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Canoptek Spyders are massive robotic Necron constructs, their immense weight effortlessly propelled by sophisticated anti-gravitic engines. Unlike their Necron masters, Canoptek Spyders never sleep, but wile away the aeons servicing the structures of their Tomb World, guarding their slumbering superiors and maintaining the complex stasis machines that house them.
Though Canoptek Spyders are essentially just automated robotic drones, a Canoptek Spyder is still a formidable foe when the situation demands it.
Whilst Canoptek Spyders are not sentient by any strict definition, their complex and layered sub-routines are incredibly resilient and can adapt to most situations. Canoptek Spyders also act as mobile Canoptek Scarab hives, and can expend energy to create a Canoptek Scarab swarm. Canoptek Swarm – Canoptek Scarabs can burrow through the bedrock of a world with a speed that far outstrips the most efficient Imperial drilling machines, creating passageways broad enough to allow the admission of Canoptek Spyders to oversee their work.
Fabricator Claw Array - A Fabricator Claw Array is primarily used by Canoptek Spyders to effect repairs upon nearby Necron vehicles by repairing engine drives and weapons that have been disabled during battle, although they can perform greater tasks if given sufficient time. Gloom Prism – A Gloom Prism can generate energy fields which create zones that are shrouded and shielded from Warp-spawned powers, such as that of psykers. Twin-linked Particle Beamer – Canoptek Spyders focused on sentinel duties are often armed with twin-linked Particle Beamers upon their backs. The term "canoptek" is a play on the word "canoptic", an adjective used to refer to an ancient Egyptian vase, urn, or jar, often known as a canoptic jar, that is used to hold the viscera of an embalmed body. This has not only been exciting news for airway enthusiastic emergency department residents who are eager to try out new gadgets and techniques, but it has also provided senior residents and attending physicians with a higher comfort level during intubations by junior residents. In the summer, when the air is sticky and hot, insects are everywhere: circling your fruit bowl, marching across your picnic, buzzing in your ear, and sometimes a€” the worst of times a€” flying directly into your mouth. To find out, we talked to someone who has spent much of his research career pondering this very question:A Brent Sinclair, the director of the Insect Low Temperature Biology Lab at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, where he is also an associate professor. One reason most people are mystified by the fate of insects in the winter is because there is not a simple answer. In general though, there are three distinct survival strategies that get insects a€” and related critters, like spiders a€” through the winter. Sonia AltizerMonarch butterflies travel thousands of miles to reach warmer areas.The first strategy is perhaps the most straightforward. Some, like butterflies and dragonflies, migrate much like songbirds do, heading south en masse as soon as the cold sets in. North American monarch butterflies, the most famous migrating insects, make a long and somewhat miraculous journey to central Mexico each winter. Different types of mosquitoes have different winter survival strategies, but some are able to survive cold temperatures by hiding out in sheltered places like "inside the envelope of a house or under a bridge," Sinclair says, where they lay in wait in a state called "quiescence." Their next meal won't come till springtime. Mites, springtails (called "snow fleas," though they are technically not insects), and certain spiders (also not technically insects, of course) can all appear as unassuming black dots on the snow. It's called diapause: a dormant, semi-frozen state some insects enter until they thaw out in the spring and crawl off as if nothing had happened. The emerald ash borer, a tree-killing invasive species in North America, enters diapause in the winter, which (unfortunately for the northern regions it's infested) means it canA survive freezing temperatures.
The environmentally damaging creatures are able to stay unfrozen and alive in the cold because a high concentration of their blood is made up of something called glycerol, which acts as an antifreeze. Woolly bear caterpillars, meanwhile, actually freeze into tiny statues but still live through the winter. Scientists can detail many of the different ways insects make it through the winter, but there's a lot we still don't understand. The creatures that freeze or enter diapause and then spring back to life are especially mysterious. This post is part of a continuing series that answers all of your questions related to science. Patrice Leconte's "Monsieur Hire" is a tragedy about loneliness and erotomania, told about two solitary people who have nothing else in common.
More moviegoers see films on video in some form than ever before -- whether streaming on demand, cable or satellite, instant download services, DVD or Blu-ray. Since he started as film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times in 1967, and began covering movies locally and at international film festivals, Roger Ebert has met and interviewed countless movie idols, artists and unknowns -- some of them even before they became famous. Roger Ebert has attended international film festivals and events for almost half a century, from the Kolkata International Film Festival to the Academy Awards. The Cannes International Film Festival is the most talked-about film festival of the year, where directors from around the world showcase their newest work, from the most challenging art cinema to the big blockbusters. The opening shot of a movie can tell us a lot about how to view and interpret what follows.

Their bodies are large and rounded in the shape of a hooded carapace, in order to accommodate the internal systems that construct Canoptek Scarabs as needed.
Even in their prime, these systems required constantly looped maintenance cycles lest they degraded beyond repair, and the withering centuries have only hastened this natural decay. Canoptek Spyders move about by anti-gravitic propulsion, albeit more ponderously than the agile skimmer bodies that Necron Destroyers possess. If a triad of Canoptek Spyders are operating in concert, one takes overall command, harnessing the processing capacity of the others to create a gestalt super-mind far greater than the sum of its parts.
However, when doing so there is a chance that the Spyder will drain excess energy in the production of a swarm and take some form of damage to its internal systems.
Thus can the walls of impressive defensive bulwarks and fortresses be undermined, and their perimeters be outflanked. Particle Beamers emit streams of miniscule anti-matter particles that detonate on contact with matter. The Necrons' flavour has been heavily reworked in the 5th Edition to be even more evocative of ancient Egyptian cultural references. Many recent publications have shown utility of VL over direct laryngoscopy (DL) in terms of higher rates of first pass success as well as superior views of the glottic opening. While in theory an alternative airway adjunct may provide a better view for the experienced user, or in a large study it may show increased success rates of first pass intubation, it may not be the right tool for the specific situation at hand. Some survive as eggs, larvae, or pupae, while others make it through the winter as fully-grown adults.
Many aquatic insects wait out the winter at the bottoms of ponds, where they can remain relatively comfortable even when the surface freezes, Sinclair explains. Some crawl within warm pockets carved out by grass and leaves, while others survive on the surface. Department of Agriculture via FlickrThe emerald ash borer.The most sci-fi winter survival strategy insects rely on is similar in spirit if not mechanics to the hibernation of many warm-blooded animals. In this state of suspended animation, "they dona€™t do anything," Sinclair says, "They dona€™t develop.
And all that's stopping non-invasive species, like the mountain pine beetle, "from eating eastern North America," is the blistering cold of the Rockies a€” something we may not be able to rely on for long. Even high-profile pictures become available to home viewers before or at the same time as their theatrical release. There's hardly a major figure in the history of movies, from the last part of the 20th century into the 21st, that he hasn't encountered.
In addition to his coverage, our contributors report the latest from Cannes, Telluride, Toronto, Sundance and other movie showcases world-wide.
For many years, Roger Ebert and a team of contributors have covered Cannes, and we are continuing that tradition with start-to-finish coverage from around the festival. You will receive a weekly newsletter full of movie-related tidbits, articles, trailers, even the occasional streamable movie.
This is combined with their multiple limbs and many compound visual sensors which stare out from a featureless, metallic block to give an arachnoid aspect that enhances the fearful appearance of these monstrous robots. It is a task both endless in scope and thankless in nature, but Canoptek Spyders are patient unto eternity.
Their vast arrays of self-repair and backup systems, vital for enduring the uncaring millennia, offer substantial protection against a foe’s weaponry. This hyper-efficiency is passed onto all Canoptek Wraiths and Canoptek Scarabs in the immediate vicinity, allowing the Canoptek Spyders to coordinate an extremely well-coordinated and precise response to any threat, be it a failed stasis-matrix or an enemy incursion. Produced Scarabs will usually be sent to affect repairs under the direction of their Spyder master, or to repel enemies that threaten their Necron masters. The only warning of an incoming Canoptek Swarm is a deep thrum of muffled chittering, easily lost in the roar of battle. They are incredibly reliable, needing only enough energy to maintain the containment field that prevents their anti-matter from detonating within the weapon’s mechanisms. A recent quality improvement study looking at difficult airways in an academic center also showed great correlation with improved first pass rates using VL in the presence of difficult airway characteristics (i.e.
However as an junior resident, who continues to learn and build on my airway algorithms, I would like to make a argument that utility loses to familiarity in what I would define as an alternative form of a difficult airway.
The Opening Shots Project collects illustrated analyses of some of Jim Emerson's favorites, and contributions from Scanners readers. All Canoptek Spyders have a Fabricator Claw Array that allows them to effect repairs on a Necron tomb’s systems, and these also make for frighteningly destructive weapons.
After the tomb’s primary sentinel computer, Canoptek Spyders are the chief coordinators of a Necron tomb’s guardians.

In return, any enemy foolish enough to stray within reach of a Canoptek Spyder will have their flesh scoured from their bones by an array of mechanical tools and pincers. So it is that any intruders to a Necron tomb are often slain before catching so much as a glimpse of a Necron, having already been overwhelmed by swarms of Canoptek Scarabs and Canoptek Wraiths silently directed by a looming Canoptek Spyder; thus ensuring the safety of their slumbering masters.
When the swarm deems the time right, walls shatter and buildings collapse as the ground beneath them gives way. Particle Beamers are capable of causing highly dangerous blasts amongst their target, and are capable of wounding all but the hardiest of infantry.
Use what you are comfortable with and use what requires the smallest amount of new motor activity.
As if this were not enough, each Canoptek Spyder will have a further selection of weaponry at its command, depending on its specific function. As the buzzing rises to an ear-splitting crescendo, great boreholes open up, spewing dense clouds of Scarabs and hulking Canoptek Spyders into the enemy’s midst.
Remember that it's your airway and the more confident, comfortable and relaxed you are, the smoother the intubation will go.
When the Necrons rise from their crypts, Canoptek Spyders often follow them in battle, both for their combat abilities and their capability for repairing damage that is beyond even the abilities of their Necron masters’ advanced regenerative systems. Canoptek Spyders whose primary duties are oversight, rather than direct action, will craft slaved hosts of Canoptek Scarabs and Nanoscarabs within their abdomens, which are unleashed to effect repairs on nearby Necrons or consume enemies, weapons and armour. The show also demonstrates how the ‘women are strong’ narrative that emerges from this culture might not be as feminist as one might hope. Others employ particle beam dissectors in place of claws and act as sentinels for the slumbering tomb.
On the one hand, the narrative of female strength frees women from the stereotype of femininity as weak and submissive. Whatever the armament, all Canoptek Spyders are programmed to never fall back and will always fight to protect their masters -- even in the face of their own destruction. On the other, it presents female strength as deriving entirely from the ability to endure patriarchal injustice after patriarchal injustice over and over again.
Once a Tomb World has awoken, Canoptek Spyders may accompany their masters on raids and campaigns of conquest. In this way, ‘The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ also skewers ‘empowerment culture,’ from the girl power ethos of the 90s to today’s #yesallwomen activism.
Not only are they deadly combatants, but their Fabricator Arrays make the already resilient Necrons all but indestructible. Women in empowerment culture band together out of necessity, not necessarily because they have a lot in common as individuals, or truly want to be friends, or comrades in arms. The four ‘mole women’ could not be more different from each other in interests, attitudes in life, cultural background, or intellectual ability. But what makes this perhaps Grodin’s best performance is how much range he finds within the seemingly restrictive confines of his deadpan persona. While De Niro does a lot of hilarious, profane gesticulation in the film, Grodin affects a serene calm that nonetheless runs the gamut from calculated annoyance to a persistent decency that gives the story its heart. Sometimes it’s a new super cut; I particularly enjoyed the recent mashup of fake movies in movies by the Screen Junkies.
Other times they take the form of an examination of a specific filmmaker’s tendencies, such as this look at Wes Anderson’s almost fetishistic predilection for centering his shots.
And then there are documentaries, such as Thom Andersen’s brilliant ‘Los Angeles Plays Itself,’ an almost-three-hour film examining the ways in which Los Angeles has been used by the film industry that failed to find distribution for more than a decade thanks to copyright concerns. They get so wrapped up in what's happening that they forget how to dress, and they never learn who they are because they never learn how to take care of anything. If it's hot outside, I'll hang it on the shower rod so that it can air out a bit before I put it away.
Then I'll hang up my shirt if I'm going to wear it again that night, and I change into another shirt that I just wear around the house. My jeans go in the washing machine, my shirts go out (they're starched), and my clothes that need to be dry-cleaned go to the most expensive dry-cleaner. I dry-clean as infrequently as possible—not only because it's psychotically expensive, but also because who knows what it does to the clothes?

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