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Skywatch Media News : More video recordings of eerie, groaning, howling, trumpet-like noises that seem to come from the sky are still appearing on Youtube.
I recorded a strange noise in the sky in my hometown of Kentucky, at 2am, April 5, 2015 and one strange light! In the bible it says at the end of times there will be trumpets sounded all around the world to mark the beginning of the end.
We've caused an additional wobble in the earth's rotation.The atmosphere is just trying to rebalance itself.

Many more of these 'strange noise' videos have been recorded and uploaded by people from many different parts of the globe. Now I don't now about you but this is just to good to be true, specially for people that truly believe and have been waiting for the second coming.
The sounds are the jet streams (two northern hemisphere,two southern) running amuck and changing weather patterns across the globe. The light is bouncing around, then I zoom up to the moon, then the light reappears in the same area, but lower and bouncing more.

When they dip and eddy in the atmosphere, they are strumming across a much slower moving layer of the atmosphere and causing a noise, just like a bow drawn across strings of a violin, it makes a vibration (frequency) which can actually be heard.

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