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View detailsEDZ Kidz ear defenders are designed to protect your child's hearing at noisy events.
SCENE Leela welcomes the viewer while whispering, as she has just put her baby niece Nila to sleep. Muppets Abby's Flying Fairy School is almost on, but first, Murray and Ovejita host "Alphabet Cook-off," where they make a letter N with nutmeg, a nectarine and noodles. Muppets "Super Grover 2.0" is coming soon, but first, Ovejita demonstrates what her remote can do.
Muppets Super Grover 2.0A squirrel wants to display his giant acorn, but his shelf comes lose.
Muppets Elmo the Musical: Circus the MusicalIn today's musical, Elmo plays a "monster with a dream" of joining the circus. The word ‘tinnitus’ comes from the Latin word tinnire meaning ‘to ring’ – a reference to the high-pitched ringing sound that tinnitus commonly manifests itself as. It is not a disease, rather a condition caused by a broad range of possible underlying causes. It is commonly believed that tinnitus is a condition that only affects the elderly or the hard of hearing, however this is a popular misconception.
Although noise-induced hearing loss is probably the most common cause of tinnitus, the condition can also be attributed to a huge number of neurological, medicinal, emotional or physical factors. It may arise as a result of problems, disorders or changes in the inner ear, middle ear, outer ear or the brain.
Tinnitus research studies have shown that certain medicines have also been implicated in tinnitus onset. Keeping a set of ear plugs with you to protect your ears from loud noises is a cheap and easy way to prevent permanent hearing damage and future problems.
If you feel you may be exposed to loud sounds, always carry a pair of foam earplugs and don’t be shy about using them. The word ‘tinnitus’ comes from the Latin word tinnire meaning ‘to ring’—a reference to the high-pitched ringing sound that commonly manifests itself as.
The aims of TRA are to investigate therapies which look to be promising candidates for the reduction of symptoms and to report these findings for the benefit of all sufferers. White nose syndrome is a fungal disease of brown bats caused by Geomyces destructans spores, and characterized by the white fungus on the nose and wings of bats. This flesh-eating fungus damages the bats' wings, causing them to wake up during their hibernation period.
The Tennessee chapter of The Nature Conservancy has made an artificial bat cave in order to reduce the amount of G. There are curled fan belts and netting for gray and Indiana bats, and crevices in the walls for eastern small-footed bats. The cave was built in Tennessee because it is home to about 260,000 bats from 16 species, and is the state with the most documented caves. A pre-existing cave was not able to be disinfected from these spores due to fears of damaging the cave ecosystem where insects, fish, and amphibians also live. During the spring when the bats leave the cave it will be cleaned to keep the spore count low. Former children's television host and scientist Bill Nye recently captured national media attention when he blasted Americans who believe in creationism and reject Darwin's theory of evolution.
The scientific concept of evolution holds that each species on Earth developed from a process of natural selection acting on random genetic mutation.
A separate theory, called Intelligent Design, is one of the more sophisticated alternative theories to evolution, well-known for its support from Lehigh University biochemist Michael Behe.
Biochemistry: Random and undirected processes do not seem capable of producing cellular complexity. Paleontology: The fossil record shows abrupt appearance and generally lacks intermediate fossils. Similarly, a zoology textbook observed that 'Many species remain virtually unchanged for millions of years, then suddenly disappear to be replaced by a quite different, but related, form. Well, her mother Zita is a liger (the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger), and her father Sam is an African lion. Kiara was born in August at the Novosibirsk Zoo in Russia, and is currently being nursed by a domestic cat and with a bottle, because her mother stopped producing milk. Ecologist Haldre Rogers realized something strange was going on as she went roaming through the jungle on Guam and three nearby islands. The spiders, a species of banana spider called Argiope appena, have been thriving because their main predator (and food competition), birds, have been almost completely killed off (there are only a few hundred left on the island) by the snakes. Hopefully this doesn't happen in the Everglades, where Burmese pythons are taking over and killing off the local mammal and bird species. A new study finds the same gene that is responsible for the cheetah's color patterns causes a tabby's stripes. Now "we know where the mutation is in this particular gene" to cause the pattern changes, O'Brien told LiveScience. O'Brien and his colleagues contributed to the original sequencing of the domestic cat genome, which was completed in 2007.
One mystery of cat development is how cats have come to have such varied coats, from solid colors to "mackerel" tabby patterns of thin vertical stripes. A map of kitty pedigrees allowed the researchers to narrow down the genetic culprit to one region of the chromosome containing three large genes.
Three separate mutations of the Taqpep gene in the domestic cat and another mutation in the same gene in the king cheetah can cause the tabby pattern to go from striped to splotchy, and, in the cheetah, from spotty to striped, the researchers found.
The Taqpep gene holds the blueprint for a molecule usually found on cell membranes and used for passing messages from outside the cell to the inside.
The application is called NMHMC Harvey and was created by the National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago.
An invading force is laying the groundwork for a coup in the United States this year, and it's going on right under our noses. And because of an unusual late-season surge in the invasive pest's numbers, scientists and crop specialists worry that the bug could make one of its strongest showings ever when it comes out of hiding in the spring. In early fall, the stink bugs start to look for shelter in warm, indoor crannies, and attics are among their favorite places to set up thousands-thick overwintering settlements.  A late batch of stink bug nymphs was born last October, but the majority probably perished in the field before maturing, Leskey told Life's Little Mysteries. This year, however, two full generations have already managed to reach maturity — likely due in part to an early spring — so more will be ready to weather the winter and start multiplying as soon as spring arrives, according to Leskey.

In the United States, brown marmorated stink bugs are most prevalent in the Mid-Atlantic states. Beyond the unpleasant smell they release when frightened or smashed, the pests pose no threat to homeowners. Herbert said crop infestations in Virginia were not as densely populated this year as they were in 2011 but that the bug has roughly doubled its range since last year, with colonies registered in about 40 of the state's 95 counties. There are no comprehensive estimates on the economic damage caused by stink bugs, but an analysis by the U.S. Both Leskey and Herbert are hopeful that coordinated research and surveillance efforts will help turn the tide against the stink bug. She also said an Asian wasp that is one of the bug's natural predators is being tested for introduction to the United States. Homeowners who want to avoid harboring stink bugs for the winter should make sure their homes are well-sealed, Leskey said.
The endangered Braken Bat Cave Meshweaver spider hasn't been seen in thirty years, but was discovered in a 6-foot deep hole by biologist Jean Krejca after a rainstorm, says the The Huffington Post's Sara Gates. While environmentalists are concerned about preserving the spider's natural habitat, many residents are vexed about what the discovery means for the future of the underpass, which was intended to ease traffic in a heavily congested area. Two-hundred million years ago, a house-cat-size dinosaur that nibbled on plants roamed among Earth's mightiest carnivores. Regardless, this less than two-foot long creature that was apparently covered in porcupine-like quills and weighed less than a modern house cat is pretty cool. The tiny beast also had sharp fangs that were probably used for self-defense since the dinosaurs did not eat meat.
In the video below paleoartist Tyler Keillor from the University of Chicago creates a model of the little vegetarian. The deadly venom of the black mamba contains a painkiller as powerful as morphine, without most of the side effects, James Gallagher of BBC reports. French scientists found that the venom, which black mamba use to paralyze and kill small animals, also contains a potent painkiller.
Morphine is an effective painkiller but is also "addictive and causes headaches, difficulty thinking, vomiting and muscle twitching," writes the BBC.
Black mamba venom, on the other hand, contains proteins called mambalgins that block pain through a completely different route and which seems to produce fewer side-effects. Nicholas Casewell, a snake venom researcher from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in the UK, called it "really, really odd" and suggested to the BBC that the pain-reducing effect may work in combination "with other toxins that prevent the prey from getting away" or may affect other animals differently.
Eric Lingueglia, a pain researcher at Institute of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology in France, noted that the way pain works is very similar in mice and people. The oldest fossil of a spider web ever found is about 130 million years old, but a fossilized spider attack has never been recorded. Designed specifically for children up to age 7, these ear defenders have wide, foam filled ear cushions that fit snugly and comfortably to the child's head. Bags are supplied the same colour as the ear defender purchase except white where a black bag is supplied.
They can be used in a wide variety of settings - from concerts and car races to sporting events and shopping centres. Telly frets that his bouncing will attract more animals, leading to a animal basketball game. They point out sleeping Nila, who he deems as an "occupational hazard" and continues hammering away.
Super Grover 2.0 arrives and tries holding it up, finding that won't work, nor does his sticky tape. At the bigtop, the ringmaster tells him he needs an act before he can join, which Elmo doesn't have yet.
Although it is often described as a “ringing in the ears”, it is not always characterised by a ringing noise – in fact the sound can vary hugely from sufferer to sufferer. In fact, anyone can get tinnitus, from the very young to the very old, and regardless of gender, race or age.
Tinnitus may start suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere, or it may be characterised by a slow and gradual onset. It is not usually a sign of any serious health problem, although when it is persistent or invasive it can cause feelings of anxiety, depression and stress for sufferers. Despite being a relatively harmless symptom, it is capable of causing very real emotional and mental anguish to people.
Brass players and those in the military (if exposed to gunshot noise and explosions) are good examples. This burns their fat reserves quickly and the bats either starve to death or go out looking for food and die from the cold exposure.
There are also air conditioning units to drop the cave's temperature to the required range, a rainwater pipe to maintain humidity and provide drinking water, and a chimney to provide ventilation.
If this is successful it can become a model for other projects around the country to help save the bats. Intelligent Design does not dispute the definition of evolution as "change over time" or, for the most part, that living things are related by common ancestry. Opponents call the practice irresponsible and potentially dangerous, especially if they're kept as pets, according to the Huffington Post. Not that kind of alien, but the brown tree snake, which was introduced to the island 60 years ago. Mutations in this newly identified gene transform a tabby's typical striped pattern into a less familiar "blotched" look. Besides being interesting from a basic science standpoint, O'Brien said, cat genetics may help researchers understand human disease and genetic development.
The researchers were particularly interested in what turns the mackerel pattern into a "blotched" tabby pattern, seen more often in European cats than American ones. They then sequenced the genomes of two batches of tabbies, one with blotched coats and the other striped ones, and narrowed the culprit further to a gene called Taqpep.
Thomas Harvey was the pathologist who performed the autopsy on Albert Einstein at Princeton Hospital on April 18, 1955.
The brown marmorated stink bug, an insect species from Asia that has been steadily expanding its range since it landed on the East Coast 15 years ago, will begin to sneak into the homes of unprepared Americans by the hundreds in the coming weeks, entomologists say. But their wide-ranging appetites and their dearth of natural predators in the United States make them a costly concern to farmers.

Apple Association found that stink bugs cost Mid-Atlantic apple growers $37 million in 2010. Leskey said researchers have isolated an important stink bug pheromone, which could revolutionize trapping efforts.
Sereno, a paleontologist at the University of Chicago, from some fossils originally found in South Africa about fifty years ago. He said he hoped to eventually develop painkillers that could be used in the clinics because lab tests of mambalgins on human cells showed similar chemical effects. It's the "only fossil ever discovered of a spider attack on prey caught in its web," according to researchers at Oregon State University who discovered the fossil in Myanmar's Hukawng Valley.
They realize that Sesame Street is full of loud noises that could possibly wake Nila up as they almost did and become the "Noise Patrol," who will keep surrounding noise to a minimum. Just as he predicts, a monkey, lion and tiger show up and start a noisy game until Telly tackles the players. They decide to dance too, hoping he'll notice them, but he instead tries to school his competition. Telly makes sure he won't use the jackhammer and accidentally starts it up, dragging him out of control. Gonnigan and Abby try to think of how they can wake him up, when Gonnigan remembers he wakes up to the sound of an alarm clock.
The first act, The Great In-Betweeni can't go on (he's stuck between a rock and a hard thing), so Elmo goes on his place. However, the prevalence of tinnitus does tend to increase with age, and it’s been estimated that around 60-70% of sufferers are middle aged. Natural tinnitus treatments are available but there is currently no medical cure for tinnitus so the best action you can take is preventative, avoid exposure to excessively loud sounds at home, in your workplace or at concerts and live music events. So the best preventative action you can take is to avoid your exposure to excessively loud sound. Since it was discovered in 2006 white nose syndrome has killed about 5.5 million bats according to estimates from state and federal wildlife officials. The cave is 78 feet long and 11 feet high, beneath four feet of dirt made of modified road culverts and is equipped with bat friendly features. There is also surveillance equipment to keep an eye on the bats without any human disruption. The fact that this coat-color mutation occurred many times suggests that it may be doing something more useful for the cats than simply changing their spots and stripes. A huge collection of images of his brain and its structures has been digitized, and they are now available to the general public through an iPad app. But the invasive species has now spread to 38 states, including California and Oregon, according to USDA-funded research.
They get some tools to help listen (binoculars and a megaphone), until Leela points out those won't help and their "ear tools" are the only things that will.
Nila manages to sleep through the noise and the animals head to the park to continue their game. Nila remains asleep and the worker heads off for his lunchbreak, bringing his noise to halt. He takes a leap from the trampoline to land between two cacti, but lands on top of instead. Research also suggests that Caucasians are more prone to developing tinnitus than other ethnic groups, and additionally it appears that men are more likely to suffer from the condition than women. A quick ‘stop gap’ protective measure is to moisten some tissue paper and use that as an ear plug. Harvey removed the brain for study, segmented the brain into approximately 170 parts, roughly grouped by the various lobes and brainstem, and then sectioned those parts into hundreds of microscope sections.
Nila is surprisingly still asleep and Grover chides them for setting the music so loud around a sleeping baby. The squirrel then notes the hole has ridges, so Grover tries a rigid potato chip that fails too. About one in ten children in the UK suffer from tinnitus, although the exact number of young sufferers is difficult to find out.
It doesn’t take much to reduce excessive sound levels to acceptable ones and protecting yourself from tinnitus need not interfere with your enjoyment. These sections were mounted on microscope slides and stained to highlight both cellular structure and nerve conductive tissue.
Telly tries to get the area quiet so she can go back to sleep, but Leela stops him, claiming noise can actually help in falling asleep. Harvey’s estate donated the collection to the National Museum of Health and Medicine in 2010. Despite Grover's doubts, the squirrel pulls out his screwdriver and uses the screw to attach his shelf to the tree, keeping it put!
In the spring of 2012, the National Museum of Health + Medicine Chicago (NMHMChicago) obtained private funding support to begin digitizing this collection. This app makes available to the public the portion of the collection that has been digitized to-date. The big finale is Zowie-Zown the Upside-Down Clown, who immediately quits when he hears he's been accepted to law school.
Subsequent releases of this app will add additional materials as their digitization can be completed. Gonnigan kisses Blogg and he wakes up, and notices the apple and heads for it, with his fairy friends tackling him. Elmo tries to do his act and fails to stay upside-down; he decides to give up on his dream.
All profits from the sale of this app will be used to support the Department of Defense’s National Museum of Health and Medicine in Silver Spring, Maryland, as well as the National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago, a 501(c)3 public charity institution.

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