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Mule Deer with Notched Ear - This beautiful little doe has a notch on the outside of her left ear giving her a different appearance. Big Bull Little Bull - Watching these bull Elk muscle each other around was an awesome sight! Boys will be Boys - While watching this herd of bull Elk, many of them were just pushing around and trying to test their strength on each other. Cow Moose with Cattle - This is the perfect example of Wyoming ranchers providing for both their livestock and wildlife. Running Buffalo - While watching these Buffalo cavort and play, I saw that they lived life with abandon and joy, young ones running along with no care as to who was watching them. Calf Buffalo - When I watched these Buffalo walking along I thought of how cute the calve was, but then I focused on the mother and wondered how could she have that much hair fall out and not be bald! Buffalo and Elk Water Crossing - In Wyoming you come across beautiful scenes all the time, sometimes we are able to catch a peaceful moment like these Buffalo and Elk cohabitating and crossing along the same lazy river.
Three Bull Elk in Velvet - Driving in Wyoming we came upon three Bull Elk grazing quietly in a pasture.
Bright Eyes - This little fellow was ever so curious about us - about as curious as we were about him! Bull Elk Twin Brothers - We watched these two Bull Elk from far far away, and as the time went by they came close enough for us to capture them on film.

Rabbit in Sunlight - As I was walking through the pasture one early morning in Wyoming, this little Rabbit stood so still that I could see the blood veins running through its ears from the sunlight. Porcupine in Pine - One day we came upon this little porcupine whittling away on a pine tree.
This young Bull Moose only had one horn paddle on the right side; the left side was very small and deformed. This sneaky little vixen Fox thought I couldn't see her and just hugged the ground waiting for me to go away. I ran into a whole covey of sage chickens one afternoon and all but one flew away; this bird walked away calmly and never got excited that all the rest of his family had flown away!
Velvet covered all of their antlers and we marveled at how majestic they looked even when eating. I focused my camera, expecting the bunny to run away before I could snap a picture; but he surprised me and remained still even after I walked away.

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