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Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry. It is really simple, and they display very well at craft shows because they elevate the earrings to catch the light, and the eyes of your customer! You will need to design how you want your packaging to look, and decide what information you want to display. Lay it out so that the product name is toward the top of the card, and your banner, or logo and shop information is on the bottom half of the card.
Once you are satisfied with the layout, tear apart all the cards, stack them up, and use a tack to poke two holes where you want your earrings to be on the card. I put my holes about a centimeter down from the top of the card, and just above the product name and information. Holding the card so that it is in a folded position, fold down the open ends at about a centimeter or so.
Fold the card so that the two edges with the slit are facing each other, and push the edges together at the slots. What a clever idea to fold and slot the card so the earrings are propped up at a better angle for viewing.
I really love your cards and would like to see your blog instructions, but your blog is by invitation only.

I’m always thrilled and honored to publish all the varied, interesting, creative, and insightful jewelry content everyone sends in to me! My websites and newsletter wouldn’t be what they are without all the jewelry artists who share and participate so generously here. Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows.
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The first time you do this, you might want to do one at a time to make sure you like how everything looks once it is assembled.
I’ll bet they make a perfect backing for use in gift boxes too (much better than the cotton filler that tends to stick to earrings) – just take the display card and slip it right into the box! The a€?ships ina€? timeframe does not include the transit time to you, which is determined by the shipping method you select. To make returning an item easy, we offer a printable return shipping label from your Country Outfitter account.

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