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Although stem cell therapy has been used for over 40 years, it still holds enormous untapped potential for both science and medicine. Stem cells have two fundamental properties that make them particularly interesting for medical research: They can divide indefinitely and produce identical copies of themselves.
Medical researchers anticipate being able to use technologies derived from stem cell research to treat a wider variety of diseases including cancer, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injuries, and multiple sclerosis, amongst a number of other impairments and conditions. Stem cell research remains a controversial issue, especially in relation to human embryonic stem cells.
To leave the situation as it currently stands is not viable in the long-term, as future research in this area holds the promise of treating serious debilitating diseases for which currently no treatments are available – such as Parkinson’s or heart disease. Sir John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka won the 2012 Nobel Prize of medicine for their work on the reprogramming of adult cells back into embryo-like stem cells that can be used as replacement tissue for damaged brain or heart cells. The generation of these breast cancer stem cells counteracts the otherwise highly efficient radiation treatment.
Using a unique imaging system Pajonk and his team developed to visualize cancer stem cells, the researchers were able to observe their initial generation into iBCSC in response to the radiation treatment. The team also found that the iBCSC had a more than 30-fold increased ability to form tumors compared to the non-irradiated breast cancer cells from which they originated. Pajonk said that the study unites the competing models of clonal evolution and the hierarchical organization of breast cancers, as it suggests that undisturbed, growing tumors maintain a small number of cancer stem cells. Pajonk stressed that breast cancer patients should not be alarmed by the study findings and should continue to undergo radiation if recommended by their oncologists.
Therefore before radiation treatment is necessary (Dr.Coy diet) to avoid, the transforms of the cancer cells into treatment-resistant cancer stem cells.
March 1, 2012 by Grandbeauch This would be great bc women would not have to almost die to get it treated.
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People with diabetes who have high levels of glucose in the bloodstream may be subject to certain metabolic disorders. Diabetes mellitus refers to a range of metabolic disorders characterized by high levels of glucose in the bloodstream, due to either impaired production of insulin by the pancreas or resistance to the effects of insulin in the body.
Insulin normally binds to insulin receptor molecules on the surface of cells to induce those cells to take up glucose from the blood.
Additionally, stem cells are able to replace damaged endothelial cells that line the inside walls of blood vessels. As you may know, in the summer of 2015 Jack Pearce underwent our revolutionary spinal epidural stimulation and stem cell treatment program with much success. Here at Beike Biotechnology we believe in a holistic approach to health and rehabilitation. Aquatic Physical Therapy is the practice of physical therapy in an aquatic environment by a physical therapist. Patients receiving Beike Biotechnology’s stem cell treatment also receive a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) staple.
Acupuncture is a treatment that stimulates specific sites of the body by using massage, heat, pressure, or thin needles to penetrate the skin at various depths. The clinical research below shows that adult stem cells suppress the immune attack and pancreatic damage. As with many other Ataxia patients, the progressive loss of basic motor functions, speech and balance came as a sudden shock. As you may well know, functional medicine is the foundation of our adult stem cell treatment and protocols. In July United States-based spinal cord injury (SCI) patient Jack Pearce and his wife Ellie traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to document himself receiving adult stem cell treatment combined with an epidural stimulator to dispel or validate these procedures for the SCI community. Imagine the feeling of slowly losing your balance, feeling weakness in your muscles and increased levels of fatigue.
After getting into a car accident in eighth grade, Texas native Trelle Dandridge developed Optic Nerve Atrophy (ONA), which caused her vision to deteriorate over several years to the point where she had to resign from her dream job. ONA is a mild to severe damage to the optic nerve that can adversely affect central vision, peripheral vision and color vision. In Trelle’s case, she suffered head trauma in the car accident and shortly after experienced a strange sensation. Triplets Ali, Abdulla, and Mohamed were born premature at 25 weeks, all suffering from cerebral hemorrhaging. Thankfully, a trip to Better Being Hospital (BBH) for treatment with Beike Biotechnology adult stem cells has given them and their parents hope where there was none before, and both twins are seeing big changes in their spasticity, motor function, eyesight, and general behavior.
Quadriplegic Jack Pearce is set to undergo a new medical procedure that he is hoping may transform his life.
The epidural stimulator is the latest device produced by Medtronic, while the adult stem cells were produced by Beike Biotechnology and will be injected by intravenous injection and lumbar puncture via their SCI treatment protocol.
Heart failure is caused by a decrease in endothelial progenitor cell function, the circulating cells that give rise to the formation of new vessels, and vasodilation, the relaxation of muscles within cell walls to enable the widening of blood vessels. DISCLAIMER: As with any medical treatment, no guarantees or claim of cures are made as to the extent of the response to treatment. Culturing stem cells prior to treatment is thought preferential to simple transplants as practiced in the US. Stem cell treatment for Lyme disease is not available in the US as an approved therapy but there are numerous stem cell clinics overseas offering the experimental procedure, often for upwards of $40,000. The use of stem cell therapy for Lyme disease may not be approved in the US but that does not stop some clinics practicing such therapy due to a legal loophole concerning medical procedures. The problem with such stem cell therapy is that the number and activity of stem cells in the sample tissue is unverified and unlikely to be of significant clinical value. Patients travelling overseas for costly stem cell treatment have a considerable emotional investment in the therapy.
Beike’s stem cells have been used to treat Motor Neuron Diseases (MND) such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS) since 2005. While UCMSC stem cells can protect damaged motor neurons (which are the neurons affected in MND patients) and promote their regeneration, UCBSC stem cells can create new blood vessels to improve overall blood flow to the damaged area, leading to better cellular function. We understand that Motor Neuron Diseases like ALS and PLS are progressive conditions and that time, cost, and effectiveness matter. Beike Biotechnology is partnered with the Better Being Hospital (BBH) in Bangkok, Thailand, to provide the most extensive treatment available for our patients. The medical team at the center uses a combination of two injection methods for our patients diagnosed with Motor Neuron Diseases: intravenous and lumbar puncture.
Based on the clinical data and research stem cells do cross the blood-brain-barrier when injected systemically thus IVs injections carry the same treatment effectiveness as compared to spinal injections.
The Intravenous (IV) delivery method is a very simple process and should already be familiar to most patients.
Below are video interviews recorded during treatment with Beike stem cells regarding patient experience including the improvements they have noticed following the treatment. Adult stem cell therapies already exist, notably in the form of bone marrow transplants used to treat leukaemia. These are particularly promising because they bear unlimited potential to produce specialised cells, which suggests enormous possibilities for disease research and for providing new therapies. Additionally, to close down such a vital avenue of research would be a massive blow to European science and innovation. In the long-term, the discovery could lead to the creation of replacement tissues for treating diseases like Parkinson’s or diabetes. These cells migrate to injured areas within the body and get transplanted and transform themselves into new tissue cells that replace the damaged ones. If scientists can uncover the mechanisms and prevent this transformation from occurring, radiation treatment for breast cancer could become even more effective, said study senior author Dr. In this study, Pajonk and his team eliminated the smaller pool of breast cancer stem cells and then irradiated the remaining breast cancer cells and placed them into mice.

The newly generated iBCSC were remarkably similar to breast cancer stem cells found in tumors that had not been irradiated, Pajonk said. However, if challenged by various stressors that threaten their numbers, including ionizing radiation, the breast cancer cells generate iBCSC that may, together with the surviving cancer stem cells, repopulate the tumor. Johannes Coy in Germany found, that the enzym Tktl1 is found by EDIM-Technology increast in metastasize cancers.
Stem cells are normal body cells that can develop into a variety of other cell types in order to replenish the body’s supply of specialized cells as the need arises. When they encounter areas of pancreas damage, they can develop and mature into new pancreas cells.
Adipose, or fatty tissue, produces pro-inflammatory compounds, called cytokines, that bind to insulin receptors, making the affected cells incapable of responding to insulin.
They respond to chemical signals released by injured body organs by migrating to the areas of damage and transforming into the appropriate cell to replace those that have died. Within weeks he regained voluntary movement just as all others who have utilized this breakthrough technology have. Therefore, when patients arrive to Better Being Hospital and receive our stem cell treatment they can also receive a therapy that is focused on improving balance, muscle strength, pain reduction and supports better management of neurological conditions. The unique properties of the aquatic environment enhance interventions for patients with neurological or muscular skeletal conditions.
Acupuncture is a reliable treatment to improve the body’s blood flow, reduce muscle and neurological pain, and even enhance the effectiveness of stem cell therapy. These specific sites are called ‘acupuncture points’ a point where muscle, nerves and connective tissue can be simultaneously stimulated.
We believe the effects, which started at 4 months after the treatment and continued up to 12 months, involve a change in the disease prognosis and could mean a delay in disease evolution.
Mood swings, loss of balance and slurred speech were the symptoms that ultimately led her to seeking medical help. This exclusive combination aims to create the ideal environment in the body for the stem cells to target the area of injury or disease.
He will now be offering his pre- and post-treatment evaluation services exclusively to our patient’s seeking adult stem cell treatment. To do this he worked with the treatment center Better Being Hospital and stem cell producer Beike Biotechnology Co., Ltd to create a six-part video series to document the various aspects of the treatment and to track his improvements. Ice graduated from the Faculty of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2014.
Imagine being told by the doctor that you will be unable to do every day tasks that could be completed so easily. After carrying out extensive research on their son’s condition, they decided that stem cell therapy would be the most effective.
Jack and his wife Ellie arrived in Bangkok, Thailand on July 5th, 2015 for a procedure which utilizes an implanted epidural stimulator to allow Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) patients to voluntarily move their limbs.
Under this protocol, Jack will also be receiving the recommended physical and occupational therapy, nutrition counseling, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, acupuncture, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and aquatherapy under the functional medicine program provided with his stem cell treatment.
Recent studies show that allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells are able to restore endothelial function in heart failure by stimulating progenitor cells. The self-renewing properties of mesenchymal stem cells mean that they enable endothelial progenitor cells to multiply. Results vary from patient to patient, even with a similar diagnosis, as the body's internal status is unique to each individual patient.
Despite anecdotal evidence available on personal blogs and Lyme disease forums, there remains no clinical trial data, or rigorous scientific evidence to support the claim that stem cell therapy can cure, reverse, or in any way treat symptoms of Chronic Lyme disease or acute infection with Borrelia bacteria. The culturing procedures undertaken in the laboratory are designed to vastly increase the population of stem cells and separate these from the other cell types so as to have a specific cell population for transplantation. Many of the clinics offer an all-round package including physical therapy, counselling, and even sightseeing and entertainment along with the stem cell treatment. ALS, PLS and other MNDs are progressive conditions and the aim of the treatment is to temporarily reverse the disease symptoms to achieve better quality of life. In order to maximize the efficiency and minimize the cost, this specially designed MND protocol utilizes high dosage packs of UCMSC stem cells in addition to the traditional UCBSC stem cells. This partnership brings stem cells therapy to another level as BBH is the first accredited center in Asia for functional medicine.
Moreover hematopoietic stem cells (which are part of our UCBSC stem cells) tend to work better when injected systemically. A tubing line with a catheter tip threaded over a needle is placed into the patient’s vein. It is a procedure used to access the cerebrospinal fluid of the brain and spinal cord and helps to deliver stem cells directly into the cerebral spinal fluid, bypassing the blood-brain barrier. The improvements mentioned in these videos are typical in patients with Motor Neuron Diseases, however it does not guarantee that all patients may have improvement.
In the future, medical researchers anticipate being able to use technologies derived from stem cell research to treat serious debilitating diseases for which no treatments are currently available, including Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injuries.
Stem cell therapy is already proving its therapeutic potential with the first European-developed therapy based on human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) approved in 2012 by the European Medicines Agency for a treatment for age-related macular degeneration, a cause of sight loss and blindness.
In the case of stem cells, we are no longer talking about nebulous promises for the future, but about therapies within tangible reach. Frank Pajonk, an associate professor of radiation oncology and Jonsson Cancer Center researcher. Researchers collect adult stem cells from bone marrow and cord blood or embryonic stem cells from human embryos. Additionally, they release growth factors that stimulate progenitor pancreas cells to begin multiplying to fill in and repair areas of damage. As this insulin resistance causes blood sugar levels to rise, the pancreatic beta cells increase their production of insulin until they begin to wear out prematurely and die.
Furthermore, in cases of chronic pain from damage to peripheral nerves, stem cell treatment induces and speeds the healing of the nerves and may reduce the amount of pain that patients experience.
A key factor in the speed of improvement compared to similar programs is the comprehensive treatment protocol combining Beike Biotechnology’s proprietary allogenic stem cells and a functional medicine based rehabilitation program, Stem Cell Plus+™. Due to the relaxing nature and support of the water it is a great physical therapy option for patients of all ages and varying conditions. Aquatic therapy includes a wide range of techniques, including aquatic bodywork, physical therapy, aquatic exercise, and other movement-based therapy performed in water. There are over 350 acupuncture points positioned on 12 meridians (pathways) throughout the body. At this time, more than 500 patients have been treated with Beike produced adult stem cells.
This was life for Alexandra Neumann until she found Beike Biotechnology and the adult stem cells they have provided for over 750 Ataxia patients. While there is still great research into this condition, not much is known about the various Ataxia diagnoses. This is done by treating the patient as a whole and looking for the root cause of the condition, not merely treating the symptoms; it is a systemic approach and one that has helped patients around the world. These results are to be validated by Brooks Rehabilitation in Jacksonville, Florida who did pre-treatment assessments and will monitor the ongoing stem cell activity and continue his physical therapy with the epidural stimulator. Her area of expertise is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including TCM and Tung Acupuncture, Tuina (Chinese massage therapy), Moxibustion, Cupping, Chinese herbal medicine, Orthopaedic and Gynecology TCM.
After a misdiagnosis, Juliet’s health deteriorated to the point that she was incapable of climbing stairs and walking without assistance by the end of 2013.
The expectation from the first stem cell treatment was that Flynn would be able to talk, which he was unable to do by the age of 9.
My mom and sister who were also in the car accident said it looked fine, other than some cuts from glass.” Her mother, a nurse, monitored her and all seemed fine until her mother realized Trelle didn’t notice when she walked away from her at a grocery store.
While the twins Abdulla and Mohamed survived, both had serious problems in the intensive care unit; Abdulla had a shunt but he was more stable than Mohamed whose brain white matter was effected by the bleeding.

This procedure also includes adult mesenchymal stem cell therapy, which has had dramatic results in two previous patients with results showing in weeks rather than months as outlined by Dr.
Research such as this marks a significant turning point in the manner that heart failure is treated. This improves the vascular reactivity, thus normalising the endothelial function in patients with heart failure. Because of this fact we cannot offer, infer or suggest that there is any certainty of a given outcome. The mechanisms proposed for the efficacy of stem cell therapy for Lyme disease are varied and complex, with embryonic stem cell therapy, allogeneic, and autologous stem cell treatments offered to desperate patients. Laboratory grown stem cell populations can also be screened for infection, abnormality, and cultured in such a way as to direct their application once transplanted. It is extremely difficult to separate out the causes of any improvements seen by patients at such clinics, especially as the treatment protocols vary between individuals and are not monitored as part of an ongoing controlled clinical trial.
Upon receiving your medical information our doctors can give you additional guidance regarding your particular condition. This unique protocol allows for only 4 injections of stem cells totaling more than 200 million cells over 8 days only. Once proper placement is obtained, the needle portion is removed and the flexible plastic catheter is left in place in the vein with the tubing attached.
Our doctors have determined that this is the least invasive method for delivering stem cells directly into the central nervous system. Standing still is not an option for the EU in this hugely promising and increasingly competitive field.
The European Pharmaceutical industry is supporting medical progress with the creation of a stem cell bank by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), the world’s largest public-private partnership.
Despite these benefits, there are strong lines of divisions throughout EU Member States on the issue of stem cell research. Relocation of this research will not make it disappear; it will just slow access for European patients to the fruits of this research.
Stem cell can form nerve cells, muscle cells and blood cells which cannot multiply themselves and have limited life spans.Stem cells are the foundation cells for every organ, tissue and cell of the body. When used to treat diabetes, stem cells may help restore insulin production in the pancreas, increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin, and control many of the consequential complications of uncontrolled high blood glucose levels, such as heart disease, kidney failure, and peripheral neuropathy.
Stem cells have a significant capacity to prevent the manufacture of the cytokines by producing inhibitor compounds, such as interleukin-10.
A typical stem cell treatment for diabetes involves the administration of several million stem cells every other day over the course of a week. Of course, stem cell treatment, if it works out, is a better option. I wish this would be a cure for diabetes. I can't wait until more doctors are able to do stem cell therapy for diabetes, I desperately want to get it. This sparked a fundraising campaign which led to much news coverage and gave Kevin a platform in which to share his story and the disappointment that many others face when confronted with conditions such as Glaucoma. For this round of treatment Jack received a total of 10 allogenic umbilical cord derived stem cell injections, consisting of 6 umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell packs (UCMSCs) and 4 umbilical cord blood stem cell packs (UCBSCs) totaling a minimum of 410 million stem cells. The therapy is designed to improve function, muscular strength, body mechanics and stabilization.
Stimulation of these points activates the body’s natural painkillers as well as increasing blood flow.
The combination of Beike Biotechnology’s adult stem cells with a functional medicine base is the most comprehensive stem cell treatment available worldwide. Jack is now safely home in Florida and is taking stock of his improvements and preparing for the next stage of documentation.
She has been working with Better Being Hospital for one year and has worked in other international hospitals around Asia prior to settling in Bangkok. She consulted a different neurologist who diagnosed her with Type 1 Spinocerebellar Ataxia. Both now live with Cerebral Palsy (CP) which greatly alters their quality of life and ability to live independently. A generic tissue transplant may contain some stem cells but many of these will simply die off. For many, such trips overseas garner little benefit, but these patients tend not to gain publicity in traditional or new media outlets. The stem cell solution mixed with the cord blood serum will be administered through the IV (after the evaluation by local medical staff, Dexamethasone may be considered beforehand to avoid any potential allergic reactions). Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) is used by the body to provide protection for the brain and spinal cord, limiting the possibility of injury to these areas. Currently, not all EU Member States allow embryonic stem cell research and many of these countries are pushing for its exclusion from EU budget lines. Stem cell treatment for diabetes works by repairing damaged tissues in the pancreas, kidney and blood vessels, and by inhibiting inflammatory chemicals that contribute to insulin resistance. In a clinical study in Argentina, using this treatment for insulin-requiring diabetic patients enabled about 85% of those patients to stop their insulin injections. By blocking the production of pro-inflammatory chemicals, stem cells allow the insulin receptors to retain their ability to bind to insulin. I'm optimistic about it but I do think that many diabetics will be opposed to this therapy on ethical or religious basis. I think it's quite costly as of right now and I doubt health insurance companies will cover it anytime soon. Diabetes runs in my family but hopefully my children and grand-children will never have to suffer from it. Aquatic therapy works to enhance the rehabilitation process and support the effectiveness of stem cell treatment. This is highly beneficial for stem cell patients as it enhances the reparative response of the treatment, increases movement of natural immune cells, anti-inflammatory cells and key nutrients significant in healing, thereby accelerating recovery and rehabilitation. With the lack of information comes a severe lack in treatment options for Ataxia, leaving adult stem cell treatment as the most effective treatment option to date.
In more problematic cases, a tissue transplant from one area of the body could lead to abnormal cell growth in the transplant area as specific types of stem cells continue to follow the biochemical cues from their fellow transplanted fat or bone tissue cells. Positive effects of treatments are often reported as occurring in a very short space of time which makes many medical professionals suspicious as to the actual involvement of stem cell therapy in such improvements. The body constantly produces CSF and thus any withdrawn fluid is naturally replaced within a few hours. EFPIA believes that these concerns should be balanced with the needs of patients for new medicines and vaccines. Stem cells from the bone marrow can develop into cardiac muscle, as well as liver, brain, nerve, fat and skin tissue. Longstanding neurological damage can take years to heal and may never fully resolve making it extremely unlikely that any short-term or immediate treatment effects are due to nerve repair or regrowth.
Ice has a strong medical background and much hands-on experience with patients seeking stem cell treatment.
Determining the longevity of such effects, as well as their cause is paramount in refining treatment protocols but this is unlikely to occur any time soon in the US, leading patients to travel to overseas clinics at their own risk for stem cell treatment for Lyme disease. In a developing embryo, stem cells can differentiate into all of the specialized embryonic tissues. Highly plastic adult stem cells from a variety of sources, including umbilical cord blood and bone marrow, are routinely used in medical therapies.

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