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Also, included in the box is a nice carrying pouch with a zipper and a spare set of soft earphone tips.
The seventy-three frogs, toads and everything in between ribbeted without empathy for my sour mood. The relentless frog song was maddening, and if I hadn't taken to stuffing my ears with wax and cotton I fear I may very well have lost my mind.
A bead of sweat discovered a path between my neck and collar whilst I strode towards the window, wiping away the condensation to peer at the problem at hand. Lightning flashed through the obsidian skies with the rhythmic regularity of a beating heart. The outside world was dark, but the watch I pulled from my vest pocket told me it was little after noon. His blank stare found me through the cracked reflection and the air grew thicker in my lungs. Seventy-three pairs of slimy eyes watched me as I passed my colleague, and although implanted on my very soul, the words scratched into the mirror caught my eye and exploded from my throat. I pointed my arms at the silent figure and wiggled my fingers, hissing the words once more. A fat man was standing in the hallway with his back against the far wall, one pudgy arm still raised as if to knock on the library door despite my hasty exit scaring two steps away.

With a satisfying popping noise I removed the wax from my ear and was surprised how well the heavy oaken door muted the frog song within.
I stared at his chin, the smooth curvature not dissimilar to that of an African guttural toad.
The handle turned beneath my hand and the amphibious applause of my return echoed through the halls.
In truth, I had become one with the smells of my people However, having breathed the outside air for even a moment brought a slight wrinkle to the bridge of my nose as I led the fat man into the library. I narrowed my eyes at him and grabbed him by the collar, ignoring his complaints as I led him beside the mannequin to look upon the message for himself. He simply stood with his back to me, staring at his reflection in the dressing mirror with his none existent eyes. Each of them squatted within their crystal kingdoms, watching me from their perches on the expansive shelving of this once great library.
The waves crashed high above the usual waterline, threatening to swallow those foolish enough to hurry across the docks. For thirteen days this storm had gathered strength and began its invasion on the English coastline, and for thirteen days all eyes had looked to me to fight back. I kicked over haphazard piles of biology texts, meteorology books and ancient tomes of weather manipulation as I marched towards the exit.

They believe you may still be able to minimize the damage.” He stuttered as my knuckles whitened around the doorknob. The symphony of raindrops tearing away at the cobbled streets and roof-tiles created an ever increasing air of urgency.
I had converted it into a miniature laboratory where a disembowelled frog lay upon it as a green-skinned saviour upon a cross.
They were more than just scratched onto the surface, they were embedded within the wood behind the pane itself. I raised my hand to strike, but the sheer quality of his suit and hat, not to mention the price-tag, impeded my blow. The floor was littered with the now homeless books and papers, not helped by the remains of what meals I had remembered to eat alongside those buried and forgotten. The winds and rains beat upon the large window at the far end of the room as the world flashed and thundered without restraint.

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