdoor ranges as well – I found them a bit of a curiosity, but honestly never gave them much thought. I had no trouble wrapping my fingers around the grip and I could easily manage the ambidextrous safety without adjusting my grip position. A few short weeks ago, I was fortunate to try a pair of Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs in action, and promptly began shopping for my own!!
However, I found an option to solve this problem—I decided to attach the Costa Leg Rig to my belt, which allowed me to add two more rifle mag pouches (TACOs) and three pistol mag pouches (Pistol TACOs). Yes, the extra time it takes – not just prior to your range time, but for any communication while on the firing line. Comparing to regular ear muffs, they provide roughly the same level of protection, but with the HUGE bonus of amplifying conversation on the line. This is exceptionally helpful when you are providing or receiving coaching!I do still prefer my doubled-up hearing protection for extended range days or loud-reporting firearms.
However, you will find me with electronic earmuffs on days when coaching or range-conversation is likely! A light touch of the trigger will snap the hammer back to full cock and give you a single action trigger pull. I tried the double action plus for the first round and then settled into firing off the rest of the first magazine. I had never seen them before but found them easy to use and was able to quickly acquire a proper sight picture. I’m not one to just pick up an unfamiliar gun and have any sort of tight grouping of my shots, but this was exceptional. I was now eager to try the smaller LH9CN model, which made more sense for me because I am looking for a pistol that is smaller than my current weapon.
The LH9N-MKII was, in my opinion, excellent, but since it is the same size as my current gun, it really doesn’t have an advantage.

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