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If you want to operate the radio with the covers off, to verify the repair don't run it long and don't turn up the volume.
Radio Shack sells a different style capacitor which will fit in the place of the original small green capacitors. I knew the static noise was coming from the amplifier board because I could turn volume down all the way and it continued.
Well in some cases you can simply follow the traces with your eyes and a multimeter, but yeah a schematic works wonders.

I don't have very good pictures of where this board is located, but I do have the board repair pictures.
I've had that problem in the past with some GM radios.I always just tossed them and went to a junkyard and rolled the dice on another one. During my school age years, I would play with things like old electronics and mechanical stuff, while my peers were into football and finding which stores would sell you beer without a drivers license.
The failing caps become temperature sensative, and you can touch them with a hot soldering iron.

If the thumping or static changes when you heat one particular cap - then that one is damaged.

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