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Strange Metal Clunk Noise from Passenger-rear, when turning left in or out of my driveway?? Thread: Strange Metal Clunk Noise from Passenger-rear, when turning left in or out of my driveway?? I also seem to get quite a bit of rattling from the rear when going over slightly bumpy roads.
I run a NS RSB as well and it developed the same noises this summer to what you have described.
To service a Neuspeed RSB, will I need to drop the exhaust and heat sheild to properly re-lube it? You can't see your engine bay while you drive, and popping your hood in a parking lot to show off parts is as stupid as listing them in your signature.. Anyone ever had this "clunk" problem and discovered it to be the factory endlinks? Yes, check the endlinks first, I had the same noises with the ns swaybar and it was a bad endink. I'm thinking about trying to pickup some OEM RSB bushings to replace the Neuspeed bushings to see if that gets rid of all of the crazy noise! I know that the OEM RSB is a smaller diameter than my NS RSB - but I thought I remember reading somewhere that people have squeezed the OEM ones on their aftermarket RSBs to have reduce under-carriage chatter - I could be crazy, but I swear I read that somewhere? I don't think the OEM bushings will work with the NS bar, at least if it's the same one I have.
At firts I thought it was inadequate tire balancing, but that didn't fix the rumbling or slight vibration felt at the wheel. It's not either the 4H engaged, as I tested it in wet grass (actually the rumbling noise is a bit like that of binding). Did you change both or just the left cause when you turn left your putting all the weight on the right side causing noise and obviously when you turn right your taking the weight off that side hence why it goes away. A friend showed me how to determine if it's bearings: jack the car, grab the spiral and rotate the tire. I noticed my truck started making the same noise from the left side and stops as you steer back to the right.
I have this strange noise that has been bothering me with my bike ever since I recently purchased it.
I had read on another thread something regarding the oem front chain sprockets having some kind of rubber on them that helps deaden this noise? So in the event that it is the front sprocket anyone have any idea as far as complexity of repair and cost in parts?
Also while I am thinking out loud whats the likely hood of the bike still having the original chain and sprockets on it? None, at 32k, the chain would beyond the adjustment point unless it was meticulously cared for and the previous owner rode the bike like a baby. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Last year, reports of strange noises swarmed the Internet, mostly in the form of YouTube videos.
If you’re interested, here is a link to a website that holds a timeline of bizarre happenings across the world. Another curious item is this site, which has a laundry list of unexplained fires, explosions and deaths. Be sure to follow Stranger Dimensions on Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, Pinterest, and Google+, and don't forget to subscribe for free by email.
Hi guys and girls not been on here for months now,used to never be off this site but now not so much,still got my gti but be my last car,as be moving to australia sometime in the future,just waiting for my visa,pay off a few things,save a little and sell up and move. So about to get my car mot'd,insured for another year and road taxed all which is required at the same time,hopefully this is the last of that and then sell the car.
I did see lots of the gti's while in oz on a recent trip last year,but dont think i be getting another over there. Anyway what i need to ask in advance is,i suppose i will know when its getting checked over for the mot,but i have noticed when i am turning hard right say in a circle,not going around corner but say turning around,i hear a strange click,tapping kind of noise i think coming from left wheel any idea what this might be?

Its ok turning the other way in a circle but feels strange the other way and something tells me something is broken,about to break or loose any ideas what this might be. Sounds like it could be the cv joint then,its about 72,000 miles i think,so are these expensive then if thats whats wrong,recomended buying a new or used one of these and is it a big job to fix,what is required to fix this,its just i dont know nothing about fixing cars but the guy that will check over my car for mot will and i wondered would the wheel hub need to be moved for this job? Its just i had a wheel baring replaced not to many months ago as this had to be removed there was so much rust etc that it was almost impossible to take it off without breaking the abs sensor,so me having paid for a wheel bearing back then i also had to get a abs sensor cable also which both added was expensive i was told if anyother wheel bearings go then the same will probably be required again. I know proton parts are impossible to get as third party parts and are normally proton only,but any ideas what the cost of this would be to replace not the time to fix it but the part from a proton dealer etc. These parts are "cheap as chips" in the USA where you just buy a whole replacement driveshaft for about 25~30 quid exchange!!!!
A set of CV boot covers will probably cost you almost that much in the UK at Halfords etc!!! Your cheapest option will be to source a new complete assembly from the scrappies and fit that to the car. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of Proton Owner's Club, the companies or individuals associated with it, or any individuals directly or indirectly involved in the management or running of this website. I have a 95 Chevy Lumina and I have a noise in the front left only when you are driving and it is under torque like when you first take off with a heavy foot or going up hill. We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you.
Hundreds of people were evacuated from a West End theatre this evening after noise from the speakers made some people fear the ceiling was collapsing.
One person tweeted there was a “mass rush for the exit” at the Garrick Theatre after a loud “creaking” noise from the speaker system.
Members of the audience tweeted photos of them outside the venue after an evacuation which happened halfway through the first act of the play Red Velvet, starring Adrian Lester.
In December 2013, 88 people were injured when a ceiling collapsed at the Apollo Theatre, which is owned by the same group as the Garrick, during a performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I dropped the exhaust and heat shield down and I can't see anywhere the RSb has been rubbing or anything like that. On 06+ trucks, they put bearings inside the assembly and you cannot replace just the bearings. Join thousands of Honda VFR owners from around the world discussing everything related to the beloved Honda Interceptor.
There is always some chain noise even when new so is this something that just started or ?? The individual who I purchased the bike from said that he did his own maintenance on the bike, but from what I am starting to see he hardly did any maintenance on the bike besides oil changes. I don't necessary need a performance type chain, but at the same time i wouldn't mind getting something that will make the ride a little more enjoyable.
Turns out there was a really bad tight spot in the chain that was causing the swishing noise that I was hearing.
Some were clearly hoaxes, while others left us musing about the apocalypse and audible electromagnetic waves. In 2011, a roaring noise was reported (on Twitter) to have preceded the largest recorded earthquake in Oklahoma history. It may be possible that some of these noises are electromagnetic waves that are somehow being converted into audible sound waves. In March 2012, strange booms and rumbles were reported in Wisconsin, along with a boom in Canada that may have destroyed a barn. Residents of Windsor, Canada are plagued by a mysterious humming noise, which may originate from Zug Island. Some residents claim the booms have happened every night for several days, similar to the occurrances in Michigan and especially Wisconsin. Apparently, training at a local Air Force base was to blame, though some aren’t buying that explanation, as they claim there have been a series of other booms that remain mysterious. He manages Stranger Dimensions in between changing aquarium filters and reading bad novels about mermaids. In particular it pays close attention to unexplained fires and chalks it up to piezoelectricity (the charge that accumulates in certain solid materials).

Rust on the disks rubbing intermittently on the pads - might be a slightly sticking caliper. Proton Owner's Club does not accept or assume responsibility for any comments or statements made on this or any associated or related bulletin board. Our site is specifically designed for you and it's a great place for Ford F150 Fans to meet online.Once you join you'll be able to post messages, upload pictures of your truck, and have a great time with other Ford F150 fans.
Whoever put on the chain must have pinched the master link to tightly or locked it incorrectly because the master link will not bend when going around the front and rear chain sprockets.
Just check that the tightest part of the chain is not over tight (turn the rear wheel till you find it). Ironically I had bought a 530 x ring chain for my old 87 VFR 700f that I never put on before I sold it, and it just happens to be oem spec chain so I had the guys over at Road and Track Cycles in San Antonio and had them replace the chain and both front and rear sprockets.
Strangely enough, some residents claimed the hum was always there, and scientists even suggested that it was caused by the amplified mating call of male midshipman fish. Check out this video taken on January 7, allegedly of orbs in the sky, and in which you can hear the strange noises. The story popped up on Twitter and Reddit, with the local community wondering just what had caused the (apparently) massive explosion. When you travel in a straight line again it should go away unless they (or it) are totally shagged. We removed the exhaust and heat shield to get to the swaybar and in doing so I noticed that two plastic fuel lines were being smashed against the body and swaybar. Registration takes about 30 seconds - it's fast, easy, and absolutely free - Join VFRworld today! Took the bike to a local bike shop and had them go through the bike ( oil & filter, plugs, air filter, coolant, brake fluid, etc). Couple this with a wonky Doppler radar, and the Midwest is living up to the name of Haunted Heartland. I had them ride the bike to see if they could also hear this weird noise that I was hearing at low operating speeds. It's making a somewhat grinding sound like it isn't moving freely, like it is getting caught up on something.
The noise almost sounds like a sowing machine if you can imagine the noise, but I can only hear it when I am either A) decelerating the bike or B) riding on the bike going anywhere from 30-45 mph at around roughly 3-4500rpm. Put some chain lube on it and helped with the noise a little, but will definitely be replacing the chain and sprokets. These guys are have the best quality of work for a really decent price in the San Antonio area. I still have a little noise coming from the upper rear control arms but nothing compared to the fuel lines. Would highly recommend these guys to anyone in the area that doesn't have a mechanic to work on their bike. The noise is even more apparent when you are actually not on the bike having someone else ride the motorcycle past you the noise is even more noticeable. The guys at the local shop actually found out that my front wheel bearing was completely shot to the point that you could actually shake the front wheel with your own bare hand without that much effort, so they originally thought it was the rotors grinding up against the brake pads that was causing the weird noise. But after putting in new wheel bearing and putting it all back together the noise is still there.
I originally thought it was the valves when I was first riding on the bike since I originally thought the noise was actually right under the tank, but as I said I found out later on from in town riding that the noise is coming from the left side of the bike.
One of the guys at the shop is a honda tech from MMI and he thinks it could possibly be the chain that is making the noise. Again if anyone who has any knowledge or previous experience with this type if situation could give me some advice or ideas I am all ears.

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