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Give it a try, turn the volume down a little, and once you get used to listening quietly, turn it down a little more.
Custom-molded ear canal headphones may not seal out noise as well as the noise-cancelers, but they sound a lot better. When Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism gave me the opportunity to choose my own flights from Berlin to Jakarta, I jumped on Skyscanner, and began a search. When Qatar Airways was one of the first airlines to appear for that route, I knew my search was over.
When the counter opened, I approached as normal, only this time, I was given the surprise of my adult flying life — a free upgrade to business class! Thomas Stetz, an Airport Services Manager for Qatar Airways delivered the good news, while I stood there in disbelief. Later, upon passing security and boarding the flight, I took my window seat, 1A, at the front of the plane. Now I understand why people walk around cities wearing these oversized headphones, they really do make a big difference. I don’t know how I can go back to using my Apple ear buds after hearing how well the noise canceling headphones block out the constant roar of plane engines. Another bonus was the designer toiletries by Salvatore Ferragamo, offered both for him and her.
The accompanying nylon bag was nice enough for me to keep, thus replacing the Hefty Ziploc bag I’d been using recently.
I powered up the Oryx in-flight entertainment system, which featured an impressive amount of movies, TV shows, and music. I believe the selection is the same for all passengers, which is one of the nicer aspects of flying Qatar, whether in business class or economy.
The business class bathrooms were equipped with extra amenities, including toothbrushes (which are exactly what I want after a long flight), and disposable razors.
It also smelled nice, and because there are fewer passengers per bathroom, there’s little to no wait time whenever you need the facilities. Along with the entertainment system, it was the food that I remembered best from my 2008 flights.
What impressed me most about the food in business class was that it not only tasted good, but that there was also so much attention given to detail and presentation. I don’t know how the chefs, stewards and stewardesses pull it off, but they deserve to be commended. After dessert was served, we were presented with a box of two chocolate truffles by Godiva. I didn’t get any sleep on the flight from Berlin to Doha, and was in something of a semi-unconscious state when I was deposited in the main transfer terminal.
Qatar Airways operates a separate terminal specifically for premium members, but due to my last-minute upgrade, I wasn’t able to make use of it. The regular Doha transfer terminal was just as I remembered it, only this time, I was able to access a lounge with free food and drinks. The seat positions were controlled by buttons on the armrest, and included massage options. Still full from dinner on the first flight, but wanting to continue sampling the business class food, I chose a few light options. Once the final morsels were consumed, I turned off the entertainment system, fully reclined my seat, and settled into a few hours of quality sleep. Before I knew it, we were landing on the tarmac in Jakarta, and my Indonesian adventure was about to begin. Whether flying business class like a rock star, or economy class (which I flew on my return flights), Qatar Airways continues to impress me with their friendly, attentive service, and commitment to high quality food.

My Berlin to Jakarta flights were arranged by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia, in conjunction with a 2-week trip to the country. I was lucky enough to have that same kind of experience when traveling from Thailand to Paris! We truly pride ourselves in the premium cabin services we provide, and it’s great you were able to experience it first-hand.
While I have not flown with Qatar, I did fly business with Air Canada to Europe to begin my European adventure this year! Now I just have to wait and see what happens with the hurricane hitting the Eastern Seaboard – could be extending my time in Europe! Whilst I have never flown with Quatar Airlines before,your write up has really made me enthusiastic for my forthcoming flight with them in February to the Maldives,I do have to change at Doha, and have not heard many good reports about the airport!. Most people have had the experience of sitting in a very quiet room, like a classroom during a test, and having the silence broken by an unexpected noise, like change falling from someone's pocket.
A person's ability to pinpoint a sound's location comes from the brain's analysis of the sound's attributes. Imagine that the coins in our quiet classroom example hit the floor somewhere to your right. Time and level differences give your brain a clear idea of whether a sound came from your left or your right. ILDs and ITDs require people to be able to hear in both ears, but people who cannot hear in one ear can still often determine the source of sound. Your brain can use a sound wave's reflection off of the pinna, or auricle, of your ear to determine the sound's location. When a sound wave reaches a person's body, it reflects off of the person's head and shoulders. Granted, quiet listening works best in quiet places; in noisy environments stick with in-ear, closed-back, or noise-canceling headphones.
Custom in-ear headphones are more expensive than noise-canceling models, and before you buy a custom-molded headphone, you need to visit an audiologist to have them take "impressions" of your ear canals. The menus were akin to a restaurant on the ground, featuring the creations of celebrity chefs who’d designed them while taking into account the effects of eating in a dry cabin at 35,000 feet.
It added an elegant touch to the otherwise mundane atmosphere. A large, white cloth napkin was also provided, along with enough utensils to last a 7-course meal. Even I have my limits, and thus tucked the box away in my backpack for consumption the following day. This nine-hour flight necessitated a larger plane, which therefore allowed for a larger business class cabin. The TV’s were larger on the 777, though I thought the resolution was better on the smaller screens used on the previous flight. Consisting of a long sleeve shirt and thin, sweatshirt-like pants, I didn’t see anyone using them, but it was nice to have the option. Still full from my two in-flight dinners, I chose the continental breakfast, which included a croissant, bread, and a fruity marmalade presented in a glass jar. Have to say I’ve been very impressed with the food and service in economy on Qatar Airways flights London to Bangkok via Doha. I am sure the flight will more than compensate for that though, even though I am booked in economy!
I’ve never flown them but you have made an excellent write-up about both the Economy flights and the Business Class flights. One attribute has to do with the difference between the sound that your right ear hears and the sound that your left ear hears. Because the sound travels as physical waves through the air -- a process that takes time -- it reaches your right ear a fraction of a second before it reaches your left.

However, these differences carry less information about whether the sound came from above you or below you. This is because the brain can use the sound's reflection off of the surfaces in one ear to try to localize the sound's source.
The brain interprets these differences in the wave's shape, using them to find the sound's origin. Avoid ear buds and open-back headphones, they don't hush external noise so you have to play music a lot louder than you might realize.If you do the bulk of your listening in noisy places, continuing with ear buds (the type that come with phones) may eventually lead to hearing loss from continued exposure over a long period of time to excessively loud sound. Turning toward the sound seems almost instinctive -- in an instant, your brain determines the sound's location.
This is because changing the elevation of a sound affects the path it takes to reach your ear, but it doesn't affect the difference between what you hear in your left and right ears.
We'll look at how researchers have studied this phenomenon and used it to create virtual surround-sound systems in the next section. I covered how ear buds, in-ear, and closed- and open-back headphones work and how they differ on previous blogs. Like you, I had a welcome surprise with a business class upgrade when I flew back to London for the Olympics. Of the few 5-star airlines (by Skytrax) in the world, all are based in Asia (including Qatar Airways, the only 5-star airline from the Middle East). Together, these are the aural cues that the brain uses to figure out where a sound came from. This reduction in volume is because of the natural dissipation of the sound wave and because your head absorbs and reflects a little bit of the sound.
In addition, it can be hard to figure out whether a sound is coming from in front of you or behind you if you're only relying on time and level differences. The reflecting waves interfere with one another, causing parts of the wave to get bigger or smaller, changing the sound's volume or quality. If you have to listen in noisy places or while commuting, consider buying in-ear or closed-back full-size headphones to seal out noise. The difference in volume between your left and right ears is the interaural level difference (ILD).
When you reduce the background noise level competing with the music, you can turn the music's volume way down, and the difference can be very significant. Seeing all these photos of food made me chuckle, because I was taking photos of everything I ordered too. Even though the sounds are coming from a different location, the differences in what your ears hear are still the same. Unlike with ILDs and ITDs, the sound's elevation, or the angle at which it hits your ears from above or below, affects its reflections of the surfaces of the body. The ILDs and ITDs are identical in a cone-shaped area extending outward from your ear known as the cone of confusion.
The reflections are also different depending on whether the sound comes from in front of or behind your body. I find with the better-sounding in-ear and closed-back headphones I can listen at a much lower volume and still not feel like I'm losing detail or the music's energy.

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