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On 8th August 2014, Jim Velasco has recorded an extraordinary video of an unidentified flying object. From antiquity to today, science has been man’s ultimate tool in the attempt to understand how the natural world works, with empirical evidence as the basis of that understanding. The Harbour Mille incident wasn’t just another bizarre UFO story but the reported sightings of multiple unidentified flying objects during the night of January 25, 2010, near Harbour Mille, Canada. Even though medical science assures us that head injuries burn cells and technically make us “dumber” (ask boxers), this isn’t the case for Jason Padgett, who became a mathematical genius overnight after an attacker punched him in the head. Padgett is one of only forty known people in history to have “acquired­savant syndrome,” an unexplained condition in which trauma to the head results in the emergence of remarkable talent in math, art, or music.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission failed to figure out the reason behind the death of dozens of turtles in Keystone Heights in January 2012.
A strange report emerged from Chile in 2013 detailing sightings of a peculiar winged creature. Last year, in the Golan Heights near the border of Syria and Israel, a three-year-old boy claimed he remembered being murdered in a previous life. In 2014, curious observers and eagle-eyed Internet users spotted an alleged “thigh bone” in images taken on Mars by NASA’s Curiosity rover. A twenty-three-year-old student whose name has not been disclosed has fallen victim to one of the most extreme recorded cases of deja vu ever. A ring-shaped crater was first spotted about two months ago by geophysicist Christian Muller in Antarctica’s King Baudoin Ice Shelf during a routine survey flight over the region in December.
Last summer police officers from Edmonton, Canada, investigated one of the weirdest cases in the history of the department. Recently, a very strange and unusual natural phenomenon occurred that most experts can’t explain. Many researchers from universities in the US, UK, and Poland have recently found that different types of icebergs can be identified from their acoustic signatures. I know what you’re probably thinking after seeing “UFO” in the title but in this case it looks like what you see in the picture isn’t a result of Photoshop (or a fanatical claim of alien abduction). Few people in history have had the bad or good (depending on how you see it) luck of having a near-death experience during their lifetime but apparently that’s not the case for forty-nine-year-old Beverley Gilmour who has had over a thousand near-death experiences in the past thirty years!
On the day of the rare snowstorm in Libya in 2012, strange clouds, which looked like a tidal wave of cotton filling, “conquered” the sky above Panama City Beach. The strange sound heard throughout Costa Rica in 2012 became somewhat of a global phenomenon. A team of researchers who have been studying deer populations at the Xuan Lien Nature Reserve in Vietnam’s Thanh Hoa province were amazed when they rediscovered a species that disappeared over eighty-five years ago and hadn’t been seen for nearly a century.
A medical mystery surrounds the unexplained condition of twelve-year-old Landon Jones, a boy who never gets hungry or thirsty. However, ever since then, the boy has no physical desire to eat or drink, even though he can still taste and smell normally.
A strange chunk of rock containing thirty thousand individual diamonds was unearthed in a Russian mine two months ago.
Huge numbers of the organism known as “by-the-wind sailors” have been washing up along the West Coast during the past few months. Two Russian pilots recently reported seeing a strange but beautiful underwater light show while flying near Kamchatka. The strangest thing, however, is that there were no storms in the region at the time of the sighting and neither of the men had ever seen anything like it before.
In 2012 thousands of dead herring carpeted a stretch of coast in northern Norway and then (even more bizarrely) disappeared. Following a hailstorm in England, tiny blue jelly-like spheres about 3 cm in diameter fell from the sky. The locals of a small Arkansas town witnessed a really macabre phenomenon back in 2012 when they saw over 5,000 dead blackbirds drop from the sky in the early hours of the New Year. I don't like LCD screens (they are expensive, worse image quality, and with more problems), but after a long time I discovered that many LCD monitors have an external transformer! So I looked for a secondhand one and found a bargain: TFT TAXAN CV 650, 15", with speakers, and external transformer, for just 80 euros. It doesn't produce the same noise I am used to (at the moment; it's still rather new), but it has its own problems. All monitors emanate electromagnetic radiation which depends on the shown image, and they can be captured with a radio (at the first section there's a video about this).
Fortunately, I have a solution: bring the volume to zero, or connect a headphone so that the sound stops going out the speakers.
I haven't recorded this noise, since it has a very high frequency and is difficult to hear. I have seen in many computers (laptops and desktops) that some programs, namely the icewm window manager, cause a high whining noise when active.
This happens due to the variation of the magnetic field at a rate of 50 times per second: at the first semicycle (+) the laminae are attracted to the field, and at the second (-) they are repelled. At my yoke there's also a brown substance, but I don't know whether it serves the same purpose. And on the other hand, the ones which make noise (vertical deflection ones) are internal and hard to access (you must remove the yoke).
I was told to use silicone oil instead of silicone rubber to penetrate into the laminations and stop the vibrations on the flyback transformer. My old electrical panel is strange… I think it shows the 2 branches, one of which has a three-phase switch.
Some of those parameters of my installation might be the threat which breaks down the transformers of all appliances.
Different methods for grounding equipment have been proposed, some clumsy and some clumsier.

From attaching the ground wire to a heater, to burying it in a plant pot, and even clamping the ground wire to the cold water pipe under the sink in the kitchen or bathroom (this pipe probably goes to the ground). A standard solution is to run a cable to the ground and connect it to a copper rod underground; you can do it yourself if you don't mind seeing an extra cable outside the building. I also heard about "cheap ways" to avoid residual current (I don't even know if that's possible), like buying 2 specific ceramic capacitors and connecting them in series with some wires (phase, neutral and ground).
Anyway, according to the basic principles of transformers, given a higher voltage a lower current is consumed. Consuming less current shouldn't be a problem (I hope), and a higher tension shouldn't cause big trouble because -according to some contacts- the dielectic strength (maximum voltage which the insulating material withstands) of monitor transformers tends to be at around 250V to 400V (in primary coil). Contrary to a voltage peak, a drop will raise the current level, according to basic transformer theory. One person with the same problem told me some suspicions about a powerful air conditioning machine (5'5 kW).
It makes sense because since it has a motor, it has a larger inductive component than the reactive and capacitive ones. Someone suggested attaching capacitors in parallel as a solution to brief power interruptions.
Then someone else argued that it wouldn't be a solution because capacitors charge and discharge with a phase succession; when there's a very brief power outage this succession stops and the capacitor doesn't work until it fully discharges and can start its cycle in a new succession. If this is correctly understood, then a solution can be to repair some components in the monitor to make them high-quality.
I should also mention that other people have experienced a similar (or the same) problem with a less than 5 year old electrical installation. The worst that could happen to me is that some months after buying one, it started to buzz.
Since few days, I am already using a LCD, and currently it doesn't produce that noise (it makes others, due to different causes). Someone recommended me cables of 2 mm diameter and single thread (2 mm thickness) for a setup with 2 lines and up to 10 KW loads. Since 2010 I have virtually all these, as we renewed the wiring in our floor (not in the entire building).
I still have to try an analogic voltmeter (not digital), to appreciate better the peaks in the tension. Someone recommended me that an electrician bring here a network analyzer, that sounds great.
Some say that devices are generally not well designed (specially if they vibrate also when they're new). These parts may be replaced: you can try to locate in the power supply the particular transistor which might be overheating, and in a store you can buy another one which has the same features but supports more power.
Any overheating probably implies a power drop, so by measuring only the radiated heat you might identify the inappropriate component.
To test whether laminations in a transformer vibrate, a suggestion is to insert a paper sheet between them. I think that replacing underdimensioned monitor components is a very good proposal to improve the monitor's health, although it can be a bit risky for non-experts. My neighbours agree that it would be nice to have earth grounding in the building, but there's no budget and not a great interest either.
However, many cases have been recorded in which even science can’t reasonably explain certain natural phenomena which some might refer to as miracles, and which others call unexplained mysteries. At least three UFOs were spotted and according to the descriptions of various witnesses, the objects looked like missiles but emitted no noise. The thirty-one-year-old man was a college dropout who had no background in mathematics beyond the everyday basics or did not engage in any spiritual activity or interests whatsoever. Locals noticed the dead turtles at the end of Pinon Road and after further investigation, experts ruled out traumatic death as the cause.
The young man, who witnessed the mysterious animal flying between two trees near Bustamante Park in Santiago, Chile, described it pretty much as a cross between Batman and Dracula: bat-like wings, a beak full of razor-sharp teeth, tearing claws, and a long tail with a flanged end.
The boy said he was murdered with an axe, ushering elders to where his murdered body was buried. This was one of the latest in a long line of bizarre objects claimed to have been sighted in Mars photographs, and as it usually happens in these cases, a logical explanation has yet to be given by NASA.
According to his own claims, he has such a strong sensation of having done things before that he can barely function and recently had to drop out of college. The mystery surrounding this 2 km ice ring in Antarctica led Muller and his team to discover two previous studies pertaining to a large meteorite around the size of a house that was believed to have landed somewhere in the Antarctic back in 2004.
What they found instead were the long-lost remains of a seventeenth-century ship that they believed to be the Griffin, a vessel built by French explorer Robert de La Salle in 1679.
The entire sand volume at Porthleven in Cornwall (UK) mysteriously disappeared due to a freak tide, but after a second high tide a few hours later, the entire sand volume was re-deposited on the beach, returning it to its original state. As you can clearly see in the photo taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover, there’s a clear shadow of an actual person working on repairing the rover while standing right next to it. By placing underwater microphones near the Hans Glacier in Svalbard (in the Arctic Ocean), they were able to monitor the process of ice breaking away from the main flow. The strange burning object was sighted by multiple witnesses across two countries (Brazil and Argentina) last month. In 2013, doctors and scientists studying her condition, classified her incredibly unique case as the only known one in the world and have yet to give any logical explanation as to why this woman has been flirting with death over and over again. On January 9, 2012, thousands of Costa Ricans awoke to a strange loud sound that emanated from the sky. So far, they don’t have a scientific explanation for this bizarre development, which has caused many conspiracy theorists to label the situation as an unexplained “resurrection” of sorts. The boy, from Cedar Falls, Iowa, noticed something was wrong when he woke up on October 14, 2013, feeling dizzy and suffering from chest congestion.

Consequently, Landon’s weight has dropped dramatically and his parents have to constantly remind him to eat and drink. The red-and-green tinted rock is considered to be so rare and unusual that it was donated to science so that research could be carried out on its composition and origins.
The blue sea creatures have started to turn up on America’s shores in such large quantities that in some regions they are believed to number in the billions. They first spotted the phenomenon around five hours into their flight from Hong Kong to Alaska. The original estimations of twenty tons of dead fish couldn’t be verified simply because before the locals could start the official count, the fish disappeared.
What’s even more mysterious is that this was the second year in a row that dead birds had fallen as the calendar year changed. For 6 euros I bought one of 15" with some scratches on its screen (there are some black pixels, but I use it at text mode and I don't mind them). That was just what I was looking for: if I know that the nearest device to my outlet is going to corrupt, then it's better if that is one which I can move away or hide in a case.
Firstly, when I decrease brightness, it makes more and more noise, a buzzing like a mosquito.
But anyway, if I want to listen to music, it's better to display a black background at the screen to reduce the radiations and thus interferences.
At that photo, you can can see a bit of them just touching the tube, under the upper surrounding coil which is tied by a white band. Others keep telling me that it certainly is the cause of my problems, and that nothing will improve without it (because all filters need to derive bad things to earth) . In addition, capacitors in continuous activity are a tremendous armonics source in the power installation.
But this doesn't solve the problem of the spoiling of other devices; something is wrong in my electrical system and I want to find the problem, fix it, and explain it here.
Particularly, if a component provides a power which is less or almost equal to the needed one, it will suffer from overuse, it will heat excessively; this heat will loose varnish around coils, and the loose coils will be able to vibrate and create noise. Of course, we won’t try to explain any of these strange phenomena, but instead list 25 of the most shocking that have occurred during the first half of this decade. Was this flying reptile a figment of the young man’s imagination or does it provide living proof that prehistoric creatures still exist? The creepiest part of this story is that what they found there was a skeleton with the murder weapon lying next to it. Although no official explanation has been given for his condition, according to psychology expert Dr.
The researchers now believe that the ice ring they found might be the impact site of a meteorite that struck the area 11 years ago. The newly discovered wreck, however, has turned out to be somewhat of a mystery as experts have been unable to agree on whether it’s actually the ship the treasure hunters claim it is or something that hasn’t even been historically recorded. Most conspiracy theorists have jumped to various conclusions with the two most popular being that either a human is already capable of traveling to and living on Mars, or that the mission is a hoax and that the rover never even went there, and all these photos have been taken at the same studio where the moon landing was shot. Although they all agree that this natural phenomenon is real, no one can explain how it occurs and so it remains a mystery.
Most astronomers theorize this to be a comet though a certain explanation has not been found. Many frightened civilians called the authorities to report the apocalyptic-sounding hum but the lame explanation concerning the thunderous sound that they received left most of them even more suspicious.
A chest X-ray later showed he had a bacterial infection in his left lung, which later healed. It began with a sudden intense flash in the distance before red-and-orange glows could be seen permeating the ocean.
A local witness reported that he found a few spheres and noticed that they had an exterior shell and a softer inner one but did not smell, weren’t sticky, and did not melt. But this doesn't mean that "all monitors are noisy", since I also have experienced the progressive spoiling of monitors which at the beginning were silent. And if I must discard some piece of hardware, it won't be the entire monitor, but just the transformer.
Now it might seem I'm crazy, but I frequently hear people speaking in Russian in there (later I discovered that it was a radio, always the same frequency). The solution is to identify that component and replace it with one which can provide more power. Of course, no official scientific answer has been given yet concerning this eerie phenomenon, and we have a feeling that research into this case will last for years if not decades to come. Christine Wells, this could be the first-ever recorded instance of psychogenic deja vu, which could be triggered by anxiety rather than a neurological condition such as dementia or epilepsy. The victim was treated for second-degree burns at a local hospital, and all the doctors who reviewed his case said they have never seen anything like it and can’t explain it. The only sure thing is that the mysterious cloud formations in Panama City Beach that day had the weather world buzzing.
But just after connecting it at my home (even through the protector), it was producing the same noise than the others. This is the most credible cause+solution which I have until now, but I don't have sufficient expertise to put it into practice.

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