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Lakewood Hearing & Speech is pleased to announce that it now has available a small receiver in the ear hearing aid with a standard rotary volume control for simple adjustments. How would you like a rotary volume control (like what used to come on older styles hearing aids)? The Xino Classic includes Starkey Hearing Technologies’ noise management system, directionality and feedback cancellation to enhance hearing in all types of environments – including loud ones.  The newly designed cover improves wax and moisture protection and resists clogging. To try the new Xino Classic hearing aid at Lakewood Hearing & Speech, call 303-988-7299 to arrange a convenient appointment for a demonstration. We know that when hearing becomes difficult it’s often easier to stay at home and avoid family and friends. Randy really cares about his patients as he is patient and willing to take the time to explain things. Our free hearing aid consultations have saved our patients thousands of dollars and the frustration of choosing the wrong hearing product. It’s time to listen to Quality!Come in for your free hearing test and experience quality you can hear! We know that when hearing becomes difficult it's often easier to stay at home and avoid family and friends. The newest member of our popular wireless lineup, Xino Wireless is a newly designed micro RIC 312 that makes it easy for patients to enjoy the features and freedom that our patented IRIS™ Technology enables. Our Xino line is rounded out with our RIC 10, which is still our smallest hearing aid, offering a discreet option for patients with mild to severe hearing loss. The hero of our new X Series™ product line, Xino proves that good things do indeed come in small packages. Xino Wireless is a newly designed micro RIC 312 that makes it easy for even more of your patients to enjoy the features and freedom that our patented IRISa„? Technology enables.
Taking advantage of 3 Series' open architecture, the BluWave 3.0 operating system provides the foundation to concurrently run other applications necessary to eliminate noisy artifacts while characterizing the frequency and intensity of input sources. Coordinating the digital signal processing algorithms between a patient's hearing aids is key to listening comfort.

InVision Directionality has been enhanced to provide smooth and accurate transitions in every environment using dynamic directional switching. Our newest version of our revolutionary noise reduction and speech preservation system, Voice iQA? applies variable noise adaptation faster than ever before, providing improved speech clarity, even in the noisiest environments. A smart solution for patients who have steeply sloping, high-frequency hearing loss, our new frequency lowering technology, Spectral iQ, is designed to enhance real-time audibility by intelligently identifying high-frequency speech cues, then replicating them in lower frequencies. A new initialization protocol provides a more natural approach to combat feedback, identifying, classifying and eliminating annoying whistling and buzzing in all environments. We added advanced oleophobic properties to our HydraShield nanocoating to better protect SoundLens hearing aids from earwax and other oily substances. Allows for independent control of soft, moderate and loud level speech, to deliver a more optimized listening experience.
We strive each day to provide you with optimal hearing care and hearing aids in Tyler, based on your individual needs and preferences. En creant votre compte, vous pouvez beneficier des nombreux avantages reserves a notre clients. Vous beneficierez des meilleurs prix disponibles sur le marche pour votre appareil auditif. It is available in a receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid with a standard rotary volume control, making it ideal for patients who prefer a traditional way to easily control volume. His friendliness and caring manner go a long way in providing the best service possible.” Barbara S. In Xino’s case, a mini RIC with a longer lasting, 10A battery, configurable user control, and loaded with all of Starkey’s leading performance features.
By providing more accurate control of critical hearing aid parameters, BluWave 3.0 has enabled enhancements to many of our already leading performance features a€” giving 3 Series hearing aids the ability to more naturally eliminate feedback, deliver optimal performance in noise, and better manage power, telephone performance, directional hearing and data.
Other ear-to-ear protocols force synchronized hearing aid response to match the dominant input. This allows SoundLens to maintain important frequency relationships, retaining the sound quality that comes from harmonic distribution while providing audibility for high-frequency speech cues for patients that may have previously been considered unaidable.

And with 28dB of added stable gain, patients experience feedback-free and comfortable listening no matter what theya€™re doing. The result is HydraShield2, a new oleophobic nanocoating that, combined with SoundLens' unibody construction and smart component placement, makes them more reliable and durable than ever before. We understand that struggling to communicate effectively and dealing with a hearing loss can be stressful. En effet, nous vous offrons des prix negocies a valoir chez un Reseau d'Audioprothesistes partenaires sur les plus grandes marques d'appareil auditif. Packed with Starkeya€™s latest technology, theya€™re designed to: improve hearing in noisy environments, eliminate buzzing and whistling and to enhance phone conversations. Only Starkey's Binaural Spatial MappingA? system intelligently optimizes SNR settings based on estimates from both ears, even if they are asymmetrical. Dote du systeme Voice IQ? ainsi que du SPECTRAL IQ, les appareils auditifs XINO amelioreront votre comprehension dans les milieux bruyants. Vous decouvrirez les fiches produits des differentes protheses auditives existant sur le marche. Ils embarquent evidement le systeme anti-sifflements si efficace qui a fait le succes de STARKEY. Mais grande nouveaute, il dispose du systeme HydraShield qui assure une protection contre le cerumen et autres substances grasses. En effet, nous leurs offrons la possibilite, en s’inscrivant gratuitement sur notre site, de beneficier d’un appareil auditif au prix le plus concurrentiel du marche. Nous vous proposons une selection d’appareil auditif faites parmis les plus grands fabricants mondiaux: SIEMENS, PHONAK, STARKEY, UNITRON, WIDEX, OTICON, … Nos tarifs exclusifs sont valables pour l’ensemble des appareils auditifs references dans notre catalogue dans un reseau d’audioprothesistes partenaires a travers la France.
Les personnes ayant des problemes d’audition ( presbysacousie, …) peuvent desormais effectuer l’acquisition d’aides auditives au.

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