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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact NetFirms directly. Around ten years ago I went to see the now defunct Aussie beer-rockers Jet at the UK's also now defunct Oxford Zodiac.
NME—a time so musically exciting that going to fewer than three gigs a week wasn't really an option. My ears roaring, Google (it was probably Yahoo back then, actually) told me that I had tinnitus: the internal perception, often permanent, of sound when no external sound is present. Despite these high-profile sufferers talking about tinnitus—and despite an annual Tinnitus Awareness Week—public awareness of the risks of getting the condition is pitifully low. As people like Dominic, Eddy, and myself realized too late—and as is the case for any preventable ailment—prevention is better than cure. Currently the most effective treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus are largely limited to hearing aids and surgery to have implants related to the cochlea—a tiny part of the inner ear.
Everyone with tinnitus yearns for a magic pill to banish the screeching, in the same way that painkillers end a headache. There is good recent evidence suggesting that as well as damage to hair cells in the cochlea causing tinnitus, connections between those cells and the brain could also become damaged by noise exposure.
Various clinical trials involving drugs containing Furosemide are taking place, and it may not be too long before they hit the market. After ten years of having tinnitus, I've learned to accept it simply because there is no other option.
To stop yourself from getting tinnitus in the first place—or to stop it getting worse—buy some professional-style molded earplugs. Masking tinnitus with music or a white noise app works well, and so does keeping your brain occupied with active thoughts. If you suffer from tinnitus—or if you just want to find out more about the condition—visit the American Tinnitus Association.

At Memtech Acoustical, we believe in educating our customers on the importance of noise control.
I was used to my ears ringing for a few days after seeing the Libertines, or Interpol, or Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but after that Jet show, it just stayed.
I was livid that I'd been changed like this by doing nothing more than what I assumed were common activities: playing a musical instrument and going to shows. Hearing damage can occur when sound volume exceeds 80 decibels, and with a loud gig clocking in at around 115 decibels, a whole tour's worth of loud gigs is a pretty surefire way to do your ears in. His ears first got mutilated by a Van Halen gig in the 70s, and he's since become an ambassador for the British Tinnitus Association, campaigning to make more people aware of the condition.
It is thought that when hair cells in the cochlea get damaged by loud noise, tinnitus can follow. Based on this, research at the University of Western Australia has suggested that the medicine Furosemide could be effective in repairing this damage.
But don't get too excited—it might sound like a sort of morning after-pill for the ears is on its way, but Holme has warned against anyone getting their hopes up quite yet. The ringing in my ears went from "pretty annoying" to "power-drill annoying" in 2010, after watching Guns 'N' Roses' Leeds Festival set—a medical indignity even worse than the Jet incident.
I mention this not for comment-box sympathy but to prove that you do return from the lowest depths.
But with researchers mainly relying on money from under-funded charities such as Action on Hearing Loss and the American Tinnitus Association in the US, that one magic pill is unlikely to hit stores in our lifetimes. Advanced Communications Solutions make brilliant plugs that you can barely feel or see, and that retain sound quality. Dominic: "Pretending to block it out can be a bad tactic, and it can make you manic, feeling like you always have to be talking or moving.
Eddy: "I had terrible insomnia, so now I watch a cooking show before I go to bed, then do the recipe in my head in real time—chopping the onions and everything.

We have compiled a list of educational articles that focus primarily on the areas of noise and hearing conservation. Not because the band or any of their music is particularly memorable, but because, since that show, I've been permanently tormented by what sounds like a jet engine being fired directly into my ears. People can get it after activities such as scuba diving or following an ear infection, but for young people the most frequent cause is noise exposure. He's become a sort of kindly uncle figure for kids with fucked ears, spending plenty of time chatting to new tinnitus sufferers on email and Twitter.
Ralph Holme, head of biomedical research at UK research-funding charity Action on Hearing Loss, "They are great treatments, but they are just a sticky plaster on the problem. But while such a pill is unlikely to be a reality any time soon, Holme is still excited by drug research in the area.
They cost around $200 to $300, but you can get decent off-the-rack plugs for about $30 that are better than nothing. We hope that by sharing our own knowledge, as well as information from others, we can demonstrate the necessity and significance of proper noise control. The brain adjusts, you notice it less, and you accept you've just got to get on with living with tinnitus rather than being mentally dominated by it.
Feel free to browse through these articles and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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