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Thus there are many eponymic brainstem syndromes: basically people like to stick their name on a collection of unusual neurological findings. Oculomotor nerve, contralateral hemiplegia of lower facial muscles, contralateral hemiparesis, contralateral ataxia.
Strokes may be ischemic (lack of blood flow), or hemorrhagic (leakage of blood into the brain). Hemorrhagic strokes -- leakage of blood within the brain - -are most commonly caused by too high blood pressure. The midbrain is supplied by branches of the posterior cerebral, posterior communicating, posterior choroidal, collicular and superior cerebellar arteries. In Weber's syndrome, there is damage to the midbrain, including the fascicles of the 3rd nerve within the midbrain and also there is damage to the pyramidal tract prior to it's decussation (cerebral peduncle area).
Infarct of the lateral midbrain resulting from an aneurysm of the superior cerebellar artery.
In Claude's syndrome, there may be damage to the oculomotor nuclei, and ataxia on the opposite side. A rare syndrome -- Wernekink syndrome, consists of INO, bilateral ataxia and palatal tremor (Dai and Wasay, 2006; Liu et al, 2012).
Increased white matter signal on Flair in pons, associated with upbeating nystagmus and ataxia.
A rare source of pontine hyperintense lesions is central pontine myelinolysis (see above).
MRA can easily be done poorly, and one ideally wants it done with contrast and on a high-field scanner. CT angiogram showing a hypoplastic right vertebral, in a person with symptoms of vertebrobasilar insufficiency.

This is a dramatic image, but it is built with computer software that has some artistic license. Considerable discussion of imaging for the vertebral arteries can be found on the cervical vertigo page.
The left image above is from a patient who had a whiplash type auto accident, and a week later became comatose. The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments?
More general aspects of brainstem strokes and TIA's related to vertigo are considered elsewhere. We don't think this has much purpose -- we would rather just have people remember brainstem anatomy.
Other possible causes include irregularities in blood clotting, damage to blood vessel walls by various processes (including ischemic stroke). This is a small blood vessel and imaging studies such as CT-angiography or MRA may miss it. CT angiography, in our opinion, should not be used because of the greater radiation load and also because of the poorer resolution. Radiology departments can still easily provide useless results, but at least one can repeat it without danger to the patient. There may also be damage to the substantial nigra resulting in parkinsonism (contralateral), reduced movement of lower facial muscles, This syndrome can arise from damage to the SCA. This would appear to be lesion in the Guillain-Molleret triangle that causes palatal myoclonus (red nucleus, dentate nucleus, inferior olive). Examination nine months later revealed an ambulatory individual with some mild cerebellar signs.

CT angiogram is particularly prone to error because of the computer reconstruction technology where the computer guesses where the blood vessels go.
She eventually woke up but had very profound neurological findings including ataxia and a disjunctive nystagmus.
Thrombotic strokes are most often attributed to buildup of cholesterol within blood vessel walls, producing a turbulence and roughening of the wall, onto which a clot forms. One would think that this syndrome could be due to lesions elsewhere as the Guillain Molleret triangle includes a long tract in the pons (the central tegmental tract), that is close to the MLF.
Another common cause of thrombotic stroke is a sustained drop in blood pressure -- such as might be due to a cardiac arrest for several minutes. In other words, we are dubious that this collection of symptoms is specific for a single lesion. There are just occasional sources of ischemic stroke outside these general two categories (emboli and thrombi). For example, strokes can be caused by mechanical obstruction of blood vessels - -which might happen during a high speed chiropractic manipulation of the neck, or some other event that causes a very forceful neck movement. We have encountered patients who have experienced stroke (as an example), after roller coaster rides.

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